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Some people even reject the mass produced branded bongs, and choose to go for bespoke, artistic and individual pieces made by a specific glass blowing artist. gas x ultra strength directions Some bongs are made in smaller handmade batches, where as others are made in huge quantities and then branded afterwards by anybody who wants their own range of bongs and this often effects the quality of the final products.

There are benefits and downfalls to both, for example glass is extremely breakable so, if you are terminally clumsy its probably not the best idea to get a glass bong as youll be replacing it often, and that can certainly add up! On the other hand Acrylic is porous, meaning it stains easily, is harder to clean and retains smell. Unlike glass which is taste neutral and wont hold any smell once it has been cleaned.

Some people praise glass as being super easy to clean, as you can clean it to an almost brand new state by using solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol or Bong cleaners such as Gunge Off. static electricity bill nye full episode Whereas Acrylic is a bit more difficult to clean to the same level, and requires more hands on abrasive cleaning with less chemicals, and even then it will still retain some stains and smell.

It also comes down to comfort and performance. x men electricity mutant Some people like to know that they have invested money into their hobby, and enjoy the comfort and performance of a more expensive bong. electricity in human body wiki Some people see bongs as art, as handmade bongs can take on many shapes and forms, and are willing to invest in them as art collectors would in paintings. gas pains 6 weeks pregnant Where as other people prefer to spend their money on other things, and settle for an affordable yet functional piece. static electricity human body causes What Bong Is Right For Me?

There are a few deciding factors when it comes to picking the right bong for you, such as your circumstances, budget and even how clumsy you can be. The amount of choice when choosing a bong can seem somewhat daunting, Glass or Acrylic? Big? Small? Percolator? We have a massive range at Shiva and hopefully something to suit everybodys needs.

Most bongs function in the same way, by creating a vessel for smoke to be filtered through water, reducing the amount of water soluble tar and toxins from the smoke by around 50%, as well as removing the need to combust rolling papers. Now you know the basics, what bong is right for you? Well, depending on your circumstances you may want to own a small discrete bong such as some of our Travel Bongs or something more flashy and of a larger size such as a Percolator Bong.

Percolators are another factor to take into consideration when choosing the right bong for you, as a percolator adds another layer of water filtration and smoke diffusion to the equation. This can be beneficial for people looking for the healthiest way to smoke, but can also be a hindrance to some people as it increases the drag resistance and airflow of the bong, making it a bit more of an effort to clear the bong of smoke.

Taking care of your bong, can extend its lifespan by a considerable amount, as well as keeping it pleasant for to you to get the most out of your smoking experience. We suggest investing in a bong cleaning kit such as the Genie Smoking Tool Kit and good Cleaner to help you keep on top of the maintenance. 1 unit electricity price india If you keep your bong clean it can potentially last you forever, as long as you dont break it, so look after it as best as you can!

A bong is similar in construction to a Hookah Pipe, but is more compact and portable making it a great choice for those who travel. The air and water tight vessel has a bowl (which holds the tobacco or herbal mixture) and stem attached to it. This guides the smoke through the water giving a smoother experience and filters out some of the more harmful toxins making it healthier than standard cigarette smoking.