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The bolt on the Model 710/770 is not like a conventional bolt action rifle. For the last 100 plus years, bolt action rifles have all basically been made the same way; the locking lugs on the bolt lock up into the receiver, while the barrel is screwed on. The Model 710/770 is a completely new way of thinking. The bolt locks directly into the barrel, and the barrel is hydraulically pressed into the receiver. Also, there are three locking lugs instead of two. electricity generation in california This gives the rifle exceptional strength and accuracy.

Since the bolt locks into the barrel, the receiver now simply guides the bolt. The receiver of the Model 710/770 has a self lubricating synthetic insert to guide the bolt into the barrel. With this insert, and the three locking lugs, there is a completely different feel. When pushing the bolt forward, there is a different feeling than on the Model 700 or Model Seven. This is because of the contact of the metal bolt and the synthetic insert and is normal. The "feel" is different, but the quality and performance of Remington is still there.

Many rimfire bullets are made of lead. Because lead bullets are soft they have a tendency to strip or rub off some of their outer material as they travel down the barrel. Depending on the condition of the firearm’s bore, this “lead fouling” will degrade accuracy after a certain number of shots and must be removed from the barrel in order to restore optimum performance. Most ammunition manufacturers apply a wax-like coating to the bullet which reduces the amount of lead deposited into the bore of the firearm as each shot is fired. This wax lubricant can also assist the feeding of the bullet from the magazine into the chamber in some semi-auto firearms. 6 gases The build-up of wax lubricant and lead in the firearm’s barrel can usually be removed with Remington’s Bore Cleaner™ or Brite Bore™ products. electricity sources usa Rem™Action Cleaner can be used to remove wax build up in magazines and the action of rimfire firearms. You can find many of these cleaning products through your local dealer or through our online store at

In the Model 700 ML (muzzleloader) we have found in our testing that FFg blackpowder, Pyrodex RS and Pyrodex Select provided the best results. The new Pyrodex pellets can also be used–up to 150-gr. maximum. However, we have found our best results came with 90 to 120 grains of the granular blackpowder or equivalent. For complete load data, please refer to the Model 700 ML owner’s manual.

WARNING: NEVER EXCEED THE MAXIMUM CHARGE WEIGHT LISTED FOR THE PROJECTILE YOU ARE USING. NEVER SUBSTITUTE ANY QUANTITY OF ALTERNATE POWDER TYPE OR GRANULATION. Failing to adhere to these maximum charge weights or substituting any powder type or granulation could result in serious personal injury or death to the shooter or bystanders and damage to the firearm.

The charge weights listed are the nominal range and maximum charge weights for the given projectile. The nominal suggested range of charge weight produces the best combination of accuracy and velocity. gas turbine It is done by starting at the lower charge weight listed in the nominal range and increasing in 5 grain increments until an optimum load is achieved. An optimum load is one which produces the best accuracy.

Thank you for thinking of the Remington Arms Company and offering us the opportunity to help assist with your event by providing a donation, or sponsorship. For organizations in the United States we have a specially designed discount promotional package program which consists of packages that include Remington products, premiums, and literature. At this time, however, we are not able to offer this program to our Canadian friends because of custom regulations and duties, as well as the import permits and export licenses required.

Anytime we receive a request for donations or sponsorship we ask that you please forward this request, as well as any supporting documentation to our corporate office by email. Once received it will be reviewed and you will be notified as soon as possible as to the status of your request. Due to the thousands of requests we receive each year, we unfortunately are unable to provide free products to all of the worthy events and programs that are brought to our attention. Again we appreciate you thinking of us in this matter and look forward to your submittal. Please send request to the appropriate email address below:

The slide stop of the Remington RP pistol WAS NOT designed for the primary purpose of manually releasing the slide into a closed position. However, the left side slide stop lever can be used as a “slide release” for shooters who choose to operate the slide in this manner. The right side stop lever will not easily release the slide and should not be used in this manner.

After fully inserting a loaded magazine, load the chamber by firmly holding the firearm with your shooting hand, while keeping the trigger clear of contact with the fingers and/or other objects. Pull and hold the slide fully rearward with your support hand. Once the slide is in the full rear position and with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, release the slide, letting the slide move freely forward. 9gag memes WARNING! Do not use excessive upward force when inserting a loaded magazine into the magazine well. Excessive upward force could cause an open slide to move forward, chambering a cartridge. An unintentional or uncontrolled discharge of your firearm may cause property damage, personal injury and/or death.