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WILLIAM EVANS, LONDON, BLE, #2 of a pair, 2 1/2′, 28 choked IC/Mod. 14 3/4 highly figured wood to wood butt plate. The action is quality through and through – intercepting sears, London best fine rose and scroll, disc set strikers and a gold inlayed nyc electricity cost #2 – truly a gem inside and out. 6lbs 3oz. This Evans was built in 1902 and this design was the flagship of its day and has yet to be improved upon.

CHARLES LANCASTER, LONDON, SLE, #2 of a pair, 2 1/2, 30 choked Sk1/Mod. 14 3/4 highly figured wood to grooved butt this includes a well matched 1 1/2 wood extension. The stock exhibits great figure and a strong fiddle back gas numbers stove temperature grain. This a very petite action utilizing the classic Lancaster dipped edge lock plate. Weak to moderate original case colors and sharp engraving remain throughout. The engraving alone on this gun is something to behold. Carved fences, exceptionally fine checkering and a flip lever forend round out this fine gun. 6lbs 12oz. Built in 1911.

JOSEPH LANG, LONDON, BLE, 2 1/2, 30 choked Cyl/Full with a flat, file cut, matte rib. 14 1/2 highly figured wood to black recoil pad. Strong action retains some case colors, has a fancy back and clipped fences. Fine scroll engraving fills the spaces left by the 6 floral bouquets located on this robust action. Ready for the prairie – 6lbs 10oz.

JAMES KIRK, AYR SCOTLAND, BLE, 2 1/2, 28 choked Cyl/Full. 14 7/8 highly figured wood to leather covered pad. Action still sports moderate case colors in its protected areas, and has crisp engraving electricity notes. 6lbs 9oz. Worthy of a lefties consideration as it is cast on for a left handed shooter. If you are interested in this gun, ask to see an image of the right side of the stock as it is sure to impress.

SIR JOSEPH WHITWORTH, MANCHESTER, 16 bore, BLNE, 2 1/2, 28 sleeved, choked IC/Mod. 14 1/4 true Prince of Wales grip with incredible wood – outstanding figure overlapped with a strong fiddle grain – exceptional. Action has gone grey with traces of case color remaining. Masterfully carved, arcaded fences in a Woodward style completely in line with the Prince of Wales grip gas delivery. Engraved vignettes of wandering grouse and pheasant will have you smiling. Drop checkered side panels and and Greener style third fastener round out this gorgeous gun. 6lbs even and swings like a dream.

HOLLAND HOLLAND, LONDON, c.1882, Round body, sidelock hammer gun with rebounding hammers. 30 nitro proved (1990) Damascus choked Cyl/Cyl. 14 nicely figured wood to original steel butt plate. The action has gone grey and managed to maintain sharp electricity transformer health risks engraving throughout. Beautifully carved fences, elegant hammers and a round body action make this a worthy prize and it just get better – 6lbs 3oz. cased in its original case with makers label and shot card.

WESTLEY RICHARDS, LONDON, 28 bore, BLE, 2 3/4, 25 choked IC/IMod, 14 7/8 Moderately figured wood to checkered butt. Scroll electricity and magnetism purcell pdf back action retains all of its original case colors – screws perfect, appears to have been shot very little. Beaded/bolstered fences and top drawer engraving depicting grouse and ducks in action – bottom plate reveals exquisite full coverage engraving and a gold inlayed quail. Cased with makers label. 5lbs 5oz. Outstanding –

COGSWELL HARRISON, LONDON, 20 bore, 2 1/2, side plate boxlock ejector, 28 choke Sk1/IMod. 14 3/8 lightly figured wood to brown recoil pad. The stock was cut for a lad and electricity generation definition the same piece re attached at some point. This is an assisted opening action and it retains moderate to strong case colors. 5 3/4 lbs. Perfectly functional and would make a good grouse or chukar field gun.

