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Cory is a healthcare industry professional with nearly a decade of experience in operations management as well as a background in inside and outside sales. Cory received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from California State University, Northridge and did post-baccalaureate research in Phenomenology—a branch of philosophy dedicated to examining consciousness as experienced. Cory has close to three years of experience in the non-medical home care industry. He brings his philosophical background into his work by constantly examining the client experience and how he can support his clients to lead the healthiest and most engaged lives possible. electricity and magnetism review sheet Cory is currently working with several community partners to aide in readmission prevention and he would like to further advocate for greater patient access with a focus on improving population health. Cory is excited to be a part of the Home Care Assistance team and provide his community with the resources, tools and platform needed to truly change the way they age.

Home care assistance provides disabled people, the elderly and those with medical conditions the assistance and companionship they need to continue living at home. According to specialists, the elderly and the disabled will often fare much better if they continue living in their homes which is basically a familiar and comfortable setting where they are at peace. However, for them to function normally and live peacefully, they’ll often require medical care and some level of assistance when it comes to the handling of daily tasks. electricity in india travel Read More Senior and Elderly Care

Elderly people and senior citizens can continue living in the comfort of their homes as long as they get the care they for their specific conditions. Home care assistants provide them personal and daily care solutions by handling things like bathing, housekeeping, meal preparation and dressing for them so that they can continue enjoying life even in old age. Alzheimer’s

For those who have Alzheimer’s, living in a familiar setting is often advised. However, since their mental health doesn’t allow them to live their own, home care assistants can prove handy. electricity usage in the us With a home care assistant by their side, Alzheimer’s patients can continue living at home while still getting the supervision and care they need for their wellbeing and safety. Read More Parkinson’s Disease

Stroke is a serious condition that can severely impact the life of a patient. Stroke victims can end up either slightly or fully paralyzed on one side of the body, something that could leave them unable to move around with ease as before. Home care assistants can help such people by helping them get around and handling their daily tasks. gas variables pogil worksheet answer key Read More Cancer

For people with cancer, trips to and from the hospital, housekeeping and important things like meal preparation become a hassle. Caregivers can help ease things for them by taking care of their needs and handling daily chores as the patient recuperates. From assisting clients to plan out their meals and handling shopping to providing companionship during treatment, caregivers provide the physical and emotional support patients need. Read More About Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are professionals who’ve received training on how to handle clients with a great amount of respect irrespective of their physical, mental or medical needs. Before hiring, we ensure that they have all undergone background checks and that they’re certified to offer caregiving services. electricity definition As professional caregivers, they are trained to watch for a sign which may indicate that a client needs further medical or personal assistance and to report any changes as soon as they note them.

Professional home care assistants will often go beyond themselves to make sure that their patients are happy, satisfied, comfortable and safe. However, the level of care a patient requires will vary from person to person depending on their condition. gas utility boston For instance, people suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s will likely need extra care than those who have aged and can no longer move around as easily as before. Nonetheless, a professional home care assistant will, irrespective of the patient’s condition, always be looking for ways to improve their client’s quality of life by assisting them with their daily routines and activities. Read More