Healthy edible cookie dough – dangerously delicious! whole new mom electricity sound effect


Most “healthy cookie dough recipes” out there either have grain flour or oats in them, or they are high in carbs. Well, carbs can be fine, depending on their source (you can read about my post on my thyroid disease healing to read more about that) but I am not a fan of eating uncooked and unsoaked grains (See How to Soak Grains). Soaking grains helps reduce phytates and makes them more digestible. This post may contain affiliate links from which I will earn a commission.

Our household is really busy. I run this blog and my husband is a busy professor, plus we homeschool and have special dietary needs and health issues we are always working on. (my oldest has life-threatening food allergies and had severe eczema as a baby) and well, let’s just say things are hoppin’. So no bake easy recipes are king around here.

When we’re running all directions, it’s great to be able to whip up something easy and healthy that will fill up my growing boys (boy can they EAT!!) and not take me a bunch of time. I really don’t like buying packaged foods–no matter how healthy they are, because frankly, they are expensive.

This edible cookie dough comes together so simply, you don’t even need electric beaters, but you can use them if you like–because it’s kind of fun to lick the beaters and know it’s OK to do so, amiright? Options for this healthy cookie dough

First of all, the recipe shows butter as an ingredient. I’ve made this with coconut oil also, but we love it made with butter butter. My son can’t have dairy but he tolerates butter and, in fact, is supposed to eat it since he now can–once you are able to eat a food that you were anaphylactic to before, you are supposed to keep eating it to help your body keep recognizing it as an “OK” food.

Walnuts taste great added to this dough. I just wanted to keep it simple for those with food allergies. Typically I make a whole batch without walnuts and then portion off 3/4 of the dough and add the walnuts to that part so my son has his dedicated “walnut free” paleo cookie dough to munch on without worries of a reaction.

For the chocolate chips in this vegan cookie dough, we have tried many options. The Kirkland Fair Trade Chocolate Chips were amazing. However, our local Costco isn’t carrying them any longer :(. So we tried Nestle chocolate chips and I wasn’t really pleased.

So in my mind, if you are trying to eat low carb, making this paleo cookie dough with my Homemade Chocolate Chips is the way to go. The resulting dough might not be as pretty, but the chunks taste great in there. Add in the walnuts and you have an incredible easy no bake dessert. I have to say, we LOVE Kirkland’s nuts. They are much more fresh than a lot of nuts out there. You can really tell. We’ve purchased nuts from Aldi and compared them side by side to Kirkland’s. I’m not saying this to knock Aldi, because it’s a great place to shop but if you are able to spend the extra on Kirkland’s nuts–do it.

You can serve this paleo cookie dough in little jars like these with a spoon (aren’t they fun??). Alternatively, you could make them into little cookie dough bites similar to my Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Bites. I do think I’m going to maybe work on making this dough a little more cookie dough bite-friendly to share with you later. This recipe seems possibly better suited to just eating as dough.