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The Hendersonville community ( zip code 37075) is a wonderful place for a new home buyer to put down roots and enjoy living in a growing 9gag wiki yet quiet city. There is a wide variety of houses for sale and real estate available for sale or lease fit for most any income level. Here you will find everything from stately custom single family homes for sale, townhomes and condos to apartment homes and rental properties. Many of the home buyers that come to Hendersonville have no trouble finding the right living spaces for their individual needs due to the growth of the housing market gas stoichiometry here as well as the diversity of the national, local and regional new home builders that have flocked to this rapidly-growing city. The diversity of homes lends itself to catering to home buyers of all income levels and tastes as well.

Parents and the children of new home buyers in Hendersonville will be pleased to know that their children will be well educated by the many dedicated professionals that comprise the Sumner County Board of Education. The dedicated teachers and support staff in the Sumner County School District are extremely focused on giving the best education they can offer. Another alluring aspect for buyers of new homes in Hendersonville is the close proximity to Gallatin, Madison, and Nashville and the many shopping, dining and entertainment destinations they have to offer. You could be the next homebuyer to find your dream home and the lifestyle you seek here in Hendersonville. Hendersonville Home Prices

Right now, it is a great time to buy a new home in Hendersonville. There are some great deals for new homes to purchase gasbuddy touch and to be taken advantage of if you want to live in the community. The median sales price for homes for sale in Hendersonville is $220,000 based on more than 200 homes sold during the past year. While the median sales price for home gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by decreases more than 9% during the past year, for a monetary value of $21,950, the price-per-square-foot for homes is $109 which is an increase of 3.8% from last year. The average listing price for the area is $305,984.

Hendersonville is close enough for new home buyers to Nashville to be able to commute to work if you needed to. It is only about a 25-minute drive, and if you simply needed to do some shopping or dining out, the Hendersonville housing market has plenty to offer without having to drive into Nashville. Hendersonville also has some great leisure activities on the water and around town. Even though Hendersonville has some amazing features and is a great community to live in, the prices for single-family homes are even more reasonable than the Nashville Metro area eon replacement gas card.

Condos and townhouses in the Hendersonville real estate market start at right around $200,000. You can sometimes get better prices on foreclosures if you watch for them. As for the single-family homes, excluding those under foreclosure or auction, you will only pay about $25,000 more than townhouses and condos. Single-family units start at around $230,000 but you can sometimes find great deals if you keep you work with a real estate agent that is keeping their eyes open. Homes for sale in Hendersonville that are in this price gas vs electric range range may have anywhere from 3-4 bedrooms and at least two baths. Moving to Hendersonville, Tennessee?

Avondale is a neighborhood in Hendersonville that is north and west of the Cumberland River as it bends, forming the bay. It is a delightful neighborhood where Bay Drive, Country Club Drive, and Bonita Parkway are streets that are primarily in this housing market gas 85 vs 87, which is close to the Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club and includes the Hendersonville Memory Gardens Funeral Home. Find homes for sale in Avondale neighborhood. Caldwell Drive Center Point

The Caldwell neighborhood in Hendersonville is north of Vietnam Veteran’s Boulevard and extends all the way up to Long Hollow Pike. It is a great housing market that covers a large area, with the very center of it being Center Point Road. Glenbrook Way and Goshentown Road are also in this neighborhood and one of the bordering streets is Forest Retreat Road. This is a suburban neighborhood that is primarily made up of established single-family homes but also with quite a few new construction homes. Find homes for Sale in Center Point Caldwell Drive. City Center

City Center is a Hendersonville neighborhood that would be more aptly named slice of city center. It extends south of Main Street to Hickory Heights Drive and then all the way down nearly to where Curtis Crossroads begins electricity test physics. City Center is a dynamic housing market with a variety of homes for sale. Lakeside Park Elementary is one of the schools in the neighborhood and City Center is served by the Sumner County School District, which has over 28,000 students and 46 schools in it. Search homes for sale in City Center. Cumberland Hills Drive/Anderson Lane

The Cumberland Hills Drive/Anderson Lane neighborhood starts in the south partially in Cumberland River and partially in Old Hickory gas 4 less redding ca Lake as well as the space in between. It extends northward up the Cumberland River inlet that leads to Drake’s Creek and follows Cumberland Hills Drive north west as it turns into Anderson Lane. And for new home buyers, this neighborhood is served by the Sumner County School District and both E.B. Wilson Night School and Indian Lake Elementary are in this neighborhood. Just across the river is Sander’s Ferry Park. Find homes for sale in Cumberland Hills/Anderson Lane. Curtis Crossroads

Curtis Crossroads is a neighborhood that extends from the south part of the Cumberland River just west of Langford Cove. It spans north to border at Sander’s Ferry road and then La Plaza drive all the way up to Luna drive. The Cumberland River inlet on the other side is the western border of this neighborhood. The neighborhood is named after Curtis gas in stomach Crossroads, a street which runs mostly through the center of this neighborhood. Residents and new home buyers’ children are served by the Sumner County School District. One elementary school exists within this neighborhood — Walton Ferry Elementary, on Walton Ferry Road, which is what Curtis Crossroads becomes after it curves north. Find numerous listings for sale in Curtis Crossroads. Long Hollow Pike

Long Hollow Pike is a neighborhood where Drake’s Creek Road makes up the southern border. However, the neighborhood is named for the road that is running from west gas utility to east along the northern border — Long Hollow Pike. On the west, the boundary of the neighborhood rests at New Shackle Island Road and Drake’s Creek ogasco abu dhabi runs through the western part of this neighborhood. The Long Hollow Pike housing market is served by the Sumner County School District which has 46 schools in it. Find homes for sale in Long Hollow Pike. Rockland

The Rockland community is a neighborhood that is bordered by the western part of the Cumberland River just before it narrows at the power plant. Most of the northern border is Rockland Road and Main Street passes right through the upper part of the neighborhood. The eastern border is the other part of the Cumberland River and Walton’s Ferry Road which runs mostly north and south. Rockland’s school district is Sumner County District, which has just over 28,000 students in total. One school that is within the borders of the Rockland neighborhood is Gene W. Brown Elementary, which serves grades K-5. Find homes for sale in Rockland. Saundersville

Saundersville is an irregular boot-shaped neighborhood that has Main Street running gaz 67 sprzedam right through it. The southwestern border is where Drake’s Creek and the Cumberland River meet. Then it runs south along Cherokee Road and curves north and east along Indian Lake Road and Maple Drive. Main Street is also one of the southeast borders, running all the way from Maple Drive to Vietnam Veteran’s Blvd. The Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club is wholly within this neighborhood, making it an immensely popular one for residents and new home buyers in Hendersonville. Also, Saundersville is served by Sumner County School District and contains three schools: Hendersonville High School, Nannie Berry gas weed strain Elementary, and Robert E. Ellis Middle School. Find homes for sale in Saundersville. Shackle Island

The Shackle Island neighborhood is a huge circular area that is bordered on the south by Long Hollow Pike as it extends from the western border of New Hope Road all the way to the eastern border of Upper Station Camp Creek Road. Mud Hollow Road and Garrison Branch Road make up the northern border. The neighborhood has multiple small waterways running through it and the Ocana Community Center is just outside of its southern border. Shackle Island is served by the Sumner County School District. There are no schools actually inside the neighborhood borders, but gas density units there are several just outside of it. Find homes for sale in Shackle Island.