Home remedies for colic – how to stop a danger for both babies and adults youtube electricity


Take some drops of warmed olive oil. Use your hand to apply this oil on your baby’ tummy and gently massage in circular motions. Then continue the process in other regions such as cage, pelvis, hands and feet. Read more Home Remedies For Diaper Rash.

Let your baby lie down. Hold the knees and slowly bends the legs toward the knees. After that, push them toward the tummy. Repeat the process 4-6 times whenever you do this exercise for your baby. This method should be taken daily. 5. Burp your baby

Also, yogurt is one of the most available and accepted sources of probiotics without side effects. It is suitable for children and even adults to speed up the colic treatment. Without a doubt, it is one of the best home remedies for colic everyone needs.

Grapes have many incredible benefits, especially when you have problems with indigestion. They are usually recommended as one of the best desserts to improve the health. Grapes provide some minerals and vitamins that quickly boost the digestion and immunity of babies.

However, one thing that is important for colic baby relief is the acidic quality of apple cider vinegar. It should never be used solely because of potential threats to our health, not only baby’s. Therefore, every time you intend to use it for treating signs of colic in babies, you have to mix it with warm water (some teaspoons in a cup of water). 13. Orange

The way to apply carom seeds is similar to cumin seeds. Take a teaspoon of carom seeds and put it into a cup of water. Boil this and let it be cool down. Keep soaking overnight and then strain the water. Each time, take a teaspoon of this kind of water to feed your baby. Repeat the process several times a day. 19. Cardamom

Cardamom has been widely used to cope with many issues related to the digestion, namely, cramping or bloating. Incredibly, it is also one of the best natural home remedies for colic in both adults and babies, thanks to its soothing property.

Undeniably, the carrot is one of the best vegetables that you always want to include in your meals and also one of the best home remedies for colic you wish for your baby. Find out more about why It is nutritious and super beneficial for our health.

The first type often comes from gallstones, which refer to hardened digestive fluid. It appears in either your liver or pancreas and resembles a stone to block ducts. As a consequence, you can have severe digestive problems and inflammation as well.

Renal colic happens to more or less than one-tenth of our population. There is a close link between this severe pain and urinary or kidney stones. It happens around the areas where you have the stones. In addition to pain, you can experience one of these signs: nausea, vomiting, and bloody urine.

The bottom line in this issue is that mothers have to be well-aware of their conditions. Even after the baby comes to life, he or she is still dependent on mother as the main source of nutrients. With a healthy and balanced diet, mother will ensure that her baby avoids colic to the fullest extent.

The recommendation for breastfeeding mothers is not to consume cruciferous veggies, such as cabbage or cauliflower, and some allergenic foods, including peanuts, soy, or dairy. The human body finds it hard to digest these foods, so your baby’s digestive system might be affected.

Colicky babies need some comfort, so you had better give them a massage which has soothing effects. You simply put them on their tummy, rub their back gently and slowly. In addition to massage, a warm bath is a fantastic idea to alleviate the tension in your baby and maximize their comfort.

More importantly, the suggestion is to make your home a peaceful environment most of the time. Do not disturb your baby with intense noise! Smoking should be strictly prohibited in your house because it causes not only colic but also many other health disorders. Remember that smoking has devastating impacts on their health.

In general, if your baby gets colic, it is not the end of the world! Follow our natural home remedies for colic and your baby will become cute as usual. If you are not sure about his or her condition, you should always contact a doctor for more information.