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**Corder was butthurt about his life being shit, so he decided to go out in style by getting drunk, stealing a plane, and crashing it into mp electricity bill pay indore the White House. Instead, he faceplanted his Cessna on the South Lawn, missing the White House completely. Even if he did pwn the White House, the President was out since the White House was being renovated at the time.

After a fun night of binge drinking and doing coke, he drove his three young daughters to have fun at an isolated dumping site, but wanted to show his daughters how much he really loved them. After having sex with his young daughters like how any great father would, he decided to cut their throats and leave them there to play by themselves, while he went to run a few errands. Two of his daughters gas unlimited sugar land tx later mysteriously died while the other was found in a trash can (wtf?). He then drove to visit his electricity distribution costs mother-in-law, but was violently attacked for no good reason, prompting him to justifiably stab her and her two kids to death in self-defense. He then returned home, where he shot his bitch wife for refusing to make sandwiches. His next stop on his errands was Grand Cru Vineyard, where he decided to get even with his supervisors after they had made fun of him for being overweight and having a small dick, shooting both of them, killing one, wounding the other.

Druggie delusional gas zauberberg wannabe gangster from some fucked up Slavic country who tried to take down rats who had wronged him by stabbing his stepdaddy, a girl who rejected him, her mom and running over a fuckton of people before trying to hijack a train, failing and then trying to kill some guy who tackled him. Said guy who tackled him got trolled by the pigs who acted like they subdued him without any help when in reality they hid electricity magnetism like pussies in the driver’s cab of the train until the guy had tackled him.

Some deaf guy who failed horribly at his plot to go on a stabbing rampage, likely due to the fact that this loser had used a knife that was used to shave paper and a surgical knife (wtf)? Could’ve easily went electricity wikipedia simple english on a shooting instead because he lived in fucking Texas but didn’t for some reason. Got tackled and shackled which he deserved for being so shit.

Medium: Although more difficult than easy, this level is still fairly easy for the experienced high-scorer. This level has faster police response time and more people with faster reflexes. Also, the locations are harder to navigate, may have light security already present and (depending on location and jurisdiction) a small to medium chance of encountering armed victims. Several people have played on this level including James Holmes and h gas l gas brennwert Charles Whitman. Places include:

Nightmare Mode: Without a doubt, the most difficult level. It has infinitely respawning NPC’s, an almost immediate police response, high security, confusing and small maps and a medium-to-high chance of victims being armed and/or fighting back. The only known people to have a good score on this mode were Major Malik Nadal Hasan, who went 13/30 on the map Fort Hood, and 2nd Lt. Sanurip who went 16/11 in an Indonesian airport.

• Play violent video games ( Grand Theft Auto, Hitman gas 93, and Manhunt series and FPS games like Doom, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc) and listen to metal (Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, Debauchery, etc). They will train you to kill better and will ensure that after the murder and harm is over you can continue the lulz by ensuring that misguided idiots everywhere will be wiped up into a rage of fascism and will push for censorship laws.

• It is preferable, but not electricity lesson plans year 6 necessary, that all firearms, ammunition and other weapons used and/or any ingredients used to make explosives are acquired gas bubble in throat legally so that, like in section 2, retards will call for stricter gun/weapon laws, demand 1984 style security at schools, airports, etc and attempt to demonize anyone who has an interest or hobby in firearms and the like afterwards. This has the doubly lulzy effect that if stricter gun laws are passed, and anyone decides to follows in your footsteps, their victims will be even more disarmed and helpless than they were before, leading to higher body us electricity supply voltage counts, less personal freedom for everyone and greater amounts of lulz.

• Leave behind lulzy, dramawhore-esque statements and media, also remember to take a photo of yourself just beforehand, preferably with a big shit-eating grin on your face as well as a trollface, for the papers and news sites to splash all over their front pages and send a clear signal to all the other limp-dicked social rejects who cram their faces with anti-depressants to numb the pain of their worthless existence out there that all they need to do to make everyone pay attention to them and make their electric zap sound effect free name and face nationally or internationally known is go for the high score. This point is essential for weapons-grade lulz, nobody cares about a vanilla killer.

A fat fuck who fancied himself pure evil gas monkey monster truck, but really just spent all his time in his window-less apartment room wageslaving. This desperate suine even got into cocaine to lose some weight, which only made him go Aurora in his local movie theater. He didn’t even got to an hero himself due to being tackled by a random HUE! Fat people, amirite?

Died bravely in a line of fire by police inside a police station after he brought a shotgun in the building and wounded 4 officers, none of them critically, even at point-blank range. He was falsely accused by The Man of kidnapping and raping a 13 year old girl, when she probably deserved it anyways. So that e85 gas stations florida was when he heroically stepped into the office and amazed the whole world of how much of an incredibly amazing man he truly is.