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We are excited to announce a new education program called ‘Rodent Rescuers’ that will be starting in Fall 2018. This 4-week program is for elementary school classrooms, Kindergarten – 5th grade, to short-term foster a small animal from our shelter. ️⠀

Students learn pet responsibility through a weekly journal and observations of their new furry friend. Currently, the program fulfills math and science standards for the state curriculum but can be expanded with the STEM as well. Not only does ‘Rodent Rescuers’ provide kids with a safe, fun opportunity to learn about pet responsibility and real-world animal science, but it also allows for the small animal to experience a new environment and be comfortably socialized.⠀

We did our first test run this spring at Washington Elementary with Mrs. Mizuta’s 2nd-grade class. They cared for a small Guinea Pig named Midnight and it was a HUGE SUCCESS! Not only did the kids learn a lot and enjoy their time with Midnight, but Midnight ended up being adopted by one of the students. Hooray! Congratulations on your new home, Midnight!⠀

TROTSKY is a 10-year-old, 11-pound neutered male cat that always seems to be full of surprises. He has a unique, charming personality that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. When you first look at Trotsky, you might think he’s a very shy kitty because he spends most of his time in his kennel hiding underneath blankets. Open up his kennel though and you’ll soon realize he’s not actually that shy at all – he just really likes naps! As soon as we opened up the kennel to take photos of him, he popped his head out from under the blankets and began to meow. He became very affectionate and couldn’t get enough chin scratches and head rubs.⠀

Trotsky’s previous owners described him as being independent, active, and clever. He loves to run, climb, and prowl around his house. Trotsky is front-paw declawed so he absolutely must be an indoor-only cat. He previously lived with young children, cats, and dogs and mostly ignored them. He should do well in a home with other animals and children so long as they are gentle with him.⠀

Miss Daisy is all tail wags and smiles for Waggin’ Wednesday! This 10-year-old, 19-pound spayed female Chihuahua mix may be an older gal, but she’s still got plenty of spring in her step. If well-cared for, Chihuahuas can live to be over 20-years-old so don’t let her age deter you! She still has the playful energy of a young dog (without the naughty-puppy behavior!)⠀

Daisy is easy-going, affectionate, and very friendly. She LOVES to be around people and other little dogs. She enjoys going for walks, chasing after toys, wrestling with her dog buddies, and performing tricks for treats. So far, she knows “speak”, “spin”, and can even dance on her hind legs. The biggest “quirk” about Daisy is that she’s a bit too fond of treats and can sometimes be a little hasty grabbing them. Teach her to be gentle and give treats to her sparingly to help her maintain a healthy weight. One other thing to note is that Daisy is an excellent conversationalist. She loves hearing her name and responds phenomenally to vocal praise. If you’re ever lonely and need someone to talk to, Daisy is always willing and ready! We believe Daisy would do very well in a home with active seniors or a family with gentle, respectful children. Older dogs can be wary around kids so it may be a good idea to bring any young ones in to meet with Daisy before adopting her. Daisy would enjoy living with another little dog, but we are uncertain as to how she is with cats.⠀