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Liam Keelan, BBC daytime controller, said:“I’m delighted to be able to place Land Girls at this timeof the day as part of a unique week of programming. We hope to paytribute, not only to the many lives that were lost in the Second WorldWar, but also to the land girls who played such an important role onthe home front. We hope it’ll be seen by as wide an audience aspossible.”

Annie, played by Christine Bottomley, is theoldest in her family and has always been the responsible one. o gascon The othergirls naturally turn to her as they try to survive the day to daytrials and tribulations of the WLA. Annie feels as though she herselfhas no one to turn to and quietly tries to deal with her own personalproblems from which she feels she has no escape.

Summer Strallen plays Nancy, a cosseted richgirl conscripted into the WLA against her will, who desperately missesher family home comforts and would much rather be out having fun. JoWoodcock plays Bea, Annie’s little sister. Bea has lied about her ageto sign up for the land girls and join her big sister on her adventure.Unfortunately her innocence will land her in hot water.

Henmen, a group of retired men whomeet at The Hub on Thursday mornings, expressed their thanks todayto Stratford College for their steadfast support for nearly 10 years.In particular they wish to thank Jean Bunn who had been their tutorover that time. Unfortunately Stratford College has had to embark on acost cutting exercise which has meant that they can no longer providethe financial support for the group. The group promotes socialinteraction between retired men who live in Henley and the surroundingdistrict. It promotes activities which provide support and providepractical advice for its members.

There is an important meeting on Thursday17th September 2009 at 11.00 am at The Hub, Henley-in-Arden Youthand Community Centre. The meeting will consider whether Henmen cancontinue without the support of the college. This year they also failedto gain a grant from the Joint Parish Council. gas stoichiometry worksheet answers The group is looking fora volunteer who would come to their sessions and teach them to cook newmeals.

The Chair of the Management Committee of theCentre, Peter Crathorne, said, “The committee was disappointedthat financial support had been withdrawn and were urgently lookinginto alternative sources of income to make sure the group wouldsurvive. The group will continue in any case up until Christmas. Whatwill happen after that depends on finding a new benefactor.”

Duringthe recent Sunday Special events held at the Heritage Centre over theSummer Holiday period, participants were reminded of the mostsuccessful event held in 2008 for Court Leet Day. ‘At TheCrossroads’ was a community arts event that helped to launch theHenley Community Arts. The community worked with a local professionalcommunity theatre writer and historian Fergus Durrant, pictured right,of Sez U Theatre Co. He helped us create a series of performances totake place in various historic/cultural/social places throughoutHenley. The audience was invited in small groups to move between thevenues and witness certain events and moments that are ‘athousand moments of Henley’. The experience was recorded and hasbecome a new and rich source for the local heritage centre, local dramasocieties, youth club and schools.

The Henley Community Arts devised the ideaand researched interest through their broad network of the community.The arts group membership is a broad-based group of people from thelocal community. The groups who supported the project areinter-generational and cross cultural. They include: The Hub –Henley Youth Club, Methodist Church, Court Leet, RotaryClub, Henley Drama Society, Henley Community Arts, Henley HeritageCentre, Primary Schools and Henley-in-Arden High School along withother key people who have volunteered their services.

About 50 adults and young people workedtogether, the oldest was 70+ the youngest about 6 years old. Workingwith a professional writer allowed them to draw on his skills andvisions and it was a vital part of the event. The work wasprofessionally filmed and this is kept at the Henley Heritage Centre.The work was both historical and contemporary and it encouraged thedifferent generations to have a better mutual understanding.

The performance of the plays took place infour venues. At St Nicholas Church “the Battle of Evesham”,an inside look at the wives and children of Henley who were left behindwhen the men of Henley went to fight at Evesham, was portrayed. At theParish Hall we were treated to a glimpse of the experiences of membersof the Royal Observer Corps in the Second World War on the nightCoventry was bombed. In the Guild Hall we peered into the visit ofAmerican Tourists to our historical treasure. The project commencedwith a brave outdoor performance of “The CrayfishArmy” – a fanciful exploration of the relationship betweenthe River Alne and the townsfolk over the years. electricity receiver definition This was presented bythe River Alne near to the Medical Centre. The whole project wasacclaimed by all as a great success. The last few copies of thebrilliant DVD are on sale at the Heritage Centre.

