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“The East” is shrouded in mystery to those lands to the west of the Inner Sea. gas tax The entire east and south is considered an area of vast magic’s and strange tyrannies. These considerations are quite close to the truth. Before the beginning of the current Age , there were four great lands who controlled the east of the Inner Sea. In the north were Narfell and Rau-mathar, to the south were Unther and Mulhorand. The northern nations were relatively young, coalescing out of wan-dering tribes about a thousand years before the end of the previous age. Unther and Mulhorand had first appeared as that age was dawning. The southern nations had long since found the Alamber Sea a sufficient border to keep their interests apart. They fought for trade rights and for possession of the few islands of the sea, but neither seriously invaded the other country. In the north, however there were no such convenient barriers to the march of armies , and the two giants of the north were constantly at war. electricity in indian states In these days, no one knows what their source of enmity was, but stories of their wars and heroes are still the staple of any wandering bard of the eastern Inner Seas.

Eventually, the two nations slew each other with great magics. Stories in books found in Myth Drannor tell of demons summoned, dragons called, and cities burned. The war came to an end with neither nation surviving . This took place about 1500 years ago , just before the explorers of Ththyr and Amn began to open up the Inner Sea to the current age.

But both nations were already feeling the first effects of the other great destroyer of empires: decadence. gas explosion in texas Unther could not reach the elves of the Yuirwood with its traders or its armies. Rather than circumvent the forest, it sat where it was and first lost Altumbel, then the North Shore Coastal cities, to forces of rebellion against its mothering bureaucracy, led by the freethinking freebooters who led the migrations east from Amn. Then Unther retreated from the south shore under similar pressures. The city states that remained, formed a loose union known as Chessenta that still remains, though the unity of the cities is laughable to any true nation. Mulhorand, perhaps because it had a land connection to the north, managed to hold on to its northern conquests longer, but eventually, lost them to a homegrown menace. About four hundred years ago, a sect calling itself the Red Wizards declared its freedom from the godkings of Mul-horand. They rebelled from the rule of the theocracy and demanded more freedom for magic research. The sect originally sprang up all over the old kingdom, but its center of strength was in the northern provinces, where the natives did not have the inbred reverence for the godkings.

The wizards led an army to raze the capital city of Delhumide and declared themselves the free nation of Thay. Then thev marched south, taking the other cities of northern Mulhorand with little trouble. gas monkey monster truck driver Mulhorand roused itself from its stupor long enough to hire an immense mercenary army from Chessenta and send it into the land now called Thay by

Initially, the Red Wizards ruled their new nation themselves, gathering in a Council to make any necessary decisions. Each Wizard tried to extend his own powerbase, taking on apprentices and recruiting other wizards. Many magic users from Mulhorand. who had not participated in the rebelhon immigrated to Thay to partake of the greater freedom for magic-users there. Within a century there were too many Wizards to operate as a ruling Council. Every decision was reached, when it was reached, only after weeks of debate. Moreover, magic-users are not well suited to governing. electricity notes pdf To remain good magi they must continually research and practice their craft. This leaves little time for statecraft and gov-ernance.

Recognizing the problem, the Red Wizards devised the current system of Tharchions ruling provinces and Zulkirs cho-sen from among the Red Wizards to rule the entire nation. Thay’s history, since independence was gained, is a cycle of internal strife, unification to try to conquer neighboring lands, and so on around the circle. The first major period of strife was directly after the foundation of the ruling Zulkirs, when objecting Wizards marshalled their forces and at-tempted to destroy this new government at birth. However, they were disorganized and warred among themselves (sev-eral had kingly ambitions of their own) and the Zulkirs slowly established their rule over a period of almost 40 years by military victory and occasional coopting of opponents into their ranks. The Conquering Wizards

Thus, those left out of the planning either (1) try to subvert those working with the planners into sabotaging the effort or (2) try to take over the homefront power base of the planners while they are off conquering. The fact that the Wizards not involved in the planning might be very right about the real motivations of the planners does not help build tranquili-ty.

The second scheme is masterminded by the Tharchion of Thaymount and the Zulkir of the School of Divination, who have taken advantage of a period of Aglarondan laxity to march down off the Thaymount and take over the trading towns of Nethentir and Nethjet. There is also a second prong to their attack, but that is not immediately evident to the casual observer.

The third scheme is perhaps the most ambitious. The Zulkirs of Evocation and Conjuration have combined with the Tharchion of Lapendrar to open a gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, assemble an army of salamanders and efreeti, and purge the North Coast of competitors to Bezantur once and for all. Naturally, all this activity has not gone unno-ticed. arkansas gas tax The Zulkir for Enchantment and Charm is most alarmed at all this adventurism, since his plan of steady assassination of heads of state has barely gotten off the ground.