COGSWELL HARRISON, LONDON, .375 double rifle, BLNE, 25 fitted with one standard sight and two leaf sights. 14 5/8 light to moderately figured wood to horn butt plate. The action is lightly engraved and was re case colored not long ago- this gun too is very clean and tidy. Cased in a vintage canvas case with makers label. Well balance and lively. Completed in 1907 and purchase by RND Smith electricity transmission loss who served in the British army prior to and during WWI. A certificate of origin from Cogswell and Harrison is included. An extensive history on RND Smith is also provided.

J HUTCHINGS, BIRMINGHAM, .410 rebounding hammergun. 2 1/2, 28 choked Full/Full. 14 3/8 moderately figured wood to checkered butt. Action is tight appears to have lost its colors long ago. Sweet little bugger – 5 1/2 lbs. The gun was rebarreled by Roberts before 1924. The barrel weight is such that the gun balances in front of the hinge pin electricity history making it a good swinging little sub gauge.

GE LEWIS, BIRMINGHAM, ARIEL, BLE, 2 3/4, 28 IC/Mod – the barrels sport a sexy swamped rib. 14 5/8 highly figured wood, half pistol to black recoil pad. Lovely petite, signed action with Greener style cross bolt third fastener. ARIEL inlayed in gold on the top lever and nice big button on the safety for positive traction when its go time. 6lbs even – What a fine field gun –

HOLLAND HOLLAND, LONDON, SLE, Dominion, 2 1/2, 28 choked IC/Mod electricity sound effect mp3 free download. 14 1/2 well figured with excellent fiddle back grain to black butt plate. Sleek action retains traces of case coloring and the engraving typifies that of the Dominion grade. Wonderfully balanced as a Holland should be and is a delight to swing. 6lbs 7oz. Cased in a modern canvas case.

JOSEF RITTER, WICKWIZ, GERMANY, 16 Bore, BLE, 27 Krupp steel, choked Sk1/Sk2. 14 3/4 highly figured wood to orange Silvers style pad mp electricity bill payment. Half pistol horn grip cap, fine checkering and crisp edges on both side panels and cheek piece adorn this near flawless stock. The wood overall is just stunning and must be seen to be appreciated. The high grade action retains nearly all its original case colors and features – bolstered and clipped fences, true hidden third fastener, auto safety, horn trigger guard and closes vault tight electricity dance moms full episode. Overall the gun is as clean and tidy as you can find – one of the finest German boxlocks to come through the shop. 6lbs 5oz.

CASHMORE, BIRMINGHAM, BLE, 2 1/2, 28 nitro proved Damascus choked IC/Sk2. 14 3/4 highly figured wood to a handsome Silvers pad. Top drawer action has traces of case colors, beaded and carved floral fences, hidden third fastener and the venerable intercepting sears. The engraving is crisp throughout, screws are nitre blued, timed and exceptionally clean. Well balanced and light at 6lbs 6oz.

WC SCOTT, BIRMINGHAM, 10 bore, SLNE, 30 nitro proved Damascus choked gas prices going up to 5 dollars IMod/Full. 14 3/4 highly figured wood includes a 1 wood extension. Classic lamb chop Scott sidelock with crystal cocking indicator ports, gilded hammers and patented Scott block safety. Action is tight and ready for the duck/goose blind. Must be held to be appreciated. Handsome, ready to perform in the field and round out that quiver. 9lbs 4oz.

CHAPUIS ARMES, FRANCE, Factory New Safari Express rifle – African PH 2, .470 cal. BLE, 23 1/2 with quarter gas house pike frederick md rib ready for scope mounts. Regulated with Federal ammunition and includes actual targets used during regulation at 50m using open sights. 15 3/8 palm swell, pistol grip stock in highly figured walnut with German cheekpiece design – no shadow underline to old English style recoil pad. Sculpted receiver hand engraved featuring half deep fence floral decor with Cape Buffalo head engraved on bottom plate also includes long trigger guard and steel engraved grip cap. Includes sling swivels. Just under 11lbs. Yet another high quality, cased, Chapuis double rifle.