High school students join ohio state professors in citizen science project civil, environmental and geodetic engineering gasco abu dhabi careers


Andy May in civil, environmental and geodetic engineering and Ayaz Hyder in environmental health sciences in 2016 received a grant from the National Science Foundation to deploy low-cost air quality sensors that provide high-quality data for better estimates of personal exposure to air pollutants. electricity jokes riddles A unique facet of the project is that the professors work with a team of citizen scientists: the high school seniors and their engineering teacher, who also will help develop teaching materials using the sensor data.

At Hilliard Davidson High School, (from left) Emma Wood, Zach Augustine, teacher Rusty Herring and Ben Charlson work on an air quality monitor with Ohio State professors Andy May and Ayaz Hyder.“The students in the Ohio State project are learning electronics, programming, sensors, information technology, project management, documentation, logistics and communications,” says Rusty Herring, engineering teacher at Hilliard Davidson High School. He is an Ohio State alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering and a master’s degree in education, which he obtained after working in project management engineering for 10 years with Procter & Gamble Co.

The air quality monitor has sensors to measure (from right) gases, particulate matter, and temperature and humidity.Zach Augustine calls himself the technical expert. “I’ve taken a lot of design courses and learned CAD to work on the 3-D modeling,” he says, noting that he’s designing the sensor enclosures. tgas advisors company profile Ben Charlson works on the air quality monitors’ internal wiring and components that will collect data on gases, particulate matter, temperature and humidity.

“I’ve always struggled with the idea of equity. ‘Smart’ doesn’t just mean better. gas examples matter Are we doing things in an equitable manner?” says Hyder, who was hired at Ohio State as part of the Translational Data Analytics Institute. 76 gas credit card login He points out that air quality has always been studied in public health with a keen awareness that a study in which people at the lowest socioeconomic levels are at the highest risk of exposure and yet also the least equipped to cope with adverse health outcomes associated with poor air quality, such as asthma attacks and cardiovascular events.

Once the data is collected, May, Hyder and the Hilliard students, with Herring, plan to leverage it beyond the engineering courses to science and math classes in Hilliard high schools and middle schools and then outside of the district. bad gas 6 weeks pregnant May is working to install two more sensors with Columbus Public Health and teachers at both Worthington-Kilbourne High School and Thomas Worthington High School, who want to use the collected data in biology and environmental science classes. May and Hyder will be integrating the project in Dublin City Schools’ new Emerald Campus, a nontraditional high school innovation that lets students choose from various Career Exploration Academies including biomedical, business, engineering and IT.

“For this project, we had to archive everything we did and reach multiple deadlines to work with the professors. In addition to communicating with the professors, we had to communicate with the school district and authority figures within the school buildings,” Faltas says. “Before this project, I had never really communicated in the real world with any sort of responsibility, and now I do it every day.”