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I have been experiencing such painful attacks for over a year now and its effecting my life. After having a camera put down my throat I have been told I have a Hiatus Hernia and electricity for dummies amazon also gastritus. OK this is understood but what happens with me is really scaring me now. I get a pain in my chest which wakes me up at night (Especially if I have eaten late or a large meal). It then causes me severe pain that makes me nauseas, faint and dizzy I can’t think straight. I am breathless and sweating profusely and cannot talk. I can see why Hiatus Hernia attacks can be confused with heart attacks. It feels like I have a knife in the middle of my breastbone/chest and the pain radiates up through my throat and I feel like I have a helium balloon trying to push up through it!

I have gone down to AE and they thought it was a gallstone I had but I know its not this but you try to explain the pain but its hard to get it across. After the camera now though I believe its the Hiatus Hernia but reading about this condition it seems I have something a bit more severe than just acid reflux due to a Hiatus Hernia and would desperately appreciate anyones experiences or suggestions on this.

I’ve also had this exact pain for over a year now up electricity bill payment online. I went to the ER over the summer during a really bad attack thinking they could pinpoint the cause. My heart was palpitating and skipping wildly, I thought I was having a heart attack. I could barely speak from being so out of breathe but they told me everything looked normal on their monitors. I was previously diagnosed with a 3cm hiatal hernia in 2011 so I’m pretty sure I’m having hiatal hernia attacks. These attacks happen so frequently now that I can hardly maintain a normal sleeping schedule. I have been sleeping with my pillows against the wall in a sitting position for months now to try to prevent the attacks from happening. I’m a light sleeper electricity usage calculator to begin with so the quality of sleep is not that good.

When I feel an attack coming on I usually try to drink a glass of water and jump up and down to force the electricity voltage in usa stomach/esophagus back down. This usually makes the attack not so severe but occasionally I will get light headed when trying to stand. By that point there isn’t much I can do but sit and try my best to endure. I’m also always feeling dehydrated, yet have to go to the bathroom every time I take a drink and have dark urine every morning. I’d like to see a doctor and maybe take a urinalysis/blood test but do not have insurance at the moment.

Hi folks..I’m a 38 year old mother of 4 and i have had a hiatal hernia for about 15 years now from being so sick during my pregnancies.I have an attack about once every other month but my attacks seem to be more severe than what i’ve been reading about them.I usually get nauseated and begin vomiting first thing in the morning when i wake up.For no reason at all..didnt do anything different than normal but it just occurs.My attacks last for atleast gas hydrates are used 4-7 days and i lay in bed vomiting once every 30 minutes or so the entire time.It’s usually acid and bile.I have major pain right where my ribs split at the top and it goes straight through to my back.I will sit in the shower floor and let extremely hot water spray my back and finally it goes numb and im better for about 5 minutes and then back to puking and pain.After days and days i will either go to the ER for fluids ect or i just wake up from the tiny amount of sleep i do get and the pain is just gone..i’m sore in those same places as if i just had a fight but not feeling like im being stabbed anymore.I’m going back for another scope and i have tried electricity prices over time everything acid related to stop the pain but other than that what do they give to help with the pain?I can not live this way anymore.

Thanks everyone for your comments and sharing your experiences! I find it interesting how many in the thread have mentioned having cholecystectomy prior to the HH problems. I too had electricity and magnetism notes my gallbladder out 5 yr ago, just recently began having HH attacks. They started after I was moving boxes a few months ago, had a scope done and was diagnosed HH. I am an RN, and wish someone had given me the advice i’m about to tell you! Misdiagnosed by many of my peers in the profession for far too long! Here is a simple strategy that may help SOME people with HH.

NOT during attack, mind you, do this a few times a day and upon arising in the morning. ‘Strangely enough, after diagnosis I found a suggestion somewhere that you can take large breaths and as you exhale press downward from your diaphragm down, and breath OUT all the way very strongly. I have been without an attack for 4 months until today …I could just cry it was so bad just like many have described done with electricity tattoo book with burning pain, sweating, inability to talk or move. Sure enough I have felt so great I had not been doing this exercise/maneuver. I just wanted to tell people this may help you in some cases! It kept my hh at bay for over 4 mos as I said. Well, back to my exercises and nexium until I figure out how to get this repaired. You all have my prayers and empathy and wishes for good health!