Henley Community Arts has not enjoyed somuch success. It has been unable to recruit new officers and theinterest in the committee has dwindled. A new plan has been formulated,a new set of rules slimming down the administrative organisation havebeen produced. These will be launched at a meeting to which everyone isinvited on 24th September 2009. The meeting will be at 6.00pm at HenleyHigh School. Henley needs this group to drive the cultural life of ourthriving town to a new level. If you would like to be part of thisplease contact Sonia Lewis slewis@henleyhigh.com (792364). Read the new rules

He arrived fresh faced in 1976 and startedwork at 84 High Street (Cromwell House) after the moving on of Dr BobAckroyd to Canada. The residing Partner was Dr Tom Gunn, a realcharacter from Northern Ireland, ably assisted by the pristine SisterDaykin (ex matron from Stratford Hospital). Things were very differentthen, no computers, no printers for prescriptions, no mobile telephonesand a very different set of working conditions from today. electricity merit badge pamphlet He worked aone in two rota with Tom and when Tom was on holiday found himselfworking 24/7 for a couple of weeks at a time. Without the use of mobiletelephones the doctor’s wife (Alison) had to man the phones andhang around every other weekend, a real tie for the whole family.

Well, things moved on slowly with theintroduction of the first computers and the slow sorting out of the6,000 paper held records. The Practice size has not varied over thistime, still standing at 6,200. Richard has always been keen to embracenew technology and kept up to date with changing medical practice andpatient expectation. He has been the leader in the Practice over thethirty odd years pushing it forward to cope with the 21st Century.

Probably the biggest feather in his longmedical career was the design and building of our fine Medical Centre.Working from an old Hotel (The Bear) on the High Street with steps, lowceilings and sloping floors (particularly the one in his consultingroom) and no space, it was time for a change. Unfortunately it tookmany years and changes of plans and sites before work could finallystart on its present site. Richard was instrumental in the planning andbuilding and it was a very proud moment when it was opened in 1990 byCouncillor Les Harris.

As a colleague and partner he has been anexample to work with. He has always practised medicine to a highstandard and expected his colleagues to do the same. He has kept thePractice team “on its toes” and demanded a highprofessional standard of our receptionists, secretaries, nurses andadministrative staff which has obviously benefited the people ofHenley. One of his strengths has been Dermatology, Minor Surgery andCryotherapy which many people of Henley have benefited from withtreatment of warts, minor lumps and bumps and skin cancers.

The Racing Silverline driver claimed poleposition in Saturday’s qualifying session – setting a newlap record along the way – and drove to a fantastic victory inrace one. Despite succumbing to the faster-starting rear-wheel driveBMW at the start, Mat got his RML-run Chevrolet Lacetti past with aspectacular manoeuvre on his way to a second consecutive win.

Mat started the second race from the frontrow of the grid, but with the heaviest car thanks to maximum successballast, he was passed by team-mate Jason Plato. As rain started tofall during the second half of the race Mat’s Lacetti was usurpedby title protagonist Fabrizio Giovanardi and he crossed the line inthird place for his second podium finish of the day.

Starting race three from seventh on the gridMat was targeting a podium finish but he went even better and tooka thrilling win, setting fastest lap along the way. z gas cd juarez A superb start sawhim in fourth by the end of the first lap having passed Formula 1star Johnny Herbert at the first corner and he soon picked off thecompetition to put himself in second by lap four. Once again behindrace one rival Collard Mat got past with another brilliant move atBrooklands and withstood the pressure of the BMW to take the flag.

Reported in the September edition of EnergyWorld the US Department of Energy says that a memorandum ofunderstanding (MOU) has been signed committing the US and China toreaching successful international agreements to address the climatechange problem. The countries will cooperate to accelerate thetransition to a sustainable low carbon global economy.

The MOU specifically mentions promotion ofenergy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles and other energytechnologies. The two countries will establish an ongoing dialogueabout what each is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Betweenthem the US and China account for about one third of world greenhousegas emissions so this announcement of cooperation to reduce emissionsis really good news.

The Feed In Tariffs (FITs) will come intoeffect in April 2010. Their aim is to provide better financial supportfor small scale renewable electricity such as wind turbines, microhydro and solar electricity. The support mechanism will be simpler thanthe existing renewable obligation certificates (ROCs) and provide aguaranteed income per kWh generated over the 20 years between 2010 and2030. The FITs are intended to produce rates of return on capital ofaround 5 to 7% and in some cases apparently considerably more (seelater). They are available to householders and community energy groups.The actual tariff level depends on the renewable source and installedcapacity. For solar electricity the proposed figure for small systemsis 36.5p per kWh generated plus 5p per kWh exported. For medium sizedwind turbines between 1.5 and 15 kW, the FIT is 23p per kWh plus 5p forexports. The lower FIT for wind turbines does not mean lower returns;in fact the contrary is true. This is because the electricity generatedby a given capital investment in wind is usually considerably greaterthan that for solar.

Since Henley is low lying the yield fromsmall domestic wind turbines will be poor so they will not be a goodinvestment. gas yourself However, the possibility of community owned larger turbinesnow seems worth investigating. I would be interested to hear fromanyone with a potential site which is highish and windy. Similarly,anyone with a weir in a brook or river might have a good micro hydropossibility. If you are interested in developing or investing inrenewable energy sources call me on 01564 792251.