Hjk ow2016 modified with sp and le physics sets version 1.7 npower electricity bill


Updated all engines and Physics files, in order to get realistic fuel consumption and car performances closer to the real ones: cars are more enjoyable, but challenging, and fuel consumption is set to be around 2,7 Km/liter ( See explanations in the other Doc file ).

Updated all Upgrades files in setup and other features, in order to allow in every 2016 track the realistic max speed with DRS on ( realistic means that not necessarily speed will be exactly like the max speed obtained in that track during the F1 2016 Championship, since all we know that sometimes also Manor, with low downforce setup, was reaching the most high speed of the race. I considered the max speed of Mercedes, tuning car setup to get an average of the max speed between Qualy and Race ).

All RFT F1 2013 tracks ( suitable for 2016 season ); Montreal 101 by ISI; Racerfactor Montreal 1.0 and 1.86; ISI Sao Paulo 1.01; Racerfactor Austria 2014 v 1.0 and 2.02, and Red Bull Ring by Senormen 1.21; Racerfactor Barcelona 1.0 and 1.79; Dix Racing Baku 1.0; Racerfactor China 2012 and 2014 v1.11; Racerfactor COTA 2013 1.04; Racerfactor Hockenheim 2014 1.04; Racerfactor Hungaroring 1.56; Racerfactor Malasia 2013 v 1.0 and 2014 v.1.11; ISI Malaysia 2007 1.47; Racerfactor Melbourne 2013 v 1.0 and v. 2.07; Racerfactor Mexico 2015 1.05 ( and 1.10 by me, with fuel consumption fixed: link download

Racerfactor Monaco v.1.0 and 1.54; Racerfactor Monza 2014 1.70; Austin 1.30; Baharin v 8.0; Racerfactor Sochi 2014 2.08; Racerfactor Silverstone 2013 v.1.0 and ISI Silverstone 2012 1.35; Racerfactor Spa v. 1.0 and 1.48; Racerfactor Singapur 1.64; Racerfactor Suzuka 1.80; Racerfactor Yas Marina 1.67.

Respect to the previous version, I updated all HDV physics files, in order to make them featuring last RF2 specifics ( suggested by ex ISI engineer, M. Borda ), with exception of the gearing system, that I leaved in the previous mode. Useless strings in HDV files are now deleted, and AI drivers behaviour should be improved.

I updated all engine files, since I made an error in considering the real power of F1 2016 engines: in RF2, engine powers are considered in HP. Unfortunately, I considered HP like CV until v. 1.2 of this Mod, but this is wrong; therefore, in all cars engine power was overestimated. Since 1 HP = 1,01387 CV, now cars are respecting a more realistic balance in their engine powers. Furthermore, I limited the max rpm at 12500. Therefore, engines now are ranging from a max power of 932 CV (919 hp), for Generic League car, and Mercedes, to 861 CV ( 849 HP ) for Manor.

Engine power is considering the effect of a turbo on a 1,6 cm3 aspirated unit, with limited fuel consumption, but with at least 160 CV from the electric unit ( MGU-K ), and the brake energy recovery system. Of course, such an engine model is not suitable in RF2, but You can drive an engine with similar effect.

In Mod v 1.3, the cars are always challenging to drive, but surely they are much more drivable, and fun. To people not confident with F1 cars I suggest to drive without reaching the rpm limit, at the beginning, changing gear before the red line of 12500 rpm; in test days, or qualifies, remember to wait at least 1 lap to get warm tires. Knowledge of track is mandatory to drive in a decent way. Finally, it’s not a shame to use at the beginning a low level of Traction Control, and, before to take a Mercedes, try to drive a Manor, or a medium grid car, in order to get used to high performances of a F1 car.

For people using Keyboard, Low Traction Control is mandatory to have fun and to be able to drive cars; nevertheless, some more precautions may be helpful: in Rf2 Controller menù, let’s set to 20% the digital sensibility to steering, lowering to 50% ( default is 90% ) sensibility to speed.

The Mod is divided in Single Player ( SP ) version, and League Edition( LE ). In LE version, all cars have the same chassis, and physics set, with the same engine. All cars have the same performances. In the SP version, all cars have their physics, and engine set; this means that car performances are clearly different: for example, between a Mercedes and a Manor, there is about 2,5 seconds of difference for lap, depending on the track.

Great work! I love that RB chassis, even if the Renault is down on power. And a definite improvement on the Honda sound! I’ve also noticed that the cars are a little easier to follow through the corners, but not to an unrealistic level, still a challenge to stay on em through the faster corners. Also, in my opinion, of the three 2016 F1 mods I’ve tried, yours has the most realistic tyre flex through the corners. That being said, I personally think the fronts roll just a bit too much in the low speed corners. Watching the Mexican GP they had some really low angle shots of the cars going through the baseball stadium double chicane. It really highlighted the way the tyres handle those low speed corners, and from what I see, there’s hardly any rubber from the inside tyre on the ground and the outside tyre is still barely at the middle. I’ve even tried some pretty extreme camber angles, in excess of 4 degrees negative, which is huge, and the fronts still wear a bit too much on the outside. Other than that, the tyre and chassis physics are spot on to my eye.