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We were a bit put off by the area of Fort accessible by the Café, as this part of the site was very small and in parts rather neglected looking; plus due to Hallow’een, we were not able to access the Tunnels. However, when we walked around the outside of site and accessed the upper part of the Fort, we were really pleased that we had visited. The upper part of the site is extensive and gas guzzler tax most of it is well kept, although there are some areas that look like a ‘work in progress’. This is an enormous site, with plenty of spots to have a picnic or to enjoy a view over the Medway and well worth a visit. The signage could be improved; i.e. made more accessible and easier to read and it would be useful if there was a clearer indication at the entrance, of what to expect of the site. Be aware that this electricity use site has steps, uneven surfaces and several steep slopes, so be prepared when planning your trip! The café closed at 2PM and there did not appear to be any toilets on site, which was not very good.

My friends and I had fun at the event and it was well organised and the actors overall did a good job however there were issues. The tour group we were in was HUGE. At least 40 people. Therefore at no stage were any of us even the tiniest bit scared because there were so many people about. It would have been much static electricity how it works better with smaller groups. I understand you need to make money but it was too many all crammed into a tight space. Also, some of the actors were WAY too much. I got hit in the face, hard, by one man. My friend got her eye poked. I got pushed so hard I almost fell over. My friend was practically rugby tackled into a coffin. Seriously, it was too much. The actors need to tone it down a bit. Some bloke shoved his fingers right in my ears, I could of had a hearing aid in? People had their glasses taken off. Don’t see how those things are meant to make people scared? In addition, the videos you have electricity grid australia posted on youtube, facebook etc didn’t really reflect the event, didn’t see any dolls with red eyes, didn’t see a jester, didn’t see a guy behind the iron door? In all we had fun so I don’t want to sound too negative but if you want to be scared then this is not the event for you.

Dear Visitor, Thank you for taking the time to review our attraction. We are glad that overall you had fun, and appreciate npower gas price reduction all feedback even when it’s negative so that we can continue to improve the event for everyone. For this reason your comments have been forwarded to our Halloween team for consideration, however it is always difficult to balance all points of view. For instance whilst you comment that you found the experience fun, rather than scary – we have a huge amount of feedback regarding how arkansas gas and oil commission terrifying it is. Similarly, the larger group size that diminished the experience for you is appreciated by others who feel more able to enjoy the tour as one of many, rather than feeling exposed as part of a smaller group. Regarding the physical interaction between actors and guests, the electricity billy elliot chords degree to which this occurs varies from year-to-year and when it’s toned down we get comments from Halloween regulars disappointed that it is not as intense as it used to be. Pleasing everyone is difficult, if not impossible – but please be assured that your points will be considered for next year when we hope you’ll join us again. Do keep an eye on our website as you may also be interested in our Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations throughout the year. Yours sincerely, Fort Amherst