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CRAPPIE : On Friday, Lac Pham fished S- E section and reported he, “caught well over 40 fish Drop- Shotting Minnows in 12’- 20’ of water on the side of humps. Most were 10”- 12”. e electricity bill payment Also caught a couple on a Gold ¼- oz. Vib- e on cast/retrieve.” Tuesday morning Ray Beaumier told us that he, “trolled the M- E & M- W sections in 12’- 17’ depths with a Bottom Bouncer/Night Crawler Harness and a #3 Silver Mepps Spinner with a single hook/Chartreuse Twister tail behind a 1/4 oz rubber core sinker and C&R 10 fish. Six of the fish were in the 10- 12" size range.”

BLUE CATFISH :.Kyle Gibney sent us this report, “Hoover has been pretty slow lately but I get a nice fish here and there. I went out Wednesday and got a 25- lb. FO (37") in 24′ in the north pool on cut Shad.” On Friday Kyle C&R a 26- lb. FO (38") in 25′ in the North pool using cut Bait. Joe Hatfield reports, “Kyle Gibney and I fished the Flatheadblues tournament on Sunday. It was a grind for all teams involved as the fish were not too interested in feeding. We drifted the Northern pool using cut Shad and staying in the 18- 28’ range. We caught 6 fish with the largest being my 34" fish.” On Tuesday Joe tells us he, “I went out solo and drifted the North pool using cut Shad targeting 17- 25’ depths. I ended up with 2 fish going 30" and 33". Hopefully the cool fall weather coming this weekend will turn things around.”

CRAPPIE : Michael Gifford trolled the M- E section on Thursday and reported that he, “Caught a bunch of fish today up to 12” trolling with Bass Minnows in 10- 12’ of water.” Tom Critser reported, “Monday I took my wife (Juli) fishing for her birthday. We fished late morning into the afternoon in the M- E and S- E pools and C&R 43 fish. We were fishing in 25′ of water about 10′ down using Minnows under a Bobber. Most fish were 9"- 10" with a few up to 12".”

BLUE CATFISH : . Joe Hatfield reported that he, “Hit the North section with Kyle Gibney Thursday night. We targeted 20- 25’ drifting cut Shad. I ended up C&R 7 fish with the biggest being FO (37", 35").” Michael Gifford trolled a Bass Minnow in M- E section Thursday in 10- 12’ depth and caught a 20’ fish. Stu Wilms , on Friday morning, C&R a 24", 4.5- lb. fish he caught trolling a Crank Bait in M- E section 12′- 15′ deep in 28′ depth. Joe Hatfield sent us, “I fished the FlatheadBlues tournament on Saturday with Mark Blevault, an accomplished Catfish angler on the national scene. gas x strips after gastric sleeve We ended up catching around 16 fish. We drifted up North using big cuts of Shad in 19- 27’. I landed one FO (37") and Mark landed a FO (35"). With a cooler weather last week, the fish started heating up. I don’t know how it’s going to be with this warm weather moving through. We ended up winning the tournament.”

CHANNEL CATFISH : Tom Critser reported, “I was fishing with my wife Juli Saturday afternoon in the M- E section. We were fishing in 18′- 24′ of water using Shrimp suspended under a Bobber about 15′ down. We caught 4 fish including Juli’s FO (28") and my FO (27").” Don Driscoll told us, “While fishing off the bank in M- E cove Saturday, around 10 a.m., I landed and released a FO (31"). I was fishing on the bottom with Raw Shrimp. I hooked one earlier but it straightened out the hook and got off.” Matt Miller informed us, “Sunday morning I drifted Cut Bait in 12- 18’ of water in the North section of the lake. I C&R five fish including two FO (26" & 27") on Santee rigs.”

BLUE CATFISH : Brian Annis reported, “I fished the N- W section Saturday morning slow trolling Shad over 20- 22’ of water and at 7:10 a.m. C&R a FO (35.5") on an 8- 1/2" whole Shad. The bait was alive when it went back in the water; not so much when the fish gave it back.” Matt Miller fished Sunday a.m. in North section and C&R three fish with the largest being 23" using Cut Bait.

CRAPPIE : Ray Beaumier reports that he, “caught 20 fish Friday evening trolling 1.0 – 1.5 mph in 12- 20′ bottom depths with various Hard Baits running 4 – 8′ deep with the fish likely feeding on the suspended Shad schools. Ten of the fish were in the 10- 12" range. Two top producing lures were a 2" Silver Shad Jointed Shad Rap and a Strike King Mini- King Spinner Bait w/Chartreuse Twister Tail and a 1/4 oz. rubber core sinker 2’ up the line to sink it to the 4- 6′ depth range.” Ray was fishing M- E section. John Biteman reports that he and, “Walt Alexander went out Labor Day 7- 10 a.m. in M- E and caught 35 fish using Minnows under a Slip Bobber in 8’- 20’ of water fishing at depths between 5’ & 12’.”

CHANNEL CATFISH : Joe Hatfield fished the North section on Monday and caught 3 fish drifting Shad in 13- 25’. He used whole Shad in about 5- 6" depth. Joe Hatfield reports that he and Kyle Gibney, “fished the Flathead Blues tournament on Saturday. It was our worst showing of the year and we took 5th. Fortunately, we survived hurricane Hoover. A lot of folks struggled that night. bp gas prices columbus ohio We caught 6 fish with largest being FO (29”). All but one came off Blue Gill cut filet style.” The channels came from deeper water. Joe went out Monday and reported, “I fished the north section. In 15- 28’ using Blue Gill. I ended up with 3 fish including 2 FO (28", 31”).” Matt Miller fished the North end Sunday using cut Bait and C&R a FO (30.25").

