Heyman – top 56 free agents with best contract guesses

5. K electric bill payment online Justin Turner, $70 million, five years. Electricity bill calculator He’s remade himself from nice utility man to Dodgers’ middle-of-the-order star. Electricity in costa rica voltage With his determination, the guess is he’ll be a good deal for someone. Electricity facts The Dodgers, understandably, want him back, though they are predisposed against long deals for 30 somethings, so this could be interesting.

6. Grade 9 electricity formulas Ian Desmond, $64 million, four years. Gas 1981 After last winter’s disaster, he should score bigly. Youtube gas monkey Desmond has proved to be a decent center fielder, so with added versatility, he showed have many more suitors. Gas x reviews ratings The Rangers love him.

7. N gas in paris lyrics Dexter Fowler, $60 million, four years. Gas 4 less manhattan ks He bet on himself with a one-year Cubs deal, and won huge. Gas laws worksheet answers chemistry He’s a terrific young man who helped the Cubs win the World Series, and even better for market purposes, he put up a huge on-base percentage.

8. Gas constant Mark Melancon, $56 million, four years. Gasbuddy login Timing is everything, and Melancon is peaking as he hits free agency. Electricity questions grade 6 The Nats loved him, and plenty of big-market teams should be interested, including the Giants, Dodgers and others. E85 gas stations florida His old Yankees and Red Sox teams probably won’t want to pay this kind of money for a player who was traded away. Q gastrobar But don’t feel sorry for him.

9. Gas city indiana zip code Jose Bautista, $54 million, three years. E85 gas stations in iowa The great Bautista is hurt by his age (36) and injury-plagued 2016 season. Gas x chewables reviews Even in his one rough season, he still came up huge when it counted (.984 with RISP), and especially in the playoffs. Gas in michigan One rival agent even said he should have taken the qualifying offer. Electricity sources I’m not sure about that, but this may take awhile.

10. Electricity transmission efficiency Rich Hill, $50 million, three years. Gas efficient cars 2010 He’s the one starting pitcher on the list who’s a top-of-the-rotation guy. Gas gas The Dodgers want him back, and that looks like a logical spot for him. Electricity bill cost per unit The drawback of course is his fragility (at 36, he still doesn’t have 600 career innings).

11. Electricity merit badge requirements Matt Wieters, $50 million, four years. Gas definition He’ll be helped by the lack of great catchers, Wilson Ramos’ injury and the lack of a draft choice. Electric utility companies in florida But while his defensive metrics weren’t great, he has made four All-Star teams, and gone 15-60 (home runs, RBI) four times. Pass gas in spanish The case will be made that he’s as good, or better, than Russell Martin and Brian McCann, and it will be interesting to see if folks agree. Gas x strips directions The Astros, Nats and incumbent Orioles are possibilities, though it seems likely Baltimore will look elsewhere, especially if this number is close.

12. Gas zeta costa rica Ivan Nova. 9gag nsfw $48 million, four years. O gosh Free agency is funny. Gas 78 Who’d have thought he’d be this high on the list? Whatever, he showed what he can do with the Pirates, and this starting pitching market he looks almost like a star.

13. Mp electricity bill payment paschim kshetra Mark Trumbo, $45 million, three years. La gas prices now He might have to wait for Cespedes, Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, but he led the league in homers, and is a plus in any clubhouse. Electricity in india ppt The saber guys don’t love him due to the lack of walks, but he was a big boon to the Orioles, and they’d like him back.

14. Static electricity definition physics Jason Hammel, $36 million, three years. Gas in oil mower The Cubs did him a solid by turning down his $12-million option. Electricity cost in california In this market, he should have plenty of options. Gaz 67 We can rule out Oakland, however.

15. Gas efficient suv 2014 Josh Reddick, $36 million, three years. Bp gas prices ny His power outage in L.A. What is electricity will cost him a bigger deal, but he’s a solid hitter and good defender who could help a number of teams.

16. Gas in dogs causes Mike Napoli, $26 million, two years. B games 2 Any number of teams should be thrilled to party at Napoli’s. Gas x breastfeeding side effects The Indians would like a reunion, but he may be a little rich for their blood.

17. Electricity and circuits ppt Carlos Gomez, $25 million, two years. A gas station This one could be anything, because at his best he’s better than Fowler and an $80-million player. La gas prices map And early last year, well … He did resurrect things in Texas after struggling in Houston, and it seems his decision to discard his prescription glasses may have helped. Gas tax by state The Rangers like him.

18. Electricity 2pm mp3 Wilson Ramos, $22 million, two years. Gas leak smell This is really for a year and a half since he’s not expected back until next summer (though his doctor says May is possible). Electricity equations physics His unfortunate ACL injury cost him a chance at a $100-million contract, and it seems a short deal makes the most sense now, as it would give him a chance to reset. Electricity in the body The Astros are among teams that fit, with a switch to the AL seeming likely since he won’t be able to catch immediately.

19. Gas stoichiometry formula Greg Holland, $20 million, two years. Electricity bill The showcase went well, and he seems ready to help at the back end of someone’s pen. Electricity projects for high school students The Red Sox, Giants, Mariners, Indians, Rays and Cubs are among teams interested.

• There’s a lot of Chris Sale trade talk, seemingly too much for the White Sox to not pull the trigger this time. Que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje The Braves are heavily in the mix and have lots of good prospects, as are the Nats, as Bob Nightengale reported. Gas vs electric oven review And both those teams have the young players to make it work. Electricity video bill nye The guess here is, the Braves would be awfully reluctant to give up top young shortstop Dansby Swanson, but perhaps they can do it even without him. Gas weed strain Top Nats pitching prospect Lucas Giolito’s stock dipped a bit late last year, but Washington has others, too, like pitcher Reynaldo Lopez, outfielder Victor Robles and catcher Pedro Severino. Grade 9 electricity module The Nats would look pretty strong with Tanner Roark as their No. Gas kinetic energy 4 starter.

• The Jays do not seem at all interested in Bautista beyond the draft pick they’ll be getting if/when he signs elsewhere. Gas oil ratio units And there seems to be some question as to how hard the Jays will go after Encarnacion, too, after he didn’t take their initial offer (it’s unknown what it was, but they were believed OK with four years at some level).

• The Tigers are getting hits on the big guys, of course. Gas 85 octane But they’ve gotten a few, too, on Anibal Sanchez, who could interest someone if Detroit offsets some of the $21 million due him in 2017 (maybe half of it, or a bit more).

• Ian Kinsler is drawing interest from the Dodgers, Jon Morosi of MLB Network reports. 850 gas block Makes sense. Gasbuddy diesel They need righty bats. Brian Dozier would fit the Dodgers’ need for righty pop, too.

• The BBWAA blew it. Gas efficient cars under 15000 No excuse for Justin Verlander to be left off two ballots entirely. Electricity basics I also don’t get how Jon Lester could have been omitted from two ballots, either. (h/t @KateUpton for pointing this out, in regard to Verlander).

• My NL Cy ballot: Max Scherzer, Lester, Kyle Hendricks, Clayton Kershaw, Jose Fernandez. Gas ninjas I thought Zach Britton deserved the AL Cy Young (I didn’t have that vote) but it seems Verlander’s big finish caught some writers by surprise. N game Not sure how he was behind some other starters on some of the ballots.