Help!!!!!!!!!!!! ears been plugged for weeks!! ent ear, nose and types of electricity tariff


So today I went to see an ent. I dont know about this guy. I told him my ears are plugged and I feel off balance at times. He checked both them out and said I dont see any wax, your ears are clean then jumps to the conclusion that I have pet = patulous eustachian tube. He broke out this peace of paper explaining it and showed me a diagram of the et. Says to go back tuesday and do a hearing test and we’ll talk more. He said what caused it is because I have low body fat. Im like hell!!!!!!!!!!! Im at about 6% for past 10 years. He put the electricity and magnetism physics blame on that. So I have an appt. To go back tuesday to do some hearing test. I only seen this ent for 10 minutes….It’s like he was in a hurry to get me out of there. He told me that the antibiotic my other doc gave me wont work, but b games play online it took away the swelling from the ear infection, and this ent didnt even see any swelling so it did work. Now I dont trust this ent. He told me to lay off the workouts and eat more and put on body fat and it will go away. This ent did’nt even try to evaluate me like ask what kinda of symptoms I had or do any test for pressure etc… I was in and out in 10 minutes

i did a search on this pet, and I dont have any of the conditions that it says talking about echo, hear myself speak, ringing noises, roaring noises,loss of hearing ( but he wants me to do a hearing test?) and all that other symptoms. The only thing I have is plugged up ears and I had an ear infection which doesnt appear to be there anymore after the antibiotics. Im passing on the dr and seeing a different ent on tuesday to see what he says.

It’s not vertigo. My ears are just plugged up. There is no other symptoms of pet. I have been burping alot the electricity deregulation wikipedia past few days, and just at the point before I burp, my ears plug up from pressure then I burp and the pressure releases then builds up again. I try the squeeze nose deal, and blow gently and both my ears clear up but within a few seconds, they go back to plugged up. They were aching at one time until I took the basic electricity quizlet ab’s. They itch one in a while

I recently became allergic to something and for the first time since I was a young child i’ve had an ear infection. Actually, I had three ear infections this year. They never hurt, they just felt plugged. Anyhow, my problem ended up being related to allergies and my sinus becoming inflamed. My inner ear could not drain and pressure built up causing the middle ear to fill with puss and all the other good stuff. Anyhow, the stagnent fluid caused a bad infection in which I had to take several antibiotics. The antibiotics didn’t release the built up fluid, but cleared the infection. It took a good few weeks for it to finally drain. Then, a few weeks later the other one became filled up. I was finally told that I may be allergic to something in the air gas cap light and was told to take claritin and decongestants. This seems to have helped but a new problem is that now I am constantly taking medications, which I hate. Also, do you getting strange vibrations in your ear? Just wondering because I do. Anyhow, I hope this helped somewhat.

After two weeks of feeling the sensation of water in my ear, I finally went to the minute clinic and was diagnosed with a double inner ear infection. It never hurt – was just irritating. The water was stuck in my ear electricity storage association from a bath and never escaped, which became a breeding ground for the infection. The nurse practitioner gave me ear drops to take for 7 days. After the 2nd day, my left ear plugged up and wouldn’t unplug for the next 9 days. The minute clinic said that sensation could be normal and to just go with it. After 2 days past when the antibiotic cycle was complete, I started to panic. They finally referred me to a regular doctor who found cotton plugging up my ears. So, apparently I was cotton swabbing too much (once a day after showering). The cotton plugged up my ear, so when the ear drops went in, they stayed and the cotton swelled electricity merit badge worksheet. The doctor had a nurse give me a lavage (sp?), which you can buy at a drug store and do yourself, and it completely cleared the blockage. I was so relieved after weeks of uncomfortableness. The solution did make my ears a bit itchy but it fades as the days passed. Hope my story helps someone in a similar situation.

Same thing hear. I do have tinnitus in my right ear for the past 6 years, but never had this ear clogged thing. . It is killing me. I can barely hear. I can’t listen to music (which, by the way, is like a death sentence), because when it is low I can’t hear it at all and when I turn it up it hurts to listen to it because there is distortion and weird wave pounding sensation from electricity el paso apartments the bass and the treble . . .. Everything sounds God awful. I also have the off-balance thing. I’m a teacher and I can barely hear my students and I have noticed that my mood is always foul because of this-at least when others are around. Tried ear wax removal at home. Nothing came out. Went to the doctor said ears looked good and gave me steroids. Three weeks later and it is no better. I have noticed that it gets worse under four conditions-when noise level around me increases, when I go up a hill in a car (as for everyone), when feel stressed, and when there is cloud coverage-pressure systems, which there have been endlessly hear for the past three weeks. I have made an appointment with an ENT. I am terrified I have permanent electricity questions grade 9 damage. If this is how it’s going to be for the next 50 years, then I don’t want 50 more years. What was the lavage thing that Leahrox32 mentioned?