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"I don’t know about that," Foster said. "The guy, he’s a dynamic athlete. We had a couple guys in position, he made a couple nice moves. You take a couple runs out of that game out of him, we really played for the most part in the run game pretty solid. Their running backs could not get started. I think they averaged about 2.5 yards at their tailback position, and their quarterback is a one-man wrecking crew when it was all said and done."

"We could have been better in our leverage," Foster said. "We could have done a couple things technique and fundamental-wise a little bit better from our scheme, where we should have fit and guys should have fit. That’s, when it’s all said and done, what happened."

The redshirt junior, who’s started all five games at right guard, has had multiple shoulder surgeries over the years and says they’re always "achy and always sore," but last year was really the first since he’s been at Virginia Tech that he’s not been injured so much he couldn’t play.

Pfaff said it’s happened when his shoulder has gotten ripped across his body. He’d hear a pop, meaning it came out of its socket and probably resulted in a tear. He tried to play through it, but it kept happening, necessitating surgery. He’s adjusted since getting back healthy, still not doing a full bench press, using a block on his chest to limit his range of motion.

"My sister will come up to me after the game and go, ‘How do you feel like you played?’" Reynolds said. "You can always tell if you have a good game or a bad game. Sometimes I feel like I had a bad game but statistically it’ll be a good game. But she always lets me know. It’s a lot of love. My family is really the one that really chimes in on that stuff. They just want to let me know how I’m doing, where I’m progressing.

Reynolds is among the team leaders in another stat: tackles for a loss. He’s got five this year, tied for the team lead with defensive end Trevon Hill. He credits that to a better knowledge of the position this year, not to mention his thirst for going after the quarterback after he got his first two career sacks in last year’s Belk Bowl against Arkansas.

"I feel like I’m a lot more mature with it this year," Reynolds said of playing whip. "Last year, I was out there, I wasn’t as mature in the position as I am now. Now, I’ve got a taste of some sacks last year. I saw I had 9 tackles for a loss last year. I saw I had 64 tackles last year. I’m just trying to build on all that and out-do last year. Show a lot more of what I can do.

"TFLs, I like playing in the backfield. Instinctively, if I see something coming on film and I’ve got a feeling something’s coming, I try to get back there. When I see a jet sweep, I feel like the jet sweep is my play every time. … My eyes get big. My heart beats fast. I get a rush in my body when I see it coming."

"But still he is limited on the amount of football he’s played. He’s played a bunch in college, which is different in high school, different in elementary. He didn’t have any of that. But he is getting much more comfortable. He’s more working on leadership and stuff like that now, because he knows what to do, because we keep it simple up front. And that’s helping him improve. And his ability athletically, it’s very, very high.”

Foster mentioned that Facyson did something to his ankle late in the Clemson game that forced the Hokies to do some shuffling in the secondary. Head coach Justin Fuente didn’t seem to know much about Facyson’s injury when asked Monday, saying that he was fine on Sunday.

"On certain things during the course of the game, the training staff’s not going to necessarily tell the head coach," Foster said. "I mean, they’re telling us. And yeah, he rolled his ankle and he came back and tried to play and played a little bit, but sometimes it’s tough in those situations to come back if you’re not at full speed.

"I don’t think he wanted to let his teammates down and that type of thing. At the same time, I think he showed a lot of courage, I thought. He came out and played when we asked him to and came back in the last couple days and really worked at his physical therapy and is a part of it, which is important. So we’re counting on him being a full go and ready to go this week. We’ll need him to be."