Hey thisisourmusic i listened to 3000+ of your posts and made a list of the top %5 gas efficient cars 2016

A) I know releasing music to the public can be a very hard thing for many, the fact that you did already makes you a hero in my eyes. Do what you love and do it the way you want. Don’t let some kid with a list dishearten you. On top of that, this list was GIGANTIC and it really pains me to know that some gems must have slipped through my grasp on this listening quest throughout the many steps I took to bookmark and compile it. For any tracks I missed, I’m truly sorry, if you feel some type of way go ahead and post your music in the comments, I’ll be stoked to re-listen and they’ll still be associated with this list.

B) We are starting a new subreddit r/W0LFG4NG (see base details in previous post). The mods of r/ThisIsOurMusic haven’t bothered to contact me back and that is a big part of the problem that we’re trying to fix. Moderator-Subscriber/Poster communication will NOT be ignored on W0LFG4NG. Once again, for those interested in participating (we will ONLY let you post if you pass our screening, we’re still looking for additional mods)

For those that have already expressed interest in moderating, we’ll be opening a group chat soon to go over key points. For those that have already expressed interest in being enabled to post, we’ll be contacting you after we have fully assembled our screening process.

One thing that I want to furthermore address is that full transparency will be a must on moderation for this SubReddit, we realize that only enabling certain redditors to post could be used unfairly to benefit specific artists that we are personally affiliated with. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. We will not allow our SubReddit to monopolize and become a ‘label’. This is OUR music. Stringent rules will be emplaced and enforced. (lol, this is starting to sound like a politician rant, ima chill for a sec…)

QUALITY Musicians that are allowed to post will have to pass screening and continuously meet a base standard. (don’t let this deter you from submitting, we really are chill-ass music lovers :p) Subscribers will have the power to ‘vote people off the island’ if for some reason we collectively decide as mod’s on an artist that the subscribers do not enjoy (obviously this would have to be a big enough wave of negativity for us to even consider.)

CONSISTENCY/SCHEDULING We only want consistent musicians, posters will be required to post X amount of material (this has not been specifically decided on or even defined [maybe interviews/updates/live video?) and music every X amount of weeks (no more, no less) to avoid cluster but keep fresh content. (we realize that there are many aspects to the lifestyle of a musician and we will definitely be willing to work around your schedule so that you are comfortable with your rate of posting but we will expect a (still deciding on this) base level of consistency to be met.) For scheduling, we want to have a steady flow of rotating genres and musicians, we imagine that this will adapt as we take on more and more posters but what we are striving for is for the listeners to have consistent variety but know when to tune in for their favorite musicians.

FUTURE We think big, we would like this subreddit to be so jampacked that we have to open genre specific subreddits, material specific subreddits (AMAs, Contests, etc.), the skys the limit. However, we know the value of foot by foot progress and have no illusions that this is not going to be a long, arduous journey. We are excite to embrace it. As an additional incentive to join r/W0LFG4NG:

C) r/W0LFG4NGBazaar Tentatively, (we’re barely whispering about this at this point) r/W0LFG4NGBazaar is going to be the 2nd subreddit launch after r/W0LFG4NG is stable. (like, reaaaally stable). As every career-interested musician knows, in order to support your art, you need resources/connections.

ARTISTS: these are the few that have all categories covered. CONSISTENCY: these musicians are consistently pumping out quality tracks HITS: the best singles and projects VIBES: the best instrument-only track] CUTTING EDGE: tomorrows music CONCEPT: conceptually driven music that resounds COVERS/REMIXES: Self explanatory