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Our visual and projection team are constantly pushing the envelope for innovative large format projection using both film based show projector, digital based video projector and Interactive Multimedia. Large Format Projection is a visual art that can come in the form of Video Projection, 3D Architectural Projection, Beam Projection, Stage Projection Design, Projection Mapping and Dome Projection. electricity lab physics Our team converge the art of audio with light onto structures and surfaces for a wide variety of applications.

"ONE CUSTOMER WELL TAKEN CARE OF COULD BE MORE VALUABLE THAN $10,000 WORTH OF ADVERTISING." – Jim Rohn "We sincerely thank and appreciate the time and effort that yourself and your “ Fighters”, Louis, Tony, Kenny, Edmund and co. had spent to make this event successful and their services support given to our staff in Shanghai Expo {Coca-Cola Pavilion} was excellent! Please be assured that there will be more business opportunity for future events and shows. Cheer!" – Mr. Kelvin Ling, Director, Ascend Com Pte Ltd

“This is just a short note to you to show my appreciation for all the hard work that everyone has gone through to make the 1 st APAC CyberSource Customer Summit a success.The event couldn’t have been such a success without you willing to take this journey with us, and patiently working out the kinks. I would be lying if I said the process is smooth and an easy one, it wasn’t. j gastroenterology impact factor Which even further demonstrated the commitment from AIMS and ARE to make the event a success. I am touched by the team’s dedication and hope to have a chance to work with all again in the future.” – Ms. Teresa Wong, Marketing Director, CyberSource Corporate

"’A big thank you to the team for all you have done in making yesterday’s event a huge success.The management and myself is very happy with the projection mapping and we are truly impressed with it.We have also received a lot of positive feedbacks from medias and business partners on the projection mapping.Personally, I appreciate and am grateful for all the time, effort and commitment from the team (right from preparation to onsite calibration, late nights, etc).Without the team’s help, we would not be able to achieve the result that we want for the event.It’s a pleasure working with the team and hope to have such opportunities to work with Aims again.” – Stephanie Lee, Assistant Marketing Manager | Epson Sales Division

It is with great pleasure for the management of AIMS Productions to announced that we have achieved OHSAS 18001: 2007, bizSAFE Enterprise Level 3 and one of the few companies in Singapore to receive the bizSAFE Star certification on January 06, 2012, January 25th 2012 and 10 September 2012 respectively. The management at AIMS Productions have since 2012 put in place a set of practice to support all WSH policy and standards for Occupational Health and Safety as would encourage our clients and suppliers alike to implement this measures.

"The world’s best enterprises believe that investing in WSH makes good business sense. It increases productivity, enhances corporate image and makes a positive statement about the values of the enterprise. electricity gif Good WSH standards contribute to an enterprise’s competitiveness. Consumers and enterprises are more likely to do business with enterprises that practise good WSH. With more and more big corporations outsourcing their businesses, this is particularly important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that account for a large proportion of the outsourced market." – WSH Council

Today, the use of Large Format Projection allows our clients to explore alternative communication medium for branding, advertisement and/ or display customised content on large surfaces. Projectors does not have structural requirements, thus enabling their use on landmark buildings with no architectural transformations necessary. Projectors are also advantageous in that they allow advertisers maximum flexibility: multiple advertisements are possible and this medium also permits advertisers to change their advertisements whenever they need to, in a cost effective manner.

The emergence of high powered digital projectors and convergence of lighting and video sees the introduction of digital moving luminaries, which permits the delivery of moving images or content from small venue to extreme large projected surfaces. electricity vocabulary We are confident that the projectors have arrived will add a new dimension to the advertising, marketing and events industries.

AIMS work with the state of the art command and control system. We work closely with our client to determine their most stringent requirement thus optimizing the system to the best effect. From Input to Output, we defined everything in between. We work with our partners across Asia to bring to the fore the cutting edge technology has to afford to the making of Experiential Multimedia experiences. AIMS completes with a group of creative and highly energise members and work in tandem with our client on projects development to delivery, in short from cradle to grave; conceptualisation stage, story boarding, designing of the projects, technical specifications to operations. Our clientele generate this demand for content. We dream, explore, innovate, create and delivers with newer and faster delivery platforms and devices through which information and entertainment will be distributed and broadcasted. The result is the extreme – immersive and interacive works.

AIMS strives to develop lasting relationships by working in partnership with our customers and suppliers and all others involved in the project. 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore We consider ourselves your partner and we want your project to exceed your goals and expectations. We have immediate access to a large number of highly skilled audio-visual-lighting engineers and technicians. Our strong relationships with AVL product manufacturers further ensures your peace of mind.