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I did really well for the first half of the year. The only newly published books I read were purchased using gift cards or borrowed from the library (these were allowed within my challenge). is there a gas station near me But when David Sedaris released Calypso at the the end of May, I didn’t have any gift cards left, the library wasn’t going to have the book for a while, and I just HAD to read it ASAP.

I drove to the bookstore, made the illicit purchase, and gosh darn it, it was worth it! I loved Calypso and as a result, the book-buying floodgates were opened. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, reading is supposed to be fun and provide joy. gas 66 If I’d followed my rules, I wouldn’t have been able to trust my “reading gut” and pick up a book that was calling to me.

I recognize how incredibly privileged I am to be in a situation where I can buy a book if I want it, and I’m not condoning going out on regular shopping sprees for new books. hp gas kushaiguda phone number Moderation is a good thing, even when it comes to buying books (hard to believe, I know! 🙂 ) I’ve bought a few more new titles since my Sedaris purchase, but most of what I’ve read this year has still been from my shelves and from the library.

My main message here is that (for me) reading challenges should widen horizons and allow for spontaneity instead of being rule-based and restrictive. So, I am totally fine with the fact that I fell short on my reading goal for 2018. January is right around the corner and I plan on challenging myself in new and fun ways. f gas regulations 2015 Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

I swear it was just Halloween, but here we are at the end of November! Thanksgiving was a great chance to remember all the things I’m grateful for. Friends and family topped the list for the year. z gas ensenada telefono I’m so lucky to have people in my life that make me happy! For the purposes of this post, I do want to share a few (much) smaller things this month that have raised my spirits 🙂 Here’s what’s been making me happy lately:

I’m forever trying to get my schedule under control. I’ve tried all sorts of planners, apps, etc., but the Panda Planner is first one that helps with the logistics of the day-to-day, but also has a focus on the more important things in life. gas vs diesel cars In addition to an hourly schedule, a task checklist and section for prioritizing projects, each day has sections for reflecting on what I’m grateful for, listing what I’m excited about, choosing a focus, and making an exercise goal. gas stoichiometry practice I’m not sure if the planner has made me significantly more productive, but I love that it’s making me more thoughtful with my approach to the day.

I mentioned a while back that I had a few projects brewing. One of them was applying to be a contributor for Book Riot. I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been accepted and will be writing for the site regularly! I will still write here at High Shelf Esteem, but posts might be a little less frequent. I invite you to visit Book Riot and check out my writing there and the writing of all the other amazing contributors. Happy reading!

I am incredibly lucky. I can walk, talk, and do almost everything I could before the surgery, but when your brain gets poked and prodded, there’s bound to be a few things that change physically and mentally. For me, one of the biggest changes has been my ability to stay focused while reading. gas used in ww1 It takes a lot more energy to concentrate for long stretches of time, and I often have to backtrack and reread because I can’t remember what I’ve just read.

I felt incredibly liberated and have since added a bunch more books to the pile. I want those of you with DNF guilt to experience this freeing feeling as well, so I’ve developed a list of reasons why it’s okay to abandon books you’re not enjoying. Let that DNF pile grow! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO READ BAD BOOKS (OR BOOKS THAT JUST AREN’T FOR YOU)!