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This center is found at the heart in the physical body. The element of this Chakra is Air, and it is the bridge between our Lower-Self (Red, Orange & Yellow) and our Higher-Self (Blue, Indigo & Violet). This is the area of life where we have the “Right to Love”. The main issues of this Chakra are Love and relationship. The goals are Balance in relationship and with self, compassion and self-acceptance. If it is malfunctioning you may be experiencing, loneliness, codependence, a lack of love for others or yourself and victim consciousness. Over active heart Chakras include doing everything you can for those you love out of love and avoid giving back to yourself. This too is not a healthy function of the heart.

the limits of your people, plants, animals, all of life. This is the humanitarian center, you care about social causes like saving the whales and the planet earth. The heart makes you see through the eyes of compassion. The Heart Chakra is the gateway into the higher states of consciousness.

It is the portal through which we radiate the great power of unconditional love and how we receive from the universe. Awakening the Heart Chakra is one of the most important steps that we can take on our spiritual journey through life. True healing of old emotional wounds comes from here. With a strong heart energy, we stop clinging to old hurts and pain and feel forgiveness.

Consciousness: Perceptions of love, relationships (relating) with people close to your heart, e.g. partner, siblings, parents, children. Difficulty with breathing, or with the lungs, the organs of air, indicates tension in the Heart Chakra. A person’s relationship with air reflects their relationship with love.

Deficient: Antisocial, withdrawn, cold, shy, critical, judgmental, intolerant, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy and relationships, lack of empathy, narcissism, bitter. Paranoid, feel sorry for yourself, indecisive, afraid of letting go and bee free. Sexual energy – feel unworthy love, can’t reach out, terrified of rejection, need constant reassurance.

Balanced: Compassionate, loving, self-loving, empathetic, peaceful, balanced, good immune system. Compassionate, empathetic, humanitarian, see the good in everyone, desire to nurture others, friendly, outgoing, in touch with feelings, sexual energy-can surrender and merge in a love relationship, can wait for the right partner. When in balance you begin to express and receive abundant love.

You find out what you love to do and then you do it. Your life purpose becomes clear as you express the energy of love. You love what you do and it shows. You are able to accept those you meet and accept then for what they are without being drawn into their drama. You begin to give of yourself freely and openly without looking or expecting anything in return. Love is the natural state for the mind and body. Exampled by the love for a child or an animal. You give love without expecting anything in return – you love for the sheer joy of loving.

Switch positions of hands and repeat until hands are tired. Continue switching hands until it becomes too uncomfortable. Drop arms, open fists and bring palms together slowly. Move hands closer and further in and out and feel the energy between your hands.