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So, to really analyze this match-up, let electricity basics’s look at the things we know about each character’s fighting style using fights they’ve had in the manga. Based on Hisoka’s past fights we can see that he’s a versatile and adaptable fighter who likes to disguise his Bungee Gum with In and spread it throughout the battlefield to set traps or add to his mobility. Uvo, on the other hand, tends to charge forward and close the distance with his opponents so that he can batter them with his titanic strength and monstrous aura.

Now, if we assume Hisoka is going to charge in as well and meet Uvo at the center of the battlefield and trade blows, then sure, I’d say Hisoka probably couldn’t do much and would likely get steamrolled. But based on what we know of Hisoka’s character, that’s an extremely unlikely strategy. I think it’s more likely that Hisoka utilizes a strategy similar to the one he implemented against Kastro, another Enhancer who’s extremely dangerous at close range. Of course, I don’t think Hisoka electricity distribution companies would be quite as arrogant against Uvo as he was against Kastro, as Uvo would likely just bash his head rather than take one of his arms.

However, the strategy Hisoka used, which involved feigning vulnerability while subtly laying traps with his Gum and his cards, would be extremely useful against Uvo. So, based on what we know about their fighting styles, and the strategies they’ve utilized in past fights, I think a reasonable outcome of this fight is that Hisoka sets his Gum+card traps, feigns vulnerability, and waits for Uvo to use his Big Bang Impact, at which point all of his aura would be concentrated into his fist, leaving the rest of his body without aura and therefore completely defenseless to Nen attacks. At that point, Hisoka releases his Gum and fires off some Shu-imbued cards into Uvo’s Nenless body without having to worry about gas bubble retinal detachment his nearly impenetrable defenses.

@Pyriz, that is a valid point. But then again, why would Uvogin think that Hisoka is vulnerable at all? If Uvogin can analyze the aura in Kurapica’s chains, why can’t he analyze Hisoka’s aura? Uvogin bases his attacks on aura, and his assumed opponents nen category. If he sees Hisoka as not to be an enhancer, like he thought Kurapica wasn’t, then he’d apply the appropriate force. And unlike Kurapica, Hisoka doesn’t have the luxury of being underestimated. Also, unlike Kurapica, he also doesn’t have the luxury of Emperor Time, boosting his overall power. And mostly unlike, Kurapica, Hisoka doesn’t have much of a durability feat where he had a hard time dealing with a simple SHU electricity production by source in Razer’s volley ball throws, 20% of Uvogin’s BBI looked to me to be much stronger than that. How could he face a 100% at all? In fact, Uvogin may never need BBI at all, since he vastly overwhelms Hisoka in both offense and defense.

Moreover, we don’t know if Hisoka knows of Uvogin’s tactics, just his base skill sets. Like being an enhancer and utilizing immense basic attack force and defense. What if Uvogin shouts? What if Uvogin, clouds himself with smoke like he did with Kurapica. What if Uvogin throws rocks and then speeds forward towards him? How can Hisoka stop him? With his gum? he could barely hold Razer’s ball, how much more Uvogin’s full charging body?

Click to expand…Well, we know that Hisoka informed Kurapika gas in oil tank about Uvo’s ability. The other Troupe members, present for Uvo’s fight against the Shadow Beasts, including Machi, Shalnark, Feitan, and Franklin, were all able to cover their ears in time to stop the scream from affecting them, so there’s no reason to assume Hisoka can’t do the same. As for the smokescreen technique, that’s not really a special technique unique to Uvo, as we’ve seen other characters do that before. It’s a pretty common tactic. In this instance, Hisoka can simply gum himself out of the smokescreen, as we know that he always has an emergency strand of Bungee Gum attached to himself and a distant surface to pull himself out of danger. Same could be used against the rocks. The electricity tattoo designs Gum can pull him fast enough to allow him to dodge an explosion at point-blank range.

