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It’s no secret that parents and teenagers don’t always see eye to eye. Yet, as ministry leaders, we know just how important it is for parents and teenagers to connect throughout the middle school and high school years. This week gas x user reviews, join the Orange Students team for a conversation with Dr. Kara Powell on what youth leaders can do to help parents and teens connect about life and faith at home, and how your church can be a place that helps families grow WITH one other—instead of growing apart. read more RYM 062: Sunday School Or Small Groups

Is a small groups model better than a Sunday school model? And should your church really consider a shift from Sunday school to small groups? This week, join some of the Orange students team for a candid conversation all about the benefits and drawbacks of both Sunday school and small group strategies, and how to tell whether or not it’s time for your ministry to make electricity in costa rica current a shift. read more RYM electricity word search answer key 061: Understanding How You’re Wired As A Youth Ministry Leader

We’re all wired in our own way, and it’s likely that looks different from the people around us. And while that might seem obvious, what’s not always obvious is how the way we’re wired can affect the ministries we lead. That’s why it’s so important to spend time getting to know yourself! On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about understanding how you’re wired and how knowing yourself better can help you become a more effective youth ministry leader. read more Why Is My Curriculum Missing A Week and What Should I Do About It?

by Sara Shelton | Mar 7, 2019 | 0 CommentsAs a youth pastor, your schedule is important. Your time is both limited and valuable, and that can make planning content for your weekly services a challenge from time to time. Between your day to day responsibilities at your church, prepping and pouring into your small group leaders, and making electricity and circuits physics time for your students, finding the space to develop new content each and every week just isn’t easy. Enter XP3! Helping eliminate the challenge of content creation for youth pastors is one of the… read more RYM 060: Coaching SGLs To Show Up Randomly In Students’ Lives

Showing up for students outside of youth gaston yla agrupacion santa fe group can seem like an overwhelming task for your Small Group Leaders. But the truth is, when we show up in students lives when we don’t have to—when we show up randomly—it can have a huge impact. On this episode, join some of the Orange Students team for a conversation with youth pastor Katie Matsumoto about coaching SGLs to show up randomly and the potential impact it can have in our students’ lives. read more XP3 Middle School SUMMER 2019 SEASON RELEASE

by Ashley Bohinc | Mar 1, 2019 | 0 CommentsIt’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: Summer 2019 curriculum season release day! I’m so excited to share with you what we’ve got tgas advisors company profile coming your way this summer in our brand new season of curriculum at XP3 Middle School. We’re covering four different and very important topics this season that we think have the power to impact middle schoolers right where they are! Here electricity and magnetism study guide’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for Summer 2019: LOOKOUT How many times in life have you heard a middle schooler talk about… read more XP3 High School SUMMER 2019 SEASON RELEASE

by Crystal Chiang | Mar 1, 2019 | 0 CommentsIt’s officially March, a month of anticipation where we’re for impatient for spring, ready for March Madness, and waiting for “Shallow” to take a break. (Just us? Okay.) The good news: the wait is over for our new high school seasonal releases! I Have Questions: Am I affected by entertainment? I Have Questions is our collection of standalone talks k electric jobs 2016 that you can use at any time. In this installment we tackle the topic of entertainment. We know that a lot of students will… read more RYM 059: What Should Your Youth Ministry Be Doing On Social Media?

Most students are on social media every day, which means we should be there too, right? Maybe. On this episode, join some of the Orange Students team as they discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having your youth ministry on social media. Through their conversation, you power energy definition’ll find out what your youth ministry should—and shouldn’t—be doing on social media and what it could look like for you to start engaging students in a digital world this week. read more RYM 058: The Effects of Social Media on Students

Even though the most popular social media platforms might change, one thing is certain: Social media is here to stay. The question is, how is it affecting us? This week, join ministry leaders and Social Media Pastor Dave Adamson as they talk about the effects of social media on our students, how we can better partner with parents in this area, and what it looks gas 0095 like for a student to have a healthy relationship with social media. read more RYM 057: How To Ask For A Raise As A Youth Ministry Leader

No one likes to have the money conversation. And as youth workers, we know that gas after eating meat we’re not paid what we’re worth in ministry, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be compensated appropriately for the work that we do. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation all about asking for a raise: the best time to ask, what you should take into consideration when preparing to ask, and how to start the conversation with your leadership. read more