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We went on this cruise to find out about the ecology of the area and little did we know we were in for more than that. Gary Muir has such knowledge not just about gasbuddy diesel the flora and fauna of the area but in general of the entire history of Walpole. He is a 7th generation family member of the Muir family that live in the area. His energy and enthusiasm makes the trip not just educational but entertaining. You are going through heritage listed water ways with crystal clear blue/green waters. The treck to the beach was amazing so do yourself a favour dont sit and eat the delicious cake on offer when moored do the trek. I was super impressed with the whole experience and I would suggest to do this over the tree top walk if pushed for time. The tree top walk drew us to the area and the hostel where we were staying suggested this experience. We are so grateful they did. The trip goes from 10 am till 12.30. There were a few less mobile people with us and they were able to sit and have coffee and cake at the jetty whilst the more ambulent passengers treked up stairs and sandy hills and down again to go to an amazing beach.

I spotted the WOW cruise when still la gastronomie in the UK…on Trip Advisor of course! We had hired a camper from Perth and were pootling down the coast, Walpole was on the route. The day we were in Walpole was the worst of our trip, rainy and foggy just like England gas 02! We had booked at the wonderful Visitors Centre in Walpole the day before the cruise and my husband, the birdwatcher, said that it would be bound to be cancelled because of the weather and if not we should cancel because we wouldn’t see anything. The guy in the Centre advised us against cancelling as he said that once we got out into the bay the weather would be fine, and anyway Gary would be so enthralling that we would be enchanted. All this was indeed true, Gary is a bundle of energy full of every kind of ecological and historical information, and funny stories about his family too. The small island we visited was spectacular, we walked up the hill over to the far beach – really stunning…as was the tea and Dad’s tingle cake too!! We are not people who usually join touristy activities, this is different and actually captivating – definitely super WOW!

I and a friend went on the Wow Wilderness Eco cruise on Friday morning electricity billy elliot instrumental. We boarded the boat and were warmly welcomed on board by Gary and Jackie. We had no idea what a wonderful experience we were in for. The scenery on the inlet is beautiful, and the whole place is so peaceful as you move along at a very leisurely pace. Jackie steers the boat at times, she also lends her hand to most things, and is really friendly and an important part of the cruise. Gary is an amazing person and the information you are given on this trip about Walpole and the history of this beautiful place is mind boggling. A walking encyclopaedia, a great entertainer and just a great Aussie bloke, who is so very passionate about the preserving the wildlife and the beautiful surroundings of Walpole. We pulled up at a Jetty where there is a walking tour to a secluded beach with stunning views. Jackie set out morning tea for us on the landing and we were spoilt with some delicious cake along with a welcome cuppa. Sitting or standing on the gas zombies landing looking out at the beautiful bay, we saw a sea eagle harassing a couple of Albatros, who have nests in the trees around the bay. There were quite a few surfers enjoying the big surf out in the ocean, but visible from the entrance to the inlet. After everyone returned from the walk, had morning tea it was time to re-board the boat and head back to Walpole. It was all over too quickly and we were disembarking back in Walpole. I can’t wait to come back in October with members of our walking group to undertake this amazing cruise again. Thank you so much Gary for an experience gas pedal lyrics I won’t forget in a hurry and can’t wait for a repeat performance.