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The best adventure ever that I would happily do again and again. Spending 5 days aboard an outrigger with 24 other global adventurers and 10 outstanding local crew members, eating fresh produce on remote island communities from El Nido to Coron and sleeping on basic huts on the beach often with no electricity and definitely no running water, made us realise how lucky we are to have nice, abundant lives with our modern comforts. Island life maybe so enticing but the reality is not as romantic as we imagine. In most places the only means of livelihood is fishing. But with Tao Expeditions’ help gas oil ratio calculator some of the villages now have sustainable livelihood brought about by responsible and social impact tourism. Thank you amazing and fantastic Tao Expedition team! Captain Panoy and engineer Jose for getting us safely to our destinations despite high waves during a storm when we were at sea, Team Leader Jeff for keeping the crew and the adventurers gelled electricity song omd together and enjoying every moment with card games, karaoke, jokes and simply having fun days and nights, Chef Abi and assistant chef Bebot for the delicious, fresh, healthy and hearty meals throughout the journey – the lechon was the highlight, Macmac for keeping the supply of jungle juice flowing from happy hour, Aying, Joey and Vincent for looking after electricity reading comprehension us – making our beds, ferrying is ashore on kayaks and making sure we had fun snorkelling and singing karaoke. I urge everyone who are adventurous to put this tour in your bucket list. You won’t regret it and you will cherish the memory.

My partner and I planned our trip to the Philippines around this tour following a recommendation from a work colleague. The truth is I was a bit hesitant about it all; I suffer from sea sickness big time and am not a strong swimmer. However we still went ahead with the booking. We went for the El Nido to Coron route, many say the route the other way round is much better mainly because the base camps are prettier closer to Coron. However I wouldn’t worry, each basecamp has its unique points and I actually loved them all. We were lucky the tour went ahead as a typhoon meant that que gases componen el aire several El Nido (island hopping) tours were cancelled. A Tao tour was cancelled the previous day (they get the go ahead each day from the coast guard if its safe to leave). It was really 50/50 if our tour was going to go ahead too. The previous day, we all had to be at the Tao Office for our briefing, the offices are easy to find and most tricycles know exactly where to find it. The briefing is around 1.5 hrs. Here they give you bracelets which they load with money (around 3000 PHP) which is plenty and you get a refund at the end so don’t worry if you don’t use it all! You can also purchase the refill drinking bottles (250 PHP) and sarongs/t shirts if you need it. We met most of the crew at the briefing, we also met some of the other passengers. We arrived at the port the following morning around 8am to embark our boat (luckily coast guard gave clearance). The boat which is a Paraw (traditional electricity storage handbook Philippine boat) is big enough for 24 people plus 7/8 crew members. I highly recommend purchasing a dry bag to put your clothes in. You can buy them everywhere on the island. You only need enough clothes for the 1 night at base camp and then the following morning replenish on the boat, so don’t worry about packing everything into the dry bags for the entire 5 days. The crew members really look electricity cost per kwh south africa after you, even for those that are not strong swimmers, life jackets are on the boat as well as kayaks to take you to shore if needed. Don’t worry at all, you will be looked after at all times. Staying at the base camps were my favourite and I looked forward to see what gas 76 they would be like each day. The huts on the islands were beautiful, often facing out to the sea, so each night you can hear the sounds of the waves to put you to sleep. Each person is provided with pillows, mattresses and a mosquito net and each night I slept well. At the basecamps you can chill, sit in a hammock, play football, volleyball, frisbee or whatever you want to do, in the evening the crew prepare delicious meals for you to eat, I just don’t know how they do it! The crew members work non-stop!! You always wonder on a tour like this if the food will be good or if you will get ill. I can honestly say don’t worry! The food was another highlight of the trip, the breakfast, lunch (usually on the boat) and dinner on the islands were all amazing, mainly fresh fish, often caught by the crew (we had white snapper and Spanish mackerel), coconut veg curries, salads and red rice which the crew called Filipino power! Both veg and non veg options were available and honestly I can say the best food I have tasted on our entire Philippines tour. The chef is extremely talented electricity outage houston!! There were some people who sadly got ill on the tour, but I honestly can say it was not due to the food at all (as I didn’t get sick and ate loads) I believe it was due to heatstroke! Make sure you drink lots of water, and electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf stay in the shade if you can, especially after snorkelling or swimming as it can get very hot!! Lots of time to chill, read books and watch the waves! Just do it, you won’t regret it! You will forever have the beauty of the islands imprinted in your minds, simple stunning! Some tips, bring a few goodies for the kids that you visit on the islands, they will love you for it. Also if you get hungry like me all the time, bring a few snacks! Finally it does get a bit chilly at night so bring a cardi or hoodie.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to join Tao on a 5-day open boat expedition with our daughter (11) – these five days were the best thing we ever experienced on our family travels. They normally only let children over 14 yrs aboard, but for xmas and new year they had a tour for families with kids. If you have a chance to do the tour with electricity lessons grade 6 your young kids or teens, don’t hesitate, it will be an experience they will never forget – remote islands, clear water, beautiful reefs and most of all – the kindest people in the world. Although the camps are basic, you have everything you need. The Lost Boys (as Tao calls their staff gas relief while pregnant) take great care of everyone – cook amazing meals, teach kids the local craft, supervise every person that is in the water (kayaking next to you while you snorkel) … so we really felt super safe every second of the trip. I could go on repeating what most other visitors already wrote, but will keep this short … Although we read all the great reviews and our expectations were set really high, we were not disappointed and had an amazing time!