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i started getting the exact same things… As a matter of fact, they were the start of all of my anxiety. Do they feel kinda like your heart misses a beat and then does the hard thump? Thats how mine are. This last summer, I had just gotten married, bought a new house, moved to a new town, and started a new job all in about a three week time span. I didn’t feel stressed out, but those kinda things are all stressful even if you don’t feel it. Anyways I had that strange beat one night and it scared me so bad. It happened over the course of a couple more days, and I had my first panic attack.. Went to the e.R. Cuz I thought for sure I was having some sort of heart problem. Ekg, everything else was fine and perfectly healthy they told me. Anyways, so I dealt with them for a couple of months before I started realizing that I had anxiety. Since then, for about a month or so now, I have gotten control of them, I am way less stressed out, and I also found that caffeine & alcohol were major factors to when they happen.

I have the same sort of thing. I feel a lump come up into my throat and I put my finger on my neck and my heart feels like it stops. I had all the test and stress test and all came back fine. My doctor told me it really doesn’t stop it just tries to catch up it’s a electrical thing.. But it feels like it stops.. alcohol and caffeine was a big problem.. I stop doing both and now I hardly ever have them.. Not worrying about dieing helped too.. They are SO CAUSED by stress.. You can actually make them worst thinking about them.. If all of your test came back ok.. Lighten up with the coffee and drinking and relax.. You will find then few and far apart! And remember a lot of people have them and they don’t die! You will be fine!! What was cool when I talked to my doctor about them.. He told me just what I was feeling.. Because he has them too..

Funny, I kept telling my Husband my heart was stopping he brushed it off and kept saying “right” well one day we where in the car and I had them over and over again, and I said put you hand on my neck.. He did, and I had one.. He say Holly S— your heart stops..  I said Yeah I’m been telling you that.. But like I said it really doesn’t stop..

I have the SAME symptoms and YES I get the heat wave. I will actually start to sweat a little too mostly on my forhead. Currently I have been drinking nothing but tea (caffine) and chain smoking while sitting on my ass doing nothing. Im not usualy like this but I recently had surgery on my foot an couold not get around very easily. Its also worse if im laying down. Other symptoms are a swollen neck feeling or tightness anxiety burping and farting a bloated feeling in my stomach feeling the need to take a deep breath anticipating a thump having to move my bowels and being scared or panic. I have found my personel magic pill…Ativan aka: lorazapam. Its only 1mg and very mild also it does not give me any problems with being addictive even though I have had past drug problems with both opiates and alcohol, cocain an other pills. Well I hope my open and honest confession has helped you an someone else. P.S. the reason I came on tonight is because they are really bad like 2-3 every minute. I know its from sittin around like a crackhead with all the cigs an caffine. k good luck