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Diving has been on my bucket list quite a long time, so if you’re in Barbados… While doing my research I noted Seahorse Diving and its greet reviews. Too good to be true was my first reaction. So I reached out to them via whatsapp and what follows is simply one of the best ways of communicating with clients I have experienced on this Island. A big shout out to Deena. Very swift and spot on reactions, not a question was too much. And as told by themselves they want their clients to feel welcome gas stoichiometry formula and want to contribute to their Barbados trip as much as possible. As I wanted to do some stuff with the family too I decided to have a personal visit first. I must admit it was a bit challenging to find the place but as mentioned they’ll do almost anything to ensure you have a great time here. So when I apped Deena, David simply came to the roadside to pick me up. Bravo! So it turned out snorkeling with the family was no option as that specific day David was already booked gas vs electric water heater. So he simply referred me to one of his competitors ensuring I can do with the family what I wanted. Where do you see gas used in ww1 that, referring your clients to one of your competitors. When doing so one already have a big plus. So the 8th was the big day. Not only for the wedding I would attend later that day, but also as I was about to take my first dive. As it turned out I was the only one diving that day (another plus as even then David will just simply continue to dive with his clients). So we took his truck and headed of to Carlisle Bay. After I met a few of his friends/family we started gas efficient cars under 5000 to prepare. But not before we have spoken to 2 doctors first. As I honestly filled in the paperwork I also needed to let David know I have a medical record. It turned out he took this very seriously and wanted to get things verified. For sure this as to do with his license to dive etc, but it was clearly to me he did want to ensure it was safe for me to dive. So safety first which is again a big plus. After I was cleared we started to continue the prep. Clear explaination of what to do and what not to do. Easy and calm and repeating if something was not clear enough. Again safety first. So we all got geared up after the instructions and walked over the beach to the water. It felt like a kind of a James Bond scene (especially when we got out of the water). I hear electricity generation efficiency people thinking ‘carry your own gear?’. ‘Walking over the beach?’ Well remember, using a boat requires a captain, gas and so on. As I was the only person, this would not have been very efficient, one needs to earn his living too. Then with respect to carry your own stuff. Diving is a sport, it’s something different as laying on a stretcher. It requires some effort. And in a way it all fitted the caribbean vibe and scenary, so I wouldn’t bother too much about it. Once in the water we did some ‘dry’ runs first. We swimmed a couple of mtr or so into the ocean and off (down) we went. It was another world (remember it was my first static electricity zap dive!). David continously checked of everything was ok and started to guide me in ‘his’ underwater world. Wow! David showed me all sorts of underwater life and what turned out, he had taken an underwater camera with him. So instead of me taking pictures not able to concentrate and fully enjoy the dive he took photos k electric company for me. Stuff that will be sent afterwards via e-mail. What a service. No additional charges, no need to rent a camera whatsoever. So pufferfish, sting rays, squid, coral, all sorts of crabs, the wrecks, and so on. After almost a full hour dive (turned out I was quite relaxed under water and as a result being efficient with the oxygen) we walked out the sea (funny experience I must say as again it felt like being James Bond). We (mostly David) cleaned all tropico 5 electricity our gear. I got some water and cookies from David before heading back. Deena thank you for the great communication and patience. And David, thank you for you patience and personal and safe guidance during my first dive. You made it special and a big succes, resulting in the urge to dive again -:) Take care and whenever I’ll be back on your Island again I know whom to reach out first. Conclusion: It all turned out it was not too good to be true after all and that all other reviews are spot on. I can highly recommend diving gas z factor with Seahorse Diving (which is David). If you want a personal touch where the client, quality and safety goes first then by all means please visit David. If you don’t have a click with David I’m confident you won’t have one with other shops/instructors. ps pictures to be added later once received.