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In a human body, the heart is an important muscular organ having a size of a fist and is located just in the back and to the left of the breastbone. The main function of the heart is pumping blood all over the body through a network of arteries and veins called cardiovascular system. Heart consist of four chambers

The heart is surrounded by a sac called pericardium that protects it from all sorts of external shock. The heart muscle receives oxygen-rich blood through coronary arteries that are present on the surface of the heart. Through the heart you will also find a web of nerve tissue, that helps in governing contraction and relaxation.

As long as your heart is functioning well you will remain fit but some minor issues in the heart can make you fatigued and ill, if not treated properly in time. Let’s now discuss what type of problems may occur in a heart or we can say a different type of heart disease.

Heart disease includes the disease of both heart and blood vessel. A heart disease includes various problems most of them which occur because of atherosclerosis. Now you must be wondering what is this atherosclerosis? Well! It is an ailment that grows when there is deposition of a substance called plaque in the arteries wall. This, in turn, results in blocking the blood flow through the arteries because of narrowing of the arteries. As blood stops flowing it may eventually result in the formation of blood clot, thereby leading to a heart attack.

A heart attack is one of the major cause of death all over the world. This occurs because a part of the heart doesn’t receive blood due to a blockage formed by a blood clot in the coronary arteries responsible for supplying blood to every part of the heart muscle. This leads to the death of that part of the heart muscle, which does not receive blood because of blocked arteries. The coronary artery disease is mainly responsible for heart attack. Why is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) crucial to diagnose?

Herat attack is usually diagnosed by electrocardiogram, chest X-ray and cardiac enzyme test. Depending upon the degree of damage caused to the heart due to blockage, your doctor will decide about the treatment. For minor attacks, treatments include ingestion of beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and if somebody suffers from a major heart attack, the patient will be treated with angioplasty or insertion of statin or heart bypass surgery. Now let’s focus on some of the other cardiovascular diseases.

1. Heart failure – heart failure doesn’t imply heart has stopped beating. It is a congestive heart disease where the heart fails to pump blood properly. The heart keeps functioning properly but the amount of blood the body needs is not met. If not given proper treatment in proper time it can be dangerous.

3. Heart valve disease- It is a heart disease which usually involves improper opening and closing of the heart valves. When a heart valve doesn’t open properly and don’t allow the blood to flow, it is called stenosis and when it doesn’t close properly thereby allowing leaking of blood, it is called regurgitation. Similarly, another condition called prolapse, where the leaflets of the valve bulge.

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