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Clinical studies show that yellowy watery diarrhea is actually caused by the failure of the liver to produce sufficient amounts of bile because of a serious liver dysfunction. Bile is responsible for the change of color of the stool from bright yellow to brown. The failure of the liver to produce sufficient amounts of bile leads to the excretion of stools which can actually range from bright yellowish-brown to a yellow-gray color.

Chronic yellow liquid diarrhea which lasts for at least four weeks causes the victim to dehydration due to a significant loss of potassium and electrolytes. The most common symptoms of dehydration which the victims usually experience include irritability, dark colored urine, fever, confusion, sunken eyes, dry skin, irritability, dry mouth and excessive thirst.

• Acute Diarrhea: In many cases of acute diarrhea after eating, replacement of lost fluids through oral re-hydration may be the only treatment required. The body may just be reacting to an infection or to ingestion of bad food. rahal e gas card Once the body gets rid of the cause of infection, the bowel movements will become normal. Some people may find medications like Imodium (loperamide) and bismuth subsalicylate to be beneficial. The most common pill used to stop diarrhea is Imodium, especially in situations such as traveler’s diarrhea. This pill works by slowing down the gut and decreasing the bowel movements. This makes the stool less watery. One of the recommended home remedies to stop diarrhea is consumption of pro-biotic yoghurt. It relieves the symptoms of diarrhea in some people reasonably fast. Absorbents like attapulgite and polycarbophil and bismuