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Not only that, the partner is the current chief God of Asgard, Vidar-san! “To have a marriage meeting with a chief God”, when we heard about that, we couldn’t help but feel surprised! We also got an explanation from Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Göndul-san too. It seemed like, even Göndul-san’s opinion was ignored as it had already been decided by the higher-ups. And because of that, cancelling also became impossible at this point.

She sounded like she was really sorry about it. It seemed like, Göndul-san was actually opposed to her granddaughter’s marriage meeting this time. But, because of the pushy proposal by the Norse Gods, it had become a situation where Rossweisse-san’s parents were forced to concede, and even Göndul-san was unable to reject the proposal either.

However, although Vidar-san had many mistresses, he hadn’t gotten married yet. And so, it was precisely because he had become a chief God that the Asgardian Gods began to introduce him to candidates for marriage one after another, rushing him to make children as soon as possible. After arguing back and forth with Asgard, we were finally able to feel a bit relieved when they responded

But… I feel like there are so many Gods that are so prideful. In the end, the final decision would be according to Rossweisse-san’s own will. Although she herself was extremely surprised and confused, she didn’t have any problem with attending the meeting, regardless of whether she intended to get married or not. gas company Such was the answer we arrived at. Even though the talk was forced and hurried, because she felt that she had been looked after by the Gods in her hometown all this time, and the conditions had also been relaxed a bit, it was quite difficult to decline.

…A God’s marriage problem, huh. Well, the marriage of a mythology’s representative sure is important, but…. Why does it have to be one of my servants, Rossweisse-san of all people? Even though she had been abandoned by Odin-jiisan, there was no doubt that she was an excellent Valkyrie. Her magic ability was good, her acquired knowledge on powerful barrier techniques was also good, and even among her fellow Valkyries, her strength was undoubtable. That must have been the reason why she caught the attention of Asgard. Well, Rossweisse-san also contributed much to the Evil Dragon War, after all…it’s only natural that her value rose. But there was also this feeling inside me “Please don’t decide things on your own” that I strongly felt! It’s because she is my comrade… or rather, because she is my servant. find a gas station near me She is also participating in the tournament with me, as well as doing devil jobs together. Either in battle or in jobs, Rossweisse-san is important! What we’ve achieved until now, it’s our precious…. If left like this, they will continue to decide things on their own until they are married.

The appointment location was a cafe that was situated in a corner of the university campus. It was essentially a cafe run by the university students, but students from Kuoh High School and people who came to the university for work went there sometimes as well. Rias and Akeno-san frequently sit together at their usual seats on the terrace, however…it seemed like there were some other girls sitting together with Rias and Akeno-san today. Were they university friends? I wasn’t sure, but they seemed like they were having fun, so I didn’t want to ruin the mood by being a nuisance. gas city indiana weather I guess I’ll just come back later.

AAAaaAAAaaAAAA! If you say such maidenly words to me, I won’t be able to resist! Please, please, as long as my basic information doesn’t get leaked out, please boast about me as much as you like! If I were to be honest, I also wanted to tell the truth that I was their boyfriend, but, it would definitely be troublesome in many ways. And because of that, I had no choice but to endure.

To me, Rossweisse-san is… But, one thing is clear. When Rossweisse-san and Vidar-san’s marriage meeting got decided by the Norse Gods on their own, I was extremely mad. Disgusted even. The unpleasant feeling about my precious servant being forced to attend a marriage interview was one of the factors, but the memories that I spent together with Rossweisse-san until now kept flashing across my mind one after another….

“At that time, how did you feel, how did you think, and how did you act, Ise-kun? Rias and Rossweisse-san are different, but Rossweisse-san to us, and above all, to you is a precious servant, Ise-kun. That is certain, right? I don’t know how things will turn out in the marriage interview, however, when Vidar-sama decides that he wants to marry, your feelings and actions will inevitably come pouring out. But, Ise-kun, this is the one thing that you should remember.”

We, the authorised people (the new and old Occult Research Club members) gathered in a certain traditional Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. To our surprise, Vidar-san’s faction chose a traditional Japanese restaurant (a valuable shop as they handle even supernatural beings). So, we also adapted to them by having Rossweisse-san wear an elegant kimono. By the way, it was Akeno-san who was in charge of dressing her up.

There was a table placed in the middle of the spacious Japanese-style room, and we sat on one side together with Rossweisse-san. In the garden that could be seen from the Japanese-style room, a small bamboo fountain made a small pleasant “koton” noise. By the way, Göndul-san used magic so that my comrades waiting in a different room could see what was happening in this room live. Because my friends were essentially peeping, I didn’t think that the strict Göndul-san would have allowed such a thing, but…it seems like this incident had many things to be considerate of.

While waiting and sitting in seiza [1] style, Vidar-san appeared in a white suit with three ladies who followed him. electricity quiz ks2 He was a handsome man with an unshaven face, platinum blonde hair and gold pupils. From his looks, it seemed like he was only in his early twenties. The three ladies who followed him were all beautiful, but they all showed a strict expression. Because their aura felt like it had a God’s nature, I thought they were all Gods, but…

The ladies then reluctantly left the room. Rossweisse-san and I felt unsure of what to say, and Göndul-san looked a bit displeased as she raised an eyebrow. Judging by that attitude alone, we could only imagine that the relationship between Göndul-san and those three women wasn’t very good. Vidar-san then sat down in front of us. He immediately sat cross-legged and made a bitter laugh as he said

The sudden offer made me and Göndul-san look at each other. …Vidar-san said that while laughing, however he seemed like he was serious about it, so we remained. In the meantime, we ordered drinks and chose oolong tea, while Vidar-san ordered — beer. To order a beer in a marriage interview…it just proved that he really was Odin-jiisan’s son.

“My father is the best and won’t lose to the chief Gods of other mythologies when it comes to perverted things. Oftentimes, before I knew it, new brothers and sisters had been born, you know? He holds many titles, such as ‘The All-knowing’, ‘The Great Noble God’ , ‘The Father of Victory’ , and ‘The One-eyed Hero’. physics c electricity and magnetism study guide However, I think the most appropriate title for him is ‘the perverted old man’.”

That’s right! I also noticed that! The drink that Rossweisse-san gulped down wasn’t oolong tea, but the beer for Vidar-san! It was liquor! It was alcohol! I remembered what happened at the field trip last year! When we were attacked by the Hero Faction at Togetsu Bridge, Rossweisse-san was — drunk! After that, Rossweisse-san…! Göndul-san seemed to recall something like this happening before as well, and she said “Oh no…” as she put her hands on her face.