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The bottom line is that the medical community does not have a consensus on how to deal with hernias, they are still trying to figure out some of the most fundamental questions, and many studies regarding best surgical methods to use result in conflicting conclusions with one another.

After reading the literature, I realized that the medical community has only in the last few years begun to recognize the existence or the impact of postoperative chronic pain. Also after reading blog after blog of folks who were not aware of the risks, and now have chronic pain and are left with no or little options coming from their original surgeon, it casts the whole issue of getting surgery in a different light.

"A strategy of watchful waiting is a safe and acceptable option for men with asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic inguinal hernias. Acute hernia incarcerations occur rarely, and patients who develop symptoms have no greater risk of operative complications than those undergoing prophylactic hernia repair."

This article and others on the strategy of watchful waiting has turned me away from having surgery done in the near term (or perhaps ever having it done). Certainly if my health and well being is threatened, then risk/benefit balance would tip towards surgery, but other then an incarcerated hernia, I don�t see the value of a prophylactic repair. The risk chronic pain cannot be underestimated.

I just had mine repaired. It was small like yours, and as stated above by another poster – you could "watch and wait" – but as pointed out by the other poster, you risk the hernia becoming larger and requiring a bigger surgery to repair it in the future….so I guess you have to decide which is worse or more important to you – If you want to continue to lift, it WILL get bigger, how much bigger and how long it will take, who knows…Just beware that Adult Umbilical Hernia’s do NOT spontaneously correct. The hole in the muscle will stay and like any hole – over time will enlarge which inturn, may increase the risk of incarceration.

I chose to repair mine now while it was small so I did not require MESH – as I have read your body can reject it (as well as some other negative issues with it you can google), so my motivation to proceed with removal now when it was small was so I could repair with sutures.

I WILL listen to the MD and not lift or workout for 4 weeks post op (day 6 now) as the reason I am in this mess with the hernia to begin with was resuming workouts too soon after my gallladder removal in Feb, so if you do proceed with surgery – LISTEN to your doc and do not over do it like me….

But I would say at Day 6 I am fine. Walking and increasing my walks by 1/4 every day and taking it easy. Resuming cardio slowly and just talking it easy. Tire easily – but I am still healing – but as far as pain….never took a pain pill. Not even in the recovery room.

Could not stand straight for 3 day (crouched), but day four I was upright and still holding my tummy, day 5 not holding tummy any more and walked a 1/4 mile, day 6 walked a 1/2 mile and feel almost back to normal in my tummy area – just still tire easily.