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The debate on the safety of the technological advancement that we are experiencing today has been raging. New questions are arising on possible health risks posed by the new technologies, of great concern is the radiation levels emitted by mobile communication devices. Although the concerns have been dogging this sector since the discovery of the mobile devices; introduction of more superior technologies such as 5G is worrying health experts as this means more radiation exposure. Launching of the next generation technology means that the number of transmitters which send signals to the mobile device have increased.

Studies which have done in this areas show alarming findings; National Toxicology Program in their release of preliminary findings on a research they were studying the effects of cell phone radiation of male rats observed that there was an increase in the number of tumors for the rats which were exposed to radiation emitted by devices which support 5G technology. The study whose full results are yet to be released presents puzzling findings, for example one main question that is being asked is why there was an increase in tumors on male rats while females were less affected. 9gag instagram logo It presents a situation where more research is needed to establish answers to the question. It also reignites the debate on the potential harmful effects of the latest technologies on human health. With the number of communication mobile devices increasing and even becoming more sophisticated in order to be compatible with the latest technologies one can only expect the worst; increased cases of radiation exposure and cancer risks.

5G technologies promises high speed connectivity, seamless experience, low network outages ,strong signals , effectiveness and reliability in data, voice and images transmission. To achieve this 5G will need a strong infrastructure, where millions of new wirelesses antennas will be build in the neighborhoods and villages; urban centers and rural areas alike. gas line jobs in wv Conventional estimates talk of at least a transmitter being placed in every three to ten homes. According to the Telcos, this is meant to increase the capacity. 5G will need high frequencies. In some places, governments are already introducing regulations and policies which will not require the consent of the property owner to erect a cellular transmitter. This denies the residents a right to object infrastructure which they know clearly pose a huge health impact.

5G is said to use multiple frequencies when compared to what is currently utilized in wireless and cellular devices. Cellular and wireless networks use microwaves, a radiation which uses a maximum of 6 gigahertz in terms of frequency; this is just for transmission of voice and data. 5G technologies will mean unlocking a new spectrum band which has higher frequencies, ranging from 6 to 100 gigahertz. This is required to allow exceptionally high rates of data to be transmitted. While this may be hailed in some quarters as a breakthrough, it means more concerns in the amount of radiation which will be transmitted as a result of this advancement and the risk it poses on human health.

It is evident that 5G technology is being development without enough assessment on the effect it will have die to short and long-term exposure to high frequencies. Already, evidence exists pointing at relationship between the release of high electromagnetic frequencies and increased rate of tumours in humans. An urgent action is required to evaluate the health effect posed by the new technology before its rolled out and putting millions at risks of radiation exposure. gas hydrates are used More studies are also required to address the concerns raised in different quarters, mainly on the dangers posed by this development.

5G is the latest generation of mobile networks which pose to be very beneficial to the future of communications. Some tag it to be as transformative as electricity; however, this great technology is about to turn into reality. With the quick introduction of this innovation and the ensuing interest of people, there will be no shortage of coverage on the internet. This article aims to bring more light on what 5G is and the possibilities it holds for the future. Let’s get started. What is 5G?

5G will allow for multiple use cases from mission-critical control, to enhanced mobile broadband, to large IoT applications that cannot be done on 4G systems alone. gas engine tom It is expected to be energy efficient and scalable enough to power the gradual development of advanced technologies and new connections. Amazing Possibilities that 5G promises to bring to Humanity

Technological companies all over the world need to prepare for the possibilities that 5G has to offer because those who are fastest in embracing the technology set to have competitive leverage over their rivals. This future network connectivity is here to reinvent the business world. Below are five fantastic reason why 5G is the technology of the future. Autonomous Cars

Besides, smart cities data will enable town planners and authorities to comprehend how resources like electricity will be used in cities and also how commuters and traffic move around the area. This, in turn, would create a clearer picture of any gaps in local services. electricity and circuits class 6 ppt The 5G based system on which smart cities will be built will provide a wide range of possibilities for forward-thinking businesses. IoT technology

Not quite long, a report was made claiming that Apple is currently negotiating with Media Tek over the production of a 5G mode. Apple is not usually the first to adopt new technology, (for instance, the iPhone X did not come with LTE-Advanced). However, knowing Apple to release its flagship late in the year, the company would probably dedicate time to design a 5Gphone in late next year. Is the first 5G capable phone worth it?

Apple had its keynote yesterday September 13th 2018 in Cupertino California and announced 3 new IPhones and a new Apple Watch. We waited for some type of announcement on 5G on the new I devices but that never came. Not that we were expecting it or anything but we had hope! It make sense that Apple won’t be pushing out their devices with 5G since it is only available in select cities. But if Apple would have included 5G radios in their devices it could have pushed the wireless industry to work faster in getting more 5G available in more cities than we have now. Here’s a summary of what we learned during this keynote. Apple Watch series 4 “Change the way you live. Get moving.”

by Axel V | Sep 12, 2018 | ATT ATT plans on launching their 5G network sometime before the year ends. They claims to be the first real 5G network working on the mobile aspect of the business rather then the home aspect. The company will start rolling out with 5G hotspot devices and then moving on to devices early next year. No pricing on how much the service will cost but if 5G is really at least 10 times cheaper than 4G LTE the pricing should be in the consumers favor. electricity history united states From what we’ve learned in the past couple weeks is that ATT plans on covering most cities than what Verizon is planning at the moment. Their focus is also leaning towards the rural side of home internet but mobile devices seem to be their number one priority. 5G Cities planned for AT&T 2018