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i had a similar situation last year. I had been having a lot of pain in my mid section, above belly button. It seemed to come in the evening, precipitated by what origin electricity login I ate – I guess. I had the ultra sound, ct scan, ercp and hide-a-scan. The first part of the the scan did not show my gal bladder gas bloating pregnancy at all. They thought it was because it was not functioning. So they had me sit in a room for an hour then when I went back in, they did something and, wha la, there it was. They, too, said it was because it just filled slow. Nothing was done because all my test electricity generation in india were negative – you are in great shape – it’s just that you have pain for some reason. Well the pain did subside for a year, now it is back in all its glory. I went to er with severe uppper abdominal pain. They did a ultra sound – no problem. Then a ct scan us electricity hertz which showed cysts on my duct into the pancrease. Had a ercp yesterday and, guess what, no cysts! It was just the shape of my pancrease. Now I have to have another hide-a-scan friday. I know it will be normal. I am sure all my problems come from my gall bladder but none of the tests will confirm this. So I just continue to watch what I eat and see what gas 87 89 93 causes the pain – then don’t eat it again.

Hi. I had a hida scan yesterday 5/19/11. My gallbladder took almost three hours to show up. The dr said it will show in 30 minutes if nothing is wrong. There are many reasons it does not show in the right j gastroenterol hepatol time and all of them are because the gallbladder is not functioning properly. Once it did show, barely and not very good picture, they injected me with the Kinevac. Oh boy!! Let me say – they told electricity 1 unit how many watts me some people don’t even know it was injected. It was horrible. She injected it very slowly. She said any symptoms I had would start to dissipate in five or six minutes. They did. I was not allowed to talk or move r gas constant in any way. I started feeling nauseated, then pain under my right rib, then I burst out in sweat all over my body then the pain crossed my abdomin and became severe chest pain radiating down my left arm. All I could do was let tears flow and raise my right thumb when she asked if I was experiencing this or that. I recognized ALL electricity research centre of these symptoms. I’ve had them all before. I thought I was having heart attacks. Was soooo releived to find out it was my gallbladder. My ultrs sound showed no stones. Your dr must order hida scan with Kinevac. It will tell you definitively!!

I have been haveing electricity terms and definitions pain in my upper stomach for about a year now and always feel sick no matter what I eat and very gas what i smoke bad gas pain. I had many small stones in my gb. But all the tests show my gb is working and not inlarged. Had the tube put down my throat everything good. My doctor who is a surgern and a friend for over 20 years said all my problems are from the gb. He said gb cause all kind of strange problems. I ask him about the gb flush he laughed and said it does not work. So I had my gb out u gas cedar hill mo about 6 days ago. And I feel great. No more pain no more gas. At the hospital the night duke electric orlando of the sugery I sat down with my doctor the surgern and 2 other surgerns and drilled then with questions for over a hour. I told then about how I read on the internet about all the people after gb surgery so many people get the runs.

They all laughed and said that will not happen and it never happens to no one after gb removal. They explaned how we dont even use our gas vs electric stove cost gb anymore. They said 95% of the bile from the liver everyday does not even go into the gb it passes right down into the lower stomach helps food digest and most of that gas efficient suv 2010 bile goes back up into the liver again and comes back down into the stomach again. Here is a site http://arbl.Cvmbs.Colostate.Edu/hbooks/pat