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Once and a while I get the Hiccups. When I get them, I get them so bad that they last for sometimes a good half an hour, also with every hiccup I burp out air. It’s like a hiccup and a burp combined at the same time. Afterwards, Let’s say I have a drink or something to eat, I get air in my stomach like normal people do while they eat or drink something. Well, I’m almost positive that because of the hiccups being mixed with violent burps, something happens inside my throat/chest that will block the air from a burp coming up after the eating or drinking. Basically I have air trapped in my stomach and when I try to burp… it comes up to about the bottom of my neck line/chest area and something stops the burp and sends the air back down to my stomach causing me to want to burp badly to release the trapped air but everytime I want to… I can’t and it becomes very uncomfortable. Eventually it will go away and back to normal and I will have a huge release of air (finally) with a loud tight burp (almost like whatever is in the way is finally letting some of the air through). I can’t stand it and it bugs the hell out of me! I read somewhere on the internet a long time ago, how to release air in your stomach when you have a trapped burp (I guess you’d call it) but I can’t remember the actual process to get the burp up and I can’t remember where I read this trick. Do you have any ideas/suggestions; and if known… what is causing this "caught burp problem" in my throat/chest area?

The problem maybe started about 2 years ago I guess (in this particular case or kind of problem). I don’t speak too much while eating, but once and a while maybe (Like the average Joe). I do not eat with my mouth open! I chew normally. I am about 5′ 11" tall, weight is 190, Male age 38, I have no other medical conditions related to my stomach, chest, etc… I do have some heartburn quite a bit but thats been since I was in my early – mid 20’s, I take Tums and Generic Tagamet once a day. No other disorders.

Okay… Other things I didn’t mention… I’ve recently noticed that it happens mostly on days where I don’t eat all day and then eat a good dinner but maybe because my stomach was empty all day, It sucked or should I say took in a lot of air. I’ve also noticed that the Hiccups are so strong along with the hiccup Burping that something in my throat is getting aggravated and is possibly swelling or closing up… so, that may be blocking the air in my stomach after the episode of the hiccup burps ends. It takes quite a while to get the ???swelling??? or disruption that’s preventing me from burping afterwards due to the trapped air, to go away. I at one time figured… "Okay, well, if something is swelling up or getting irritated and closing, it would be obvious to assume that maybe an anti-inflamatory like motrin may make it go away… so I tried that, and it does seem to work (I think, not very sure) but it does take quite a while before the blockage goes away and releases that trapped air, with a big burp or many little burps that sound like they’re squeezing by the blockage with a strong push or forcing the burp by me, sord of! I do smoke, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but I’m pretty sure it does not. I do not smoke alot (maybe a pack every two-three days), I’ve been smoking off and on for about 15-20 yrs or so. Like I said before, this only happens occasionally when I don’t eat all day. There was one time where it happened and I did eat normally that time, so it kind of made me think that the "not eating idea" went out the window.