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I’m looking for someone that might help me with the pain I have been having since I fractured a hip and had three large pins placed. I’m a small boned 45 yoa active female with excellent calcium levels.. And waaaay too young for this. I am experiencing a "catch’ at one of the screw heads that occasionally (3-4 x wk) makes me unable to put any weight on the leg and pain that is almost intolerable. There is no warning or obvious trigger. I swim over 2 miles a week and my hip normally is ok, but some thing that I move or way I sit sets if off. (it’s been a year since the pins were placed ). I was unable to walk for 8 hours today after I sat down in a soft chair in an office. I then bent down later to pick up a towel and after the worse rubber band popping sensation, was physically able to place weight on it again. It’s still terribly painful, but by morning, I should feel better. Has anyone experianced this problem after hip pinning or students out there that could shed some light??? I am too healthy to be in this much pain. I have been given the option of pin removal, but as large as the pins are, it will take three to five years for the bone to fill in with 50/50 shot at any pain relief and high risk for infection. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Im 27 now I had a 6inch pin & 3 screws put in my left hip when i was 13yrs old through a 7 in opening. I fell on roller blades and I walked on it a week before I went to the ER. They did the surgery the next morning. After all these years I still have bad hip and leg pain.

I can stand up from a chair sometimes and it will pop very loudly. When it happens I cant stand stright or walk. I can sit down and stand up again and it fixes it sometimes. Left leg/foot swells and I have numbness in the hip area down to my knee(nerve damage i guess)I have extreme pain in my groin area. Leg craps and twitchs at night in that leg. I also have pain in one place where a screw is placed. Its like a hard pinching from inside.

The doctor who done my surgery said I would have to have it replaced every 8 to 10 years. Im so scared of having it done again. I still remember walking on crutchs for 6 months. I have lived with bad Arthritis for years, but Dr’s say im to young to have it. Go figure! They dont live with the pain 24/7. My spine cruves to the left because my left leg is about a inch shorter then my right leg. From my growth plate being broke since I was so young when it happened.

Broken femur from a fall on concrete. Had 3 screws put in. Since about 2 weeks after allowed full weight bearing, I have had heaps of pain from inflammed muscle where one screw juts right out and irritates as I move. I cant take pain killers or antiobitics (allergic) so use homeopathy. It helps so the inflammation and pain range from bad to severe. I just get it down to ‘bad’ but not drastic, and then walking for an hour or walking on unever ground flares it back up again.

I also get a clicking which seems to be 2 screws colliding. The screw is 10cm long and has a head on it. It seems that one hole was drilled crooked and maybe one screw is butted up to another and that was the reason one sticks out – it couldn’t go in any further. Maybe?

I have had enough and am about to ask to have the one screw that juts out removed. I read here here of filing the screw back. I had wondered about that but wondered if the screw couod work its way in without the head on it. Although if it is really butted up against another screw, then it wouldn’t I guess. Why do they leave the screw sticking out into the muscle? There must be stacks of previous instances of knowing the pain this causes and it can’t be good to have a constant inflammation going on. It must also slow down the healing of the break. I know it means bone around the screw being drilled out to remove the screw plus the cutting of tissue to get to it! Not looking forward to that. All because the screw was left out. I can’t take pain killers, so its not fun. But no choice. Its been 7 months since the break!

hi i am 25 and had a broken neck of the femur 5.5 months ago. It all went very wrong when i went into hospital it was diagnosed origanly as a break. But the next day a diffent consultant came in diddnt check my results. He decided to send me home its just bruising because i was mobil. so i walked around on it for 3.5 weeks untill it twisted out side way they suddenly panicked and operater and straighten the leg and placed 3 screws in. The pain has just got worse and worse over the coming months the doctors cant explain why i have this pain keep doing scan avsula nercosis not found any yet but it could start at any time they have told me if it did i would need a hip replacement. the mad thing is iam 25 self emplyed and still on crutches over 5 months later when i should be fit and well. I take lots of morphine every day with little effect and loads of other pain drug. if think the time iam better my liver will be shot to peices. i need some answers quick if they would give me a hip replacement and that would stop the pain i would take it. Well its better than bankrupt from not working properly. Anyone any ideas i know i go on

I finally had enough of the pain being caused from the protruding screw, causing constant inflammation and pain ranging from bad to severe. It was always obvious right from the x-rays taken straight after the operation that placed 3 long screws in to fix a broken hip. I saw the consultant 2 weeks ago and am now on the wait list for removal of the offending screw. My hip break is apparently completely healed (9 months since break) and no sign it was ever there – so that is good news. The consultant said that is fairly unusual (I am 67) and usually they end up doing a hip replacement as it mostly doesn’t heal. He was reluctant to agree to it but I gave him no choice. I could clearly see he was concerned about them being sued as the one screw was so badly done. Just before the consultant, I was sent to x-ray and the x-ray guy made the comment "That screw really is protruding a long way out." The consultant had the cheek to say that maybe the bone was dying and it isn’t the screw – and that’s what the pain may be….i.e. "its not our fault so don’t sue us!!" That was after telling me that it had healed brilliantly – a moment before he realised I could sue them. (I am not interested in seeing. I just want to walk without pain!) Half way through the conversation he made a point of telling me it wasn’t him that performed the operation!! He knew totally that it was the screw and so did I. Anyone that has this happen, can feel that it is the screw as when you change position slightly the pain eases off – unless its totally inflamed. Mine also catches but that is another story. I can only walk up a slight incline by turning my right foot totally inwards, that changes the way the screw is digging in and eases the pain enough to get up the hill. Then I can put foot straight again. But an hour is a long time for me to walk – and that is the limit and the whole time it is uncomfortable to really bad. I am on the op cancellation list so am hoping I don’t have to wait 3 months which is what is scheduled.