Highlights of the 2018 beijing auto show day 3 part 2 – carnewschina.com electricity omd

The K20 concept is a small electric sports car, especially designed for younger people, according to Qiantu. It has two motors, a 190 km/h top speed, and will do 0-100 in 6 seconds. No other specifications announced. It looks very cool, and I think a car like this will definitely sell.

The Concept 1 is a sporty sedan, obviously aimed at the Tesla Model S. It uses the same electric power train as the K50. Think away the crazy wheels and it looks near-production ready. But whether it will indeed see production hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The WEY RS7 is a concept previewing an extra wild variant of the WEY VV7. It looked great and very speedy. Sadly, it didn’t have more power. WEY said it had 230 hp and 320 Nm, which is the same as the standard car. Come on, it should be possible to get a few more horses from that engine..?

The WEY-X is a concept previewing a future full-electric crossover. It had the usual concept stuff like wireless charging, a trillion touch screens, Level 5 autonomy, and a 530 kilometer range. All nice, but more significant is the X-logo on the grille, totally different than the WEY logo. I wouldn’t be surprised if this X will sire a new sub-series of sporty crossovers. We will keep a close eye on this WEY X situation…

Haval had only one new car, which must be an all-time low record. Usually they have at least five. The F5 is the Haval version of the WEY VV5. And yes, that is as weird as it sounds. First Great wall launches WEY, a premium SUV brand. Then they launch the same cars at Haval. The F5 gets the same engines as the VV5 too; a 169 hp 1.5 turbo and a 197 hp 2.0 turbo.

Quick stop at Ford for the facelifted Escort. The Escort name is still alive in China, used on a small sedan based on the second (!) generation Ford Focus sedan. It is cheap and sells very well. The facelift includes a new grille and giant new lights.

Qoros is in trouble. The largest shareholder is Chery and they don’t really know what to do with it. They Chery brand is moving upmarket, and the new Exeed line goes up even further. Where does that leave Qoros? Nobody knows and there hasn’t been any significant investment for years, so the cars are hopelessly outdated. It also seems that the Tiggo-based Model Young won’t see production after all.

Acura had some new metal. The RDX Prototype is nothing more than the China-made version of the Acura RDX SUV. IT will be made by Guangzhou-Honda, with production scheduled to start later this year. It is the third China-made Acura after TX-L and the…

… China-only CDX. It received a small facelift and there is anew ‘Sport Hybrid’ variant, powered by the same hybrid system and the Honda Accord Sport Hybrid we saw earlier on; an old-school 2.0 mated to an electric motor. Total output is 215 hp and fuel consumption is 5 liter per 100 kilometers. It is not a PHEV, but a HEV.

Yudo is working hard to expand their electric SUV lineup. The Pi 1 and Pi 3 have since launched on the Chinese market, they will be followed by the Pi 5 and Pi 7. And the latter was shown in concept form on the show, the production car will launch in 2019. Yudo says it will have a range of 400 kilometers and do 0-100 in nine seconds.

The H500 sedan and K350 SUV use the same electric power train, good for 403 horses. The sedan sprints in 4.5 second to one hundred, and it has a 1000 kilometer range. The SUV does the sprint in 4.7 seconds and has a 250 km/h top speed. They are good looking cars, let’s hope the company succeeds in bringing them to the market.

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