Hla 85 hedge trimmer lightweight battery powered trimmer stihl usa electricity trading hedge funds


Rated 4 out of 5 by Coastal from Long Reach, Quiet & Clean, Ready for Hours of Hedge Trimming w AP300 Battery Have over 57 years of landscape maintenance as private property owner with extensive hedging that ranges from normal heights and widths to 100s of lineal feet of hedging that reaches 30′ height and up to 20′ width. I have utilized Stihl products for decades and now as a so called ‘senior citizen’ I for the first time stepped away from the heavier and greatly powerful Stihl gas powered extended hedge trimmer and extended pole saw and have since July 2017 been using the HLA 85 with AP300 Battery and a HTA85 extended pole saw..The reach is excellent, reduced weight (vs gas unit) is very positive and the fact that all you must do is install the battery (unfortunately on my HLA85 the AP300 battery must be forcefully "punched into place" rather than simply snapped into place! to prevent subsequent unit malfunction…noted by 4 flashing red lights on the battery) and hit the switch and you are trimming without the loud noise and unhealthy exhaust of a gas engine. I am truely positively surprised about moving to this battery powered unit vs gas. The AP300 battery will provide at least two straight hours of hard work before needing a recharge. I purchased 2 batteries so that one could charge while using the other…but two charged batteries would keep most busy all day as rarely would anyone be operating the unit constantly which is another positive…zero sound between cuttings vs gas powered which run constantly. Also VERY happy to be able to leave the hearing protection hanging in the garage… especially on hot humid days!After having powerful gas powered Stihls for decades, this comparatively lacks power (no surprise) and will stop/bind on occassion due to inability to quickly/cleanly cut through some hedging such as seagrapes.but not a significant problem… for most hedging it will trim as good as the gas unit. While advertising shows the unit with some sort of ‘foot’ to hold it level when set down on ground or workbench, that ‘foot’ does NOT come with the unit and has not been available…so my unit ofen tips over on its side when I set it down. I made foam pads to help prevent scratching each time i must set it down.. I have same negative issue with my HTA85. Shame Stihl did not figure a stabilizing ‘foot’ design withing the housing as done on all gas units which keep the stabil/uprighy when set down.9 months of periodic use and while it is not perfect, I suspect it is about as good as available in a battery powered unit until further design improvements are made.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Exilirium from Well Engineered I like all of its features. Cutting a 9 to 12 ft high hedge 40 ft long was simplified. Battery life 4 hours on AP300, completed the job without needing recharge.Some constructive criticism from a fellow mechanical engineer on future engineering updates: – Shears could be 2 inches longer, usually high hedges tend to be wider as well. Mine is 8 ft wide. It defies the purpose of buying a long cutter when you still need to use the ladder to cut the mohak in the middle of hedge after both sides are done.- Extension shaft rotates side to side when cutting head is locked at 90′ angle. Maybe key or slot the shaft for better tool stability.- Shaft locking bolt thread is too agressive. Lower the thread pitch for more precise locking control. As it is leads to: too loose or overtighting.- Bottom surface of tool at battery enclosure could be rubberized/ doubleshot molding to prevent cracking when resting on the ground. I had to rest bottom on the ground every cutter head adjustment.

Rated 1 out of 5 by Joe35 from Not happy I purchased the HLA 85 in early summer to handle a large volume of shrub trimming several times per year at home. I decided to pay more for this commercial unit on the belief that I would only need to buy a hedge trimmer one time for my intended use versus buying a "cheaper" unit and having to reinvest in another one after several years. I wanted a battery powered unit for all the inherent benefits vs. gas powered engines (noise, pollution, motor problems with infrequent use, etc.).I used the unit successfully for my early summer trimming, cleaned the blades with the Stihl branded spray and recharged it. I then used it several times again for additional work in the ensuing months. I removed the battery each time and cleaned the blades each time as recommended. When I went back to use it for fall trimming, I inserted the battery and pulled the trigger only to have the machine make a few small whirring noises (as if it was trying to start but stuck) and then saw that the battery had 3 red lights. I tried removing and reinserting the battery, putting it on the charger again for a bit and restarting but had the same result–red lights on the battery and not starting. VERY disappointed to have to bring this back to the local Stihl dealer for what promises to be a time consuming repair after just a couple of uses. Your dealer network is really inconvenient for most working people. Their hours are like a bank Mon-Fri and scant other times. This means taking time off of work to purchase something or get anything fixed. This is NOT something I’m looking forward to. I bought this unit with the hopes of not having to go back to the dealer because of this, but alas the lack of initial product quality seems to have prevented this.To the Stihl team, I bought this unit based on your reputation for building solid products and having good reviews on your site for this particular product. What a terrible experience this has been thus far. I hope there will be an option to simply replace (not repair) the unit as there is clearly a significant issue with it and I don’t want to waste any more time than necessary with it.