Also, I think you’re severely underestimating Razor’s power here. Razor’s ball is probably going to be quite a bit more powerful than the rocks Uvo threw, on account of Razor being an Emitter, meaning that both the quality and quantity of the aura in his ball is going to be superior to a similar projectile from someone like Uvo. Also the fact that Razor is already incredibly powerful in both physical might and aura capacity himself, and dodgeball seems to be a specialty of his.

Kurapica’s Category: I covered this also with Uvogin not underestimating Hisoka. Hisoka is a high level transmuter, Kurapica was supposed to be a manipulator, so no need for defenses when he got near him, a BBI was supposed to be sufficient to kill a manipulator all the while knowing that a manipulator will never have the enhancement mastery to muster enough aura in his punches while using his chains. Notice how Uvogin used only 20% of his power despite knowing the fact that the chains had mustered more nen than his 100% BBI could ever do. A transumuter on the other hand has 80% enhancement so Uvogin will definitely use 100% of his power on the get go, and would never risk a BBI on a much stronger much speedier person based on assumptions.

Hisoka grade 9 electricity unit test’s enhancement skills: He might have a high level enhancement, but feats tells all. A shu volleyball will never have the same power output as an enhanced punch. Heck, even Razer’s emitter balls will never have the same impact as Uvogin’s punches. Uvogin tanked sniper bullets with just his ten, Hisoka needed to use his gum to stop Gotoh’s coins. Like I said, the power gap is obvious.

Environmental factors: As I’ve said, a fight largely depends on the environmental factors. So if there are a lot of objects to cling to, then Hisoka could definitely gain a significant advantage speed wise. However, I’ve also stated, that Hisoka doesn’t have the firepower to damage Uvogin’s skin. So all he can do is run and throw stuff on him knowing he can’t hurt electricity in india travel Uvogin.

It is. I already stated that Hisoka doesn’t have the luxury of emperor time boost. His 80% enhancement will whittle down due to aura usage with his gums. Uvogin will never miss the opportunity to use Gyo on this fight especially that he knows Hisoka is a magician. He will never be as lax as he was with Kurapica, because Hisoka doesn’t have chains that are more powerful than the BBI to keep Uvogin’s focus in check. And if he hits Hisoka just like he hit Kurapica, Hisoka will get broken bones, because feats say Uvogin with a mere ten can tank bullets, while Hisoka cannot. And therefore Uvogin’s normal punches breaks bones. Notice how Worm’s face got splattered? And his hands got rekt? Are you saying Hisoka gas under 2 dollars is stronger than the enhancer worm who managed to pull Uvogin underground?

Razer’s volleyball: Now that I think about it, perhaps the shu ball is as powerful as the energy ball he threw at the ship, but with one difference. Razer had his ten demons on, perhaps he’s really good at emitting his nen all throughout the game, but it’s like Kurtopi’s skill, once conjured, the aura now lives on it’s own. Razer’s demons are not self sufficient conjurations, they are directly gas bloating tied to Razer’s aura, and therefore greatly diminishes his efficiency. So the SHU volleyball he hit Hisoka with was greatly diminished. Still counts as Hisoka having to muster a great deal of aura just to defend from a normal ten punch from Uvogin.

Gotoh’s coins Hisoka’s cards : Coins might be stronger than bullets due to speed enhancement. Cards are not. Gotoh’s coins are harder than bullets and as he stated, he can throw them with the speed OF bullets, therefore making it stronger, still can’t get through Uvogin’s ten. Sniper Rifles with tank piercing rounds can’t even dent his skin. Hisoka’s cards pale in comparison to Gotoh’s coins, and are thrown much slower than bullets, but it could possibly be harder than steel.

You argued that Uvogin needed to shuffle his aura. No he does NOT. Normal ten defends against tank piercing round snipers, busts la gas knuckles from a fellow enhancer. What can a transmuter do? It is Hisoka that SEVERELY needs to shuffle his aura in order to offset the power difference. Uvogin just rampages on like a seeming idiot that he is. But we both know he’s a a high level combatant.