Heavenly messages by melissa v gashi 2012


December’s astrology is calmer than last month but there are some notable shifts, Mercury turns direct for one, and the major changes from last month continue to settle in. electricity bill payment hyderabad Sagittarius you are the featured one this month even more than other years because huge Jupiter is in your sign. Scorpio, this is another stand-out month for you, and Pisces continues to get splashed by Mars. And of course everyone will feel the uplifting energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius – whoo hoo!

Every year in December the Sun shines in Sagittarius in a boisterous and happy mood. Sagittarius is the third fire sign ruled by magnanimous Jupiter whose symbol is the Centaur – half human, half horse. Sagittarius is an outgoing, fun loving sign of optimism and good luck. The best Sagittarians like and enjoy everyone they meet and everyone they meet likes them!

Sagittarius loves travel and adventure. Some people hesitate then say no, while Sagittarius doesn’t hesitate for a minute and goes for the gusto with a big Yes! Sagittarius is the truth speaker of the zodiac and sometimes needs help with diplomacy, but if you have any Sagittarians in your life you know how they help lift you away from depressing side-eddies to sail out in the sea of life again. They might leave for a while to wander the world, but you are always delighted when they come around again!

When born with Sun in Sagittarius your soul mission is to embrace life with enthusiasm and spread joy. You are a natural teacher who is meant to share higher understand with all you meet. You are here to learn life gives back you what you give to it. So it’s better to be happy and appreciate whatever your circumstances are, because when you do life gets better and better and you have even more to appreciate. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign and with Sun here you are learning that life is lucky, and if you trust and act upon your instincts you will always be at the right place at the perfect time. Above all Sagittarius is meant to learn how important it is stay active in mind, body and spirit throughout all stages of life. That’s why the wild roaming half-horse of youth becomes the happy wise old sage. When you remember to engage life this way, life supports you in magical ways!

As always at the last month of the year, I want to thank you for your interest in astrology and your support of Heavenly Messages. I write it for you and appreciate everyone who reads it. May you have the most blessed and wonderful of holidays whatever you celebrate. Happy Hanukkah, Bright Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all! May you and yours be blessed with an abundance of all good things at this time and in all times!

Your Handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (15° Sagittarius) is on 12/7 at 2:20a, The Full Moon (1° Capricorn) is on 12/22 at 12:49p. Venus re-enters Scorpio on 12/2 (thru 1/7/19) and Mercury moves forward on 12/6 at 4:22p at 27° Scorpio. The Sun enters Capricorn at the Winter Solstice on 12/21 at 5:23p and Mars enters Aries on 12/31. All times are EST. Read December’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

December’s astro vibes don’t include dynamic shifts like last month, but change is still ringing across the cosmos and this month you’ll sense better how these changes affect your life. Majestic Jupiter is ramping up in his very own sign of Sagittarius, Venus is moving forward now (cheers, pop the cork!) and re-enters steamy Scorpio again. Mercury is still retro as the month begins and has also re-entered Scorpio. Mars glides through watery Pisces all month, while retrograde Chiron and Uranus after huge moves last Spring have determinedly returned to the former signs they occupied for years. And of course the Winter Solstice arrives too.

Since these cosmic transmutations are still settling in, I’m going to take moment to discuss something that’s been humming loudly in my own mind lately, which is about how to relate in a more personal way to astrological shifts. We astrologers let you know about what’s happening in the heavens from our own perspective and I believe we do a damn good job of this. Yet however well informed and educated our insights may be, it’s still an outside opinion. gas definition So what I’m suggesting is that you, dear reader as someone interested in astrology, begin to tune in more to how you personally experience these planetary movements. In this way, astrological factors becomes less abstract and more real and valuable in your life. And you’re not turning over your own power to someone else’s opinion, but using it as a guide as you navigate life’s journey.

For example Jupiter recently entered Sagittarius, the very sign he rules, for the first time in 12 years. Since Jupiter is the largest planet by far it’s going to affect you! It was on 11/8 that Jupiter entered Sagittarius and this month he’s picking up steam in this enthusiastic sign which I discuss below. Did you feel this major shift? Are you feeling it now? And if so how will you harness it to benefit your life? My goal is always to empower people and if you practice this tuning in process you will become more empowered! Now onto this month’s highlights.

Magnetic Venus makes the first move of the month. On 12/1 she is moving direct again in the last sweet degree of the sign she rules, Libra, which sets the tone for a lovely holiday month. Then she quickly re-enters sensuous Scorpio. Venus visited Scorpio earlier from 9/9 through 10/31, so you can look back to see what themes activated then, especially in romance and relationships which Venus rules. In November she retrograded into Libra and on 12/2 dives back into the steamy waters of Scorpio where she’ll be until 1/7/19. Venus in sultry, sexy Scorpio during the holiday season initiates more than just kissing under the mistletoe! (Victoria’s Secret should have banner sales!) Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, check your Individual Sign Messages for more insight.

