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Cholesterol is an organic lipid molecule that helps regulate what passes through animal cell membranes and is necessary for the creation of vitamin D, bile, and steroid hormones. Our bodies naturally produce cholesterol (making up about 75% of our blood cholesterol), and we obtain the rest we need through our food (though this lipid is only found in organisms with livers); we need our cholesterol to stay healthy. It’s important to know that cholesterol is categorized into two groups: high-density lipoproteins (HDL, popularly called the good cholesterol) and low-density lipoproteins (LDL, popularly called the bad cholesterol).

High cholesterol levels, especially elevated LDL levels, have become a central health concern – though whether or not that particular focus on our health is entirely well-founded is now up for debate. High cholesterol blood levels can leave fatty deposits in your arteries and cause heart disease. Nevertheless, health tips from the Earth Clinic community can help you find ways to lower your cholesterol levels naturally. Lower Cholesterol Naturally

We have over 50 natural and home remedies that have been submitted and discussed to cure high cholesterol. At the top of the list is apple cider vinegar, followed by red yeast rice, coconut oil, and you can also find low cholesterol diet ideas. We encourage you to share your experience with us, as well as bring forward new home remedies to be shared with the world.

On 25th May 2012, my overall cholesterol reading was 6.9, which is high. I decided to try organic apple cider vinegar to lower it. For the last year I have daily had a table spoon of high quality organic pure apple cider vinegar diluted with water in a large mug. I drank this once a day, straight after a breakfast of cold porridge, honey and soya milk. Initially it was hard to drink as it was a bit acidic tasting, but now I quite like it. Occasionally I would have it later in the day after a different meal, but it was mainly first thing in the morning.

At end of May 2013, my cholesterol had reduced to 4.1! I was amazed by this. There were no other changes to my lifestyle except sticking to only having any refined sugar (chocolate, sweets, cakes etc) every other day, rather than almost every day. Sometimes in the last year I would go 3/4 days with no refined sugar, but would have natural sugar via fruit. This is also quite a big change, but I am sure it’s the vinegar that’s the main cause of the massive reduction as I have always had some refined sugar in my diet.

Hi Wendy, you don’t say how old you are so this may not be relevant, but there was a good double blind trial done at the University of Paris some years ago on women over 54. It ran for some years and they discovered to their surprise that those with the highest cholesterol of any kind survived acute heart attacks whereas those with low cholesterol didn’t! When I asked my consultant what she thought of the results, ( I have high cholesterol), she said she knew the trial and agreed it was correct and then couldn’t understand why I didn’t want statins! I fit the age category. There are several good books out there including Dr Uffe Ravnskov ‘ Ignore the awkward’ and ‘ Fat and cholesterol are good for you’ etc. I believe he’s had death threats so he can’t possibly be saying anytHing of merit now, can he? ;-). When Ancel Keys first came up with the theory that high cholesterol was linked to heart attacks etc in the 1950’s, he was laughed out of court. He wanted to do a trial to prove his theory using people from 26 countries, but only 6 fitted the criteria he needed to prove the point, and lots of other factors were ignored. However, Ancel Keys ‘research’ is still the corner stone for all those news reports we get frightening us into taking statins! So it’s really wonderful to have this site and a few really dedicated investigative journalists out there too.

Ok, here’s my story. I’m a 49 yr old male who exercises 3x a week. I’m eat oatmeal for breakfast and turkey on whole wheat for lunch everyday. I eat a normal dinner. And don’t eat sweets. I have always had a hard time keeping my cholesterol in check. Guess it’s hereditary. I recently had my blood work back in Nov 2010. My numbers were : total cholesterol 226, HDL 156 and LDL 52. My doctor want to put me in a statin because my HDL kep going higher each year.

I searched on the internet for natural ways to lower cholesterol and found that apple cider vinegar was a cure to lower it. I went for my new blood work and told the PA that I was drinking AVC to lower my cholesteral. She gave me a smirk like I was wasting my time trying this.

Just got back my new bloodwork results and here they are: total 186 , HDL 126 and LDL 42. The nurse who read me my results suggested that I still consider statin medication since I will still over the HDL guideline of 100. I told her that I would pass.. So in 4 months my cholesteral dropped significantly. I drink Trader Joe’s organic ACV. And I also added Bob Mill’s flaxseed to my oatmeal in the morning. My advice is try and fix your "ailments" naturally before you start to take medication prescribe by your doctor who is getting kickbacks from drug companies.

Toneyroos, My Cholesteral is 210 (HDL- 126, LDL- 84). I am 43, thin, smoke, drink but eat healthy and take supplements. My Dr. thought my numbers looked great (not that different from yours). Keep in mind that almost as many people with regular and low cholesteral have heart attacks as do those with high cholesteral. Big pharma has gotten to your Dr.!!!

Your LDL is low, that is what most Dr.s would worry about, not having a high HDL. We want a high HDL. If you are still concerned about your numbers, please do not take a statin, it restricts circulation of oxygen to your heart, cause muscle weakness and spasms. It can cause eye problems, and general loss of quality of health. Consider taking more fiber in your diet. This will absorb the cholesteral in your bile and prevent it from being reabsorbed back into your body via the intestinal wall. Consider niacin flushes (start with a very low dose to get used the the feeling of turning red and tingely! ).

There is so much good information here on this site, you will do so much better for your body by taking the natural route instead of listening to your Dr. on this one. I am blessed I have a great Dr. She spends up to an hour with me on most visits, and treats my whole person, not just the symptoms!