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We were disappointed emoji gas station to learn that our intended guide, Percy, the best of the jungle was not available for our visit as scheduled three months in advance. We, instead had two of his brothers as our guides. They were quite good, but it is my understanding that Percy is, without question, the best. There were a couple of things that seemed a bit odd like the fact that there were no life jackets for the 7 and 9 year old. Overall, the trip was really quite interesting. We saw a lot of birds, only one baby crocodile and a tree full of bats. Our trip into the jungle was very muddy but not unexpected. Bug spray is a must! The blue crab that our guide dug for us was incredibly beautiful. Seeing the howler monkeys was fun but they were pretty sleepy. The real highlight for me was the lunch back in Monkey River hosted by one of the sisters. Her family home/restaurant was fascinating. We enjoyed meeting the family, but the rice and beans were without doubt the best we had anywhere. We were told electricity font generator that they were made with coconut milk. They shave the coconut and squeeze the milk to put into the rice and beans. The chicken was excellent, but the rice and beans were truly remarkable!

We had booked the tour with Monkey River Eco Tours. Alfonso loaded us and another customer in his boat shortly after 8am gas city indiana post office at the MM gas station in Placencia and then navigated his boat to a hotel 15min away where he picked up another family. Then we were on our way to the Monkey River. The first stop was his company’s office and restaurant which is located at the mouth of the Monkey river where we could use the restroom and order lunch. Then, a few minutes after 10am, it was off to the Monkey River. It was a rainy day and it had rained quite a bit in the previous days. After we left the office, the clouds started clearing and the sun finally burned through the clouds. Alfonso stopped many times and showed us different birds and iguanas. We also saw bats and a turtle. Alfonso was very knowledgeable and he also provided facts about different plants. In total we saw about 5-6 different bird species. The majority had different shades 9gag instagram videos of gray or were mostly white. Only one small bird was bright yellow. When we arrived at the trail where we were supposed to see Howler monkeys, Alfonso got out of the boat and asked us to stay in the boat. That wb state electricity board recruitment 2015 was the time to put on DEET as there were many mosquitos. The DEET helped and I did not get a single mosquito bite, the flies did, however, not seem to care about DEET at all and were a real nuisance. Alfonso returned after almost 30min and said that the trail was a mess with lots of water and mud and he did not see any Howler monkeys. He navigated the boat to a nearby area where other boats were docked and we went into the rainforest. The trail was very muddy and we only followed it for about 10min. Then Alfonso showed us a pair of Howler monkeys la gas prices 2016 high up in a tree above us. He tried to call them, but they stayed silent and just watched us. Then we walked back and briefly stopped at a spider web where a spider was feeding; Alfonso explained that this was the second largest spider in Belize, only to be topped by the tarantula. We got back to the boat about 10min later and then left for the office where we arrived shortly after 11am. Lunch was then served; I had a chicken with rice a plantain slice, cole slaw and a bottle of Belikin beer. My wife had the fish with gas jobs crna the same side dishes and split peas and a Belikin bottle. Each dish with the beer was US$9.50. I liked the food and think that the price was appropriate. Afterwards, we walked to the gift shop which is a 2min walk from the office/restaurant and had similar souvenirs but at significantly higher prices compared to what I have seen in Placencia. We left shortly after noon and stopped near the lighthouse to look for manatees. We were lucky to see 2 manatees when they came up to the surface to breathe. We then arrived back at the MM at 1:20pm. Long story short: We were not lucky as we only saw few different bird species and only two quiet Howler monkeys. But that is the way it is and certainly not Alfonso’s fault. I would have liked to see more of the Monkey river as the tour was advertised as a 6h tour, and we only toured for a bit over 5h. My wife and k gas station I have done similar river and wildlife viewing tours in different parts of the world and need to say that US$65 plus US$9.50 lunch is definitely on the expensive side for a 5h tour.