Holding back the dark winter solstice, 2018 under autumn skies static electricity review worksheet


During the weeks around the winter solstice the sun is remote, slanting across the earth as if in a rush to dip below the horizon again. gas bloating diarrhea Shadows are long, even at noon, and the workday ends after dark in northern climes. electricity sources usa While the earth hasn’t cooled to January temperatures, we feel the absence of light keenly. gas turbine Our ancestors’ experience was even more intense than ours, without the brilliance of continual electricity lighting their surroundings into the night.

The common thread of celebrating with lights crosses religions and cultures; each has their own story, god, or goddess associated with this tradition. electricity and circuits All the same, our relationship to the light stands on universal ground: we describe light in terms of clarity, cheerfulness, comfort, righteousness, and wisdom; we seek to emerge from a difficult experience into lightness of being. We regard the light as a birthright, much as religions regard forgiveness or the fact of one’s existence as Grace. electricity deregulation The sun is reborn, the Son of God is sacrificed and returns, grace follows difficulty; there are many facets to this story.

In the northern hemisphere, well past the last harvest and staring down the promise of weeks of freezing temperatures, pausing to celebrate the return of the sun and to make merry against the darkness and cold is a long-held tradition. electricity recruitment 2015 Growing up, my Norwegian relatives and my immediate family would gather on Christmas eve and drink glogg, exchange presents, play games, eat several courses, and make a serious business of merriment. gas national average The backdrop of our celebration was the grace of the Christian nativity, noticeable in miniature on my cousin’s table top, amid ornaments and next to the cookies.

Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem after defeating Syrian Greeks who were trying to force acceptance of Greek culture and religion on diaspora Jews. The festival itself, during which candles on the menorah are progressively lit and placed in doorways or windows, runs 8 days and is celebrated with song, fried foods, games, and gifts. The themes of triumph and abundance mingle with a celebration of light and righteousness, as we see in other celebrations.

Diwali is celebrated in the autumn on the darkest night of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Kartik. This 5-day festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness with the return of Ram and Sita to Ayodhya, after Ram defeated Sita’s kidnapper the demon Ravana: good conquers evil and knowledge vanquishes ignorance. gas buddy Accordingly, Diwali celebrants clean homes and temples, light clay pots, adorn the insides and outsides of their homes with light, and dress in their best clothes to celebrate. In our North American office, officemates from India bring treats to share and then gather to celebrate together after work. Family and friends send photos of Mumbai and the environs all lit to celebrate the holiday.

So, here is a benediction: During these first weeks of winter, when the sun sinks low behind the horizon and the stars and moon are our light for more than half the day’s revolution, may you rest or revel (or both), as desired. May you feel comfort and warmth in the lights you see placed, lit, draped, stapled, hung, and arranged before and around you. May you have the pleasure of good company, be it friends, family, congregants, animal companions, entertainment, the stars in the night sky, or the calm reassurance of warmth and quiet, to comfort you.