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Genital Herpes infection has no cure, this is an infection brought about by Herpes Simplex Virus 2. People infected with this virus doesn’t automatically detect it because it doesn’t show any signs and symptoms and this is called asymptomatic. However, as time passes by the carrier of this virus will eventually start to show some signs of infection or otherwise known as symptomatic. Herpes outbreak has two stages; the primary outbreak and the recurrent outbreak. Obviously, the first outbreak is called primary outbreak that starts from the time of exposure to the virus up until 2 weeks. In this phase, symptoms will start to manifest such as blisters appearing on your genitals.

After a couple of days these blisters will start to sore and becomes very painful. The sores will heal in about three weeks time if left untreated. Once it heals, the virus doesn’t go away. It will just stay in your system specifically on the nerve cells where the blisters previously occurred. After some time, the virus will be active thus calling this phase the recurrent herpes outbreak. Since it is recurrent, expect that the blisters will come and go and the virus will not be eliminated. Recurrent outbreaks are mostly experienced after three to six months from the primary outbreak. The only good thing about the recurrent outbreak is the level of pain which becomes lesser and lesser over a period of time in terms of the number of blisters and its severity. Genital Herpes Outbreak

Almost all victims of genital herpes infection are well aware of the outbreaks this disease comes with. However, not most infected individuals know what triggers these outbreaks and what they can do to prevent it from keep coming back. Genital herpes outbreak can be triggered by different scenarios such as the environment. Being in an environment where there’s too much to handle can not only trigger stress but also an outbreak if you have a genital herpes. For example, a place where there’s too much heat, too much cold or too much noise can cause increase in nerve response which may also reactivate the HSV. Nature plays a vital role, the heat of the sun, the wind blowing; the wetness of the rain can all cause a possible genital herpes outbreak. Your food intake is also another factor like coffee, ingestion of alcohol, chocolates, and nuts are said to cause an outbreak. Too much sexual activity may lead to a genital herpes outbreak because of rubbing bodies, friction, and the use of condoms with nonoxynol-9 content can cause irritation too. Your lifestyle can also trigger an outbreak; you need to make sure you’re getting enough rest and sleep. Keep away from being stressed and over fatigued. So you see, having a genital herpes comes with too much do’s and don’ts that unfortunately you will have to live for the rest of your life. If you are looking for natural genital herpes cure, you may visit our herpes cure page. Genital Herpes Outbreak Symptoms

A person with genital herpes experiences a lot of symptoms. Genital herpes symptoms vary depending on the stage or kind of outbreak an individual is going through. During the onset of the primary outbreak, an individual may not feel anything and the symptoms will start to manifest after a couple of days. According to statistics, almost 79% of infected people experience general symptoms on its primary herpes outbreak. The general Genital herpes symptoms includes the following; high grade fever, lymph nodes starting to swell, headache, fatigue, muscles starts to ache and the person starts to get flu like symptoms. After these general symptoms comes the itching and burning sensations, shooting pains and sensations will be noted on the buttocks and thighs. Numbness will be noted and you will start to become irritated. Blisters will start to occur on the genitals and an oozing soreness will be felt. Expect that during the primary outbreak the Genital herpes symptoms are more severe than the recurrent herpes outbreak. After the agonizing pain during the primary phrase expect that the recurrent phase wouldn’t be as hard as the first one.