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I responded to an offer from Rob Poulos’s Fat Burning Furnace newsletter by Zero to Hero for a ‘FREE’ copy of the book ‘The 7-Day Back Pain Cure’ by Jesse Cannone. I did not subscribe to the newsletter, in actual fact I unsubscribed to the ‘Free Trial’ newsletter several days before the 30 day trial period was up. As a result they have stoped sending the newsletter via email, but began sending it via post and charging my credit card accordingly without permission!

The first charge appeared on my credit card statement on 28/2/10 being for a transaction of US $11.95 (Aus 13.72) on 25/2/10 for the shipping of the ‘FREE’ book. The second charge was on 31/3/10 for US $24.95 (AUS 28.11), transaction on 27/3/10. Then there was another on 30/4/10 for US $24.95 (AUS 27.80), transaction on 27/4/10. There was also another at end of May. I will be going to bank tomorrow to fill in form to block any more payments! Additionally I would like them to refund the unauthorised payments on my credit card immediately.

I would have responded much quicker, however, I don’t actually have a credit card and was using my mums card. I have received no receipts or invoices – tho I checked their website today and tried to sign in. I didn’t even know I had an account; there was no mention of this in any correspondence with them. Once my password was reset, I could see the invoices listing all the payments charged. I tried to remove the credit card details to no avail! I have only received 2 newsletters, but have been charged for 3 as well. Makes the ‘FREE’ book very expensive!

I have attached correspondence with the HEALTHY BACK INSTITUTE customer service department to the email I sent them which confirms when I unsubscribed. I did this via their email contact service as I live in Australia and it is not feasible for me to call their office.

I ordered the "Rub on Relief" three times already, mainly because I keep giving it to my friends to try. My left knee was in extreme pain for 10 years. I tried chiropractors, massage therapists and bought about 10 pairs of orthopedic shoes for $500.00 per pair, but nothing worked. I hated myself almost immediately when I ordered the Rub on Relief because I thought there was obviously no way it could possibly work. After all, how can something that you apply topically take away arthritic pain under a knee cap? However, imagine my surprise when I received the stuff and applied it and almost immediately it worked and the pain went away. I kept applying it morning and at night and it continued to work, although I was in denial for the first week or so thinking that I was imagining it, or the weather changed or whatever. I have used it now for over a month and I continue to be pain free and I am now trying to reverse the "gimp walk" that I have developed to try and lessen the pain I had in that knee for 10 years. I am finding that I am relaxing the knee while walking now, mainly because I am not in constant pain. So I don’t know about all these other things these guys are doing to bug people, but they are my heroes at the moment. I have had positive feedback from the half dozen other people I gave this stuff to, to try it. It seems to work for everyone so far, and they all are planning to order it asap. So if I were you and you have arthritis based pain, I would definitely not hesitate to try this Rub on Relief stuff, because it totally works!