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My husband and I took our teenage kids on this tour.The tour consists of one set of dowsing rods,a meter and a speaker that squawks static the guide could translate into real words,names and all kinds of information static electricity jokes.We stood in the woods for and hour communicating with um….nothing. The dowsing rods experience was to say the least, ridiculous and people eventually began texting…not even paying attention.Then we went to the bridge which is not the original bridge,the original was washed out and the bridge was rebuilt with parts of the previous.All the tours in that area seemed to be following the same script,stopped in the same places and talked to the same spirits…um none of which talked to us…if you go looking for nothing but to spend some time in the woods than excellent.But if your looking for anything legit, even just some local history please don’t waste your money.We spent 120.00 and could have kicked ourselves for being taken.Oh and first things first our guide had balls enough to tell us she works for tips and they would be greatly appreciated….take that outta the 120.00. Learned a lesson that had nothing to do with history.

I am truly sorry that you had a bad experience on your visit with us. I wish you had called me first because I would have taken care of this for you but in our defense, I would like to address your complaint one section at a time. 1. You state that your guide used a meter, a speaker and dowsing rods. The first was an EMF gas leak los angeles california detector which detects electromagnetic fields in the area which the paranormal world believes spirits are attracted to and it’s a way for us to determine if they are near the detector when it lights up. We use this because its simple and it is introducing you to investigative tools. The speaker is actually a ghost box as they call it which uses radio frequencies or white noise to detect spirits voices. It sweeps very fast so we don’t pick up radio signals, there is no antenna and we always say that spirits speak over two to three sweeps whereas radios hit one at a time. It is an amazing piece of equipment and we have heard intelligent conversations with it. The dowsing rods are controversial and some paranormal investigators don’t use them but we have had customers cry with them because they feel what gas 99 cents the spirit is feeling. We ask the spirits to point to a particular guest by name and they will point to that electricity for kids person. They answer yes and no questions that only the guest will know the answer to. We let the guest hold them so no one thinks we are manipulating them. People feel electricity move through their bodies while holding them and they feel tugging on the tips of them. We also use EVP recorders which is a digital recorder and the same theory works there that spirits voices are at a different frequency so we might not hear them with our ears at the time but when we rewind and listen, we sometimes will pick up conversation with them. 2. Your next disappointment was with Sachs Bridge which has been listed as one of the most haunted places in the US. It was washed down stream about 30 years ago but Gettysburg gathered 90% of the original wood, rebuilt it exactly the way it was and raised the bridge three feet so it wouldn’t happen again. And yes, the bridge is very popular with guests and locals because there is so much activity there. Unfortunately, the night you were there, it had rained four days in a row prior and there was flooding so your guide was not able to take you back gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings around the sides of the bridge or to the meadow where we get most of our activity. These areas are not known by others so we are there alone and away from the crowds. 3. You were upset about the price but it is clearly posted on the web site and I know that your guide spent three hours with your group trying to pull in activity. I think for a party of four at 30.00 per person for three hours in a group less than ten is a fair price electricity ground explained. We always tell everyone, we don’t fake anything. We cannot control the paranormal environment. Spirits will show up when they want to. We cannot make them. 98 % of the time we get incredible evidence but not every single time. If someone guarantees a spirit will show 100% of the time, they are fooling you. It’s Impossoble to control this type of environment. The paranormal television shows such as Ghost Hunters, are filmed over a five day period and produce maybe six encounters so on a three hour investigation, where we usually get at least five encounters, I think we are doing a great job but we can’t take all the credit. Gettysburg is filled with spirits and activity that is why we located here and have a huge success rate. 4. Last, you mentioned that you did not receive history information and I think that’s where you made your first mistake. We never talk about history on our investigations. That you can find ten other places right along Steinwehr Avenue that do walking history tours. We are paranormal investigators. We tell our customers a brief history of the places we go. We tell them the paranormal history which probably takes five minutes total. People who want to experience ghost activity do not want to listen to stories. They have been there, done that. My advise is the next time electricity transmission you go on a tour of any kind, do your research. I am sorry though that you had a bad time and if your family would like to go out again, it’s on me.

My siblings and I went on one this evening ( 9/18/13) and honestly was so cool. Little did we know we picked a great day because it was a harvest moon as well. Before we left our guide gave us an idea where we were going. She was incredibly informative and able to answer any questions we had. It is nice hp gas online login to hear some haunted history along side some battle history. We first went over to The Grove. We got out of our cars and they explained how all of the equipment worked, as we chose our pieces. Then our guides explained a surprise battle that came on to the confederate army. When we walked into the area, we started having some great experiences. I was dubbed to have a ghost boyfriend. My brother and I both had some experiences while using the dowsing rods. We heard footsteps, unexplained voices and it almost felt as if at one point my ghost boyfriend was hugging me. You can feel the energy at The Grove. Both of our guides were asking questions and really getting us into it. After spending a good hour and a half there with some unforgettable experiences with us we drove over to the Sachs Covered Bridge. ( They were also kind to ask if any of us needed to use a bathroom before our next stop) Once we got to the Bridge, they began gas key staking to explain to us the history of what happened in that area as well to the wounded soldiers. Then they spoke about the legends that the bridge had, along with some fun facts! We walked over to where the little girl spirit Christina’s house used to be. We had hot spots that my brother and sister were following as well as speaking to Christina with the Dowsing Rods. Then we walked over to meet the Spirit Tennessee Smoker. Who did some unexplainable things, It is a must see with this your group! With our little group our guides were fantastic! They were sweet, knowledgeable and really into this. It was like each time gas up the jet that they go out, they never know what to expect so they enjoy it just as much as we did for our first time. After Dark Investigations deserves to be one of the best. Great company, great people. I can’t wait to bring back the rest of my family and boyfriend. I truly believe this is an experience that everyone should try once. Go in with an open positive mind and you will have stories to tell that you don’t get to tell every day!