Here are 10 things we’re glad the world wide web brought us gas near me prices


“Suppose all the information stored on computers everywhere were linked. Suppose I could program my computer to create a space in which everything could be linked to everything,” mused a 33-year-old English software engineer one day. This musing by Sir Tim Berners-Lee paved the way for the invention of the World Wide electricity and circuits class 6 Web, a creation which recently reached hit its 30-year milestone.

[Image description: In a kitchen, a cat stands on its hind legs on a yellow table. It stretches its front paws in the air and shakes its ass as it dances.] Via GIPHYIf the Internet had an official mascot, it would be a cat. There are over two million cat-centric videos on YouTube alone and over 6.5 billion cat pictures gas laws worksheet answers and work on the net. And why not? Cat videos have proven to lower stress and increase happiness. Plus, they’re cute AF. 2. Social media

[Image description: A black smartphone lies on a white table displaying four app on its screen – Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube.] Via Christian Wiediger on UnsplashWhat initially started off as platforms – Myspace, Facebook, Flickr gas and supply okc, Instagram, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter – for sharing simple thoughts and moments, quickly grew to become powerful tools in today’s public sphere. Breaking news, petitions, social commentary, campaigns… this is but one level. Communities have sprung up too ranging from the likes of widely-accepted health nuts to even more obscure ones like ASMRotica. 3. Online dating

[Image description: A red-headed woman sits in a coffee shop gas lighting. She’s using her laptop and smiling widely down at her screen as she types.] Via Brooke Cagle on UnsplashA curveball in the dating world, no doubt. OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Muzmatch, Bumble, Grindr, Tinder – these sites have ushered in an age of easier dating. Sure, it might not be the meet-cute you hoped electricity rates el paso for but it does a far better job of weeding out the assbutts than catching a stranger’s eye across a crowded floor. 4. Online shopping

[Image description: A blonde woman is shopping online when she gets a message stating “You lost. You’ve been outbid.” She is frustrated k electric bill payment online.] Via GIPHYAmazon is the first site that comes to mind but the general experience of finding and buying whatever you desire with a few flicks, swipes and taps was a revolutionary experience when it was first introduced. What can’t you buy online these days? And bonus – you get to do it while in your PJs! 5. Google Maps

[Image description: A black-and-white image shows a man using a navigational app on q gas station okc on his smartphone.] Via NESA by Makers on UnsplashHow people managed to get around anywhere before Google Maps is baffling to me. The ease with which we’re now able to navigate the world has opened up new paths, and kept me from getting lost down many a road. No longer do we need to ponder over splayed-out maps with a compass in hand, marking down routes, or worrying about owning the latest, updated editions. 6. Emails

[Image description: A middle-aged gas efficient suv 2013, dark-haired man throws an exasperated look as he walks out of the room. The GIF is captioned: When the meeting could’ve been an email.] Via TenorAdmittedly, emails have been around longer than the World Wide Web. Since 1972 to be exact. However, the email of then was a tad different than the gas zone pricing email of now. Not only is it a quick and efficient way of communicating but it keeps you from having to talk to people on the phone. And let’s be honest, no one enjoys that. 7. Wikipedia

[Image description: Two men are walking through a busy office. One in a gray suit and the electricity and magnetism other in beige. The latter says “Wikipedia, motherfucker,” as he looks straight into the camera.] Via Tenor“Wikipedia is not accepted as a reliable source,” said every teacher/professor I’ve ever had. With good reason, of course, as information can be easily edited on the free encyclopedia. Though that still doesn’t stop students and alike to use it as a starting point, considering how detailed the information provided is. 8. New vocabulary

[Image description: A dark-haired man in a red shirt smiles as he throws up hand signs, saying “LIT” repeatedly.] Via GIPHYInternet slang, netspeak, online lingo – call it what you please. The Web birthed a new vocabulary which has crept into the official language gas in dogs causes books and everyday vernacular. LOL, AF, IDK, YOLO, FML, IMHO, IRL, NSFW… the list goes on. 9. Memes

[Image description: A cartoon clip shows a witch cackling as she lowers herself into gas explosion in texas an underground cellar, closing the door above her. The caption reads: Telling everybody you’re going to bed but really you’re going to browse dank memes until 3AM.] Via TenorThey’re the viral pick-me-ups we all need during the day. From ironic to existential to sardonic and down-right dark, memes have also become a way to connect with a person without actually connecting. Personally, if my friends don’t receive memes from me in a while, they’ll know something is wrong. It’s touching. 10. A platform for marginalized voices

[Image description: A large diverse group is gathered on the streets. The image shows a number of hands in the air 9gag instagram logo.] Via Chris Slupski on UnsplashIMHO, one of the best things that the World Wide Web has brought to us is a universal platform for all voices. And oh how many there are! There is representation around every corner, albeit some more so than others, but with the power of the Web, new 5 gases in the atmosphere perspectives and voices are being added every day. You don’t have to look beyond The Tempest’s own pages for that.