BLUE CATFISH : Joe Hatfield reported, “I fished the North section on Monday drifting Shad in 13- 25’. I 2 fish. Largest was 34". All fish came off whole shad about 5- 6".” Joe Hatfield & Kyle Gibney fished Saturday night and caught 2 fish, the largest was 30”. Only one 20- lb. + fish was weighed in the tournament. wd gaster On Monday Joe fished the North section and caught 2 fish including a FO (40”) that came from 14 ft. using Shad. Joe further stated, “It is still miserably slow compared to prior years. I can understand not catching big fish all the time, but the absence of little fish is puzzling. Typically a slow night would be 10 to 15 fish with a mixed bag of big and small fish. Since mid- June, a good night is 8- 10. It really has me scratching my head.” In a subsequent email Joe added, “The catch numbers are down, but my experience has been the quality of fish has been up. I have put a lot of big fish in the boat this year. What I have noticed is they are very picky on how the bait is presented. One day they will prefer a certain rig, bait, or even how the bait is cut. Once you find the right combo you will catch fish. Then you go out two days later and they want a different presentation. What I notice, especially in tournament fishing, is too many folks get dialed in on one specific presentation and are hesitant to change things up.” Bryan Chambers fished Monday in M- E section and C&R a 34” fish in. 15” depth trolling Bottom Bouncers with Shad in M- E section. Matt Miller sent us this, “I was able to get on the lake on Friday and Sunday morning. On Friday morning I drifted cut Bait in the North section of the lake in 10- 20” of water. I C&R 9 fish with the largest about 26". Most of the fish were caught in 10- 12’ of water using a Santee rig. On Sunday morning I strolled cut Bait in the North section of the lake in 8- 20’ of water. I C&R 4 fish with the two largest measuring 29" and 30".”

From Rich Zweifel – Hoover was stocked with just over 418,000 fingerling saugeye this spring, which works out to roughly 145 fish per acre. Saugeye production at our hatcheries was down a little bit this spring compared to last year, but those numbers are about average for what we’ve stocked into Hoover over the last 5 years. electricity deregulation in california Fish were stocked into Hoover on 2 dates, 5/18/18 and 5/22/18.

SAUGEYE – 9/6/17 – From – Ethan Simmons , Div. Of Wildlife – “We’ve had three years in a row of extremely poor saugeye stocking survival at Hoover. The traditional fingerling stockings in 2014 and 2016 as well as the experimental fry stocking in 2015 all produced very few adult fish. We can’t say for sure what has caused this, but predation from other fish and lack of an adequate food source soon after stocking are two factors that have been shown to influence stocking success. One thing we’re pretty confident in is it’s not the blue cats eating the saugeye. There are simply too many shad, sunfish, and crappie for blue cats to eat rather than honing in on the small population of stocked saugeye.

We’ve conducted 10 gill net surveys since 2003 for adult saugeye at Hoover and 97% of the fish we caught were 3 years and younger. The average length of an age 3 fish is 21.5”. Of the small amount of age 4 fish we’ve captured the average size is 24”. Since we rarely see fish older than age 3 and we’ve had 3 bad year classes in a row, Hoover has very few saugeye left in the population. This helps explain the lack of reports you’ve received in the Hoover fishing report. We understand that Hoover is a central Ohio gem and no one is more disappointed with the lack of saugeye than us. This year we requested double the amount of saugeye fingerlings to be stocked in the hopes of increasing the odds of a successful year class, and we’ll request double next year. electricity office near me More stocked fish doesn’t necessarily mean more adult fish, but this is one lever we can pull quickly to try to influence the population. In fact this spring we ended up with even more stocked for a total of 260 fingerlings/acre (compared to 100/acre). Fingers crossed we see a huge year class this October when we sample. Whatever the outcome of this year’s stocking, know that we are always working hard to understand and improve this important fishery at Hoover.

The reason we’re stocking fry is because Hoover is part of a four year research study that’s building on Jahn Kallis’ graduate work at OSU. Based on Jahn’s work, we believe that fry may do just as well as fingerlings at Hoover. We are stocking fry and fingerling in alternate years at Hoover and seven other reservoirs around the state as part of this study. Hoover was stocked with fry in 2013 and 2015 and was stocked with fingerlings in 2014 and will receive fingerlings again in 2016. Since the fry are so much smaller than the fingerlings, and consequently will likely have lower survival, we stock them at a much higher rate (1,000 per acre) than we do with fingerlings (100 per acre). This is the third year of our study and we will assess the potential of fry stockings at our study locations at the end of 2016. We will make a decision to stock fry or fingerlings at these locations based on the results of this study.

Lorraine Winters (WSM) passed along the news of the finalization of new Hoover regulations that on October 18 th the Ohio Wildlife Council approved for catfish at Hoover: “Reducing the bag limit to four (4) in the aggregate for channel and blue catfish harvested from Hoover Reservoir. Additionally, in an effort to develop and promote a trophy catfish fishery, anglers harvesting channel and blue catfish from Hoover Reservoir will be limited to taking only three (3) fish less than 18” and one (1) fish 28 inches or larger.”