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Toolforge was developed in response to the need to support external tools and their developers and maintainers. The system is designed to make it easy for maintainers to share responsibility for their tools and bots, which helps ensure that no useful tool gets ‘orphaned’ when one person needs a break. The system is designed to be reliable, scalable and simple to use, so that developers can hit the ground and start coding.

The Toolforge grid, implemented with Son of Grid Engine wb state electricity board bill pay (an open-source fork of Sun Grid Engine) permits users to submit jobs from either a log-in account on the bastion host or from a web service. Submitted jobs are added to a work queue, and the system finds e85 gas stations colorado a host to execute them. Jobs can be scheduled synchronously or asynchronously, continuously, or simply executed once. If a continuous job fails, the grid will automatically restart the job so that it keeps going. For more information about the grid, please see § Submitting, managing and scheduling jobs on the grid.

Toolforge supports two sets of databases: the wiki replicas and user-created databases, which are used by individual tools. The wiki replicas follow the same setup as production wiki databases, and the information that can be accessed from them is the same as that which normal registered users (i.e.: not +sysop or other types of advanced permissions) can access on-wiki or via the API. Note that some data has been removed from the replicas for privacy reasons. User-created databases can be created by either a user or a tool on the wiki replica servers or on a local ‘tools’ project database.

• All code in the Tools project must be published under an OSI approved open source license The absence of a license means that default copyright gaston y astrid lima laws apply. Without a clear license you are implicitly claiming copyright without providing an explanation of the rights you electricity symbols are willing to grant to others who wish to use or modify your software. This means that you retain all rights to your source code and that nobody else may reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from your work until standard copyright lapses. In the United States today that means until 70 years after your death. This is counter to the general principles of the Wikimedia movement.

• Do not run noninteractive processes on the bastion servers Likewise, any process meant to execute without direct interaction should be submitted to the grid (e.g. via jsub or webservice) and not run directly on the login hosts. It is permissible to run lightweight processes (such as submitting a job, or rotating logs), but for anything that runs for more than a few seconds or consumes large amounts of resources the job grid or Kubernetes should be used. Processes running on the bastion servers are subject to termination without notice.

• Do not run wikis or user-contributed content sites with open registration Spambots are very good at finding and flooding wikis, forums and other forms of user-contributed content sites to hammer with their crud. Tools that allow end-users to post gas vs electric stove top content should limit posting to registered users that have been validated in some generally reliable manner (either by human verification, by checking against the user being a project member, or using OAuth).

• Do not provide direct access to Cloud Services resources to unauthenticated users For instance, do not allow web clients to issue shell commands or arbitrary SQL queries electricity 101 presentation against the databases. Cloud Services resources are shared and limited, and it must be possible to attribute usage to specific LDAP users who are bound to the terms of use. Toolforge admin vetted Tools that include substantial anti-abuse and attribution information, such as PAWS and Quarry, are allowed.

When developing on Toolforge, please adhere to the bot policies of the wikis your bot interacts with. Each wiki has its own guidelines and procedures for obtaining approval. The English Wikipedia, for example, requires that a bot be approved by the Bot Approvals Group before it is deployed, and that the bot account be marked with a ‘bot’ flag. See Wikipedia Bot policy for more information on the English Wikipedia.

IRC #wikimedia-cloud connect on Freenode, a great place to ask questions, get help, and meet other Toolforge developers. See Help:IRC for gas monkey live more information. Mailing list A list for announcements and discussion related to Wikimedia Cloud Services products a gas has no volume. ( archives) The announce-only version. If you run any Toolforge tools you should subscribe to this at a minimum, as changes that may impact your project are communicated here. ( archives)

The Toolforge tools list page is publicly available and contains a list of all currently-hosted Tool accounts along with their maintainers. Tool accounts that have an associated web page appear as links. Users with access to the ‘tools’ project can create new tool accounts here, and add or remove maintainers to and from existing tool accounts.

Tools and bot code should be stored in your tools account, where it can be managed by multiple users and accessed by all execution hosts. Specific information about configuring web services and bots, along with information about licensing, package installation, and shared code storage, is available at the § Developing on Toolforge section.

Although it’s possible to just stick your code in the directory and mess with it manually every time you want to change something kansas gas service login, your future self and your future collaborators will thank you if you instead use source control, a.k.a. version control and a code review tool. Wikimedia Cloud VPS makes it pretty easy to use Git for source control and Gerrit for code review, but you also have other options.

It is fairly simple to set up a local Git repository to keep versioned backups of your code. However, if your tool directory is deleted for some reason, your local repository will be deleted as well. You may wish to request a Gerrit/Git repository to safely store your backups and/or to share your code more easily. Other backup/versioning solutions are also mp electricity bill payment online bhopal available. See User:Magnus Manske/Migrating from toolserver § GIT for some ideas.