Communicator Mercury is still retrograde as December begins and has also re-entered Scorpio where he last was from 10/9 through 10/31. Merc turns direct again on 12/6 and on 12/12 revisits Sagittarius where he’ll be until 1/4/19. Mercury in bright, fun loving Sagittarius during this season makes for happier holiday times! A good year for caroling around your neighborhood or anywhere else! All you merry girls and boys “ Here we Come a Wassailing”

Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs there is, and when Jupiter enters his own sign he begins to expand positive and uplifting energy. While Jupiter was in deep Scorpio (most of 2018) it was difficult to rise above the tangled mangrove swamp of murky emotions, but with Jupiter in vibrant fire sign Sagittarius we can finally climb out of the murkiness and soak up the Sun on a nice sandy beach. electricity questions and answers physics Sagittarians are meant to take full advantage of this (it’s their birthright) but everyone can access this bountiful vibration more easily now. It sets a wonderful tone for a generous and happy holiday time.

Sagittarius is the sign connected to higher understanding and promotes the idea that each culture has its own values and expression and when you reach out to embrace someone different from your own background, you learn more about life and it adds to your own greater awareness. The old joke about Sagittarius is that if a member of a group that most fear or hate, let’s say a Taliban, was walking down Main Street, most people run in fear, while others grab their guns to lock and load. The Sagittarian walks over with outstretched hand saying, “Nice to meet ya. Let’s go grab a cup of coffee and talk!” What a different world it would be if we were all like this. And that is also one of the main points about Sagittarius, it encourages us to learn more about life outside of your mundane existence, then bring this knowledge back to your friends, family and community to help open their minds further.

When you look around the world now, it’s evident we need Jupiter in Sagittarius more than ever! Here in the US, and in the UK, Brazil and elsewhere an ugly side of nationalism has risen its head. It’s one thing to be proud of your country and culture, it’s another to assert that anyone else who is “different” is a threat and needs to keep out. gas usa Jupiter in Sag can help us rise above these distressing and small minded attitudes. May it be so!

Sagittarius is a sign of boundless energy which is wonderful, but too much of a good thing can wear you out! This is where Mars in Pisces comes in. After being retrograde and stuck in Aquarius (far too long!) on 11/15 Mars entered water sign Pisces where he’ll be all month until 12/31. Mars in Pisces is a lover, filled with sweetness creating nicer energy for this holiday season than has been in other years. Motivational Mars traveling in the calm waters of Pisces also plays well with Venus in Scorpio another nice indicator for a lovely month. Just in time for the holiday season, you’ll feel more able to go deep in all the best ways, to dive into more ways to express the love you feel for those close to you.

However, Mars splashing around in emotional Pisces can bring up challenges too. It’s the holiday season when people get overly emotional anyway, so be very aware of your own emotions and pay more attention to the feelings of others unless you want unpleasant outbursts. In addition the month begins with Mars forming a tense square with both the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius on 12/1. This challenge manifests in several ways. Relating to the need to be aware of other people’s emotions, Sagittarius is a blunt truth speaker and with communicator Mercury in Sag too, it can be all too easy to say thoughtless things which unintentionally hurt people’s feelings.

Mars in Pisces values downtime, rest and recuperation, while Sagittarius says, “Go,Go,Go!” Most folks are rushing around thinking about and buying gifts, planning holiday gatherings, putting up Christmas decorations, and all of it. Jupiter in Sag helps this feel like a lot more fun, while Mars in Pisces says, if you don’t take time to rest you’re gonna regret it! (You might come down with the flu or tweak your back out, etc.) So enjoy yourself AND make sure you balance it with relaxation.

Another challenge is about the Sagittarius tendency to go over the top. Sagittarius is very giving and generous and with Jupiter’s expansive force you’re going to want to give more than usual. All wonderful and if your budget allows, go for it! But if not, you still might want to break the bank to make people happy. Mars in Pisces comes in and says lets focus on giving more of yourself to those you love. gas after eating fruit Mars says use your creativity in ways that are fun and emotionally rewarding and consider taking more time off than usual to spend quality time with those you care about versus maxing your credit cards on lavish gifts.

Finally here’s a little bit about Chiron and Uranus retrograding back into their former signs, which is why even though things are finally moving forward again there is still that feeling of 2 steps forward, 1 back. In April Wounded-Healer Chiron arrived at Aries announcing to all that it was time to turn a key into new and better ways of doing….everything! Then in late September Chiron retrograded back into Pisces where he was stationed 8 years beginning in April 2010. Chiron remains in Pisces again until 2/18/19.

Chiron does not rule any specific sign, but does create subtle influence on all signs. On 12/1 the Moon in sensible Virgo forms an opposition to Chiron revealing the contrast between logical process versus faith and belief, including delusional beliefs based only on blind celebrity worship. During Chiron’s return phase in Pisces, he asks everyone to take off their rosy glasses once again, to make sure your beliefs are based on higher spiritual values so that when he returns to Aries again, we’ll be ready to initiate new changes which benefit us all, not just the selfish few.

Cell tower Uranus, planet of change and enlightenment, made a huge move last May into steady as a bull Taurus, then retrograded back into sizzling Aries on 11/6 and will remain in this feisty sign until 3/6/19. Uranus in his Lord of Chaos mode entered Aries in March 2011 ushering in the Arab Spring, the flames of which are still burning. Uranus in Aries says it’s time to beam in new ways of thinking and action. Some have managed to do this, as so many new inventions, space travel innovations, medical advancements and more reveal. However it also triggered old smoldering resentments (like the ancient Arab versus the West clash as old as the Crusades and before). Aries is a sign that can be very narcissistic and selfish, and during the last 7 years the contrast between the new gilded age one-percenters and everyone else just hoping to get by, has become glaringly obvious.