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Simple fact of the matter is that the corn additives are not that effective in lowering costs, they actually raise fuel costs for production. Also, I have read many articles, and talked with people that work with small engines stating that the ethanol/corn additives cause damage to engines and internal parts. Plus it sucks that the government is forcing refineries to add this crap to our fuel. A short time ago there was also never "BLENDS" of gas. Winter and summer blends, really, give me a break. I know quite a few people that work in local refineries and state that the whole thing I a farce to manipulate gas prices. I don’t want my tax dollars going towards farmers making fuel out of corn..besides they put corn in nearly everything we eat.

Anyway…back on topic…I see a lot of cars on the road along with the trucks and SUV’s on by daily travels to and from work. Don’t think that their projected time frame will be correct. If that is the plan by US auto manufacturers it will take more time and they will also have to address the mileage issue. One of the main factors I considered when purchasing my Renegade.

Maybe you don’t know it but, there is more sugar (which is what the alcohol comes from), in the stalks and leaves than in the kernels but American farmers combine the kernels and leave the good parts, stalks and leaves in the field. Now, if American farmers lost their combines and chipped the entire plant (like Eiropeans do), then the sugar making alcohol content actually makes it profitable.

First couple years I grew corn for the local distiller but then they got particular and demanded that I grow only certain varieties and would accept nothing else plus that wanted to contract which means the price is set beforehand so if the inputs (fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide costs increase over the year, you are screwed because they only pay the contract price.

Alcohol has some unique characteristics. One, it cannot be pipelined. It has to be added at the refinery. Two, it’s corrosive which is why E85 engines must have specialized fuel parts and hoses and Three, when mixed with straight gasoline, it separates after a while which is why small engines sitting gum up.

Getting back to my original post, in this evening’s paper is a big article about Ford and their planned elimination of all their car lines except the Mustang and Focus. The new Focus will be called the Focus Active and they said by 2020, almost all the car assembly will be done. Lincoln is also on the block because the Continental and MKZ lines share parts with the soon to be deleted cars. Fords is going to concentrate on the F series pickup trucks, the larger SUV’ like the Explorer. Gone are the Taurus, Edge, Flex, Fushion and C-max. The Mustang stays (built in Flat Rock, Michigan and the F Series will be built at Michigan Truck and Dearborn (Rouge). Ford is also concentrating on the heavy duty F series, 350-450 and 550 pickups and commercial chassis, I presume to be built in Louisville.

Fords is also investing heavily in their hybrid and all electric cars and are planning on introducing a high performance all electric car in late 2020, I would presume to compete with the Tesla. My cousin just purchased a Tesla X a few months ago. 4 door with gullwing doors, 0-60 in 2.5 and a buck and a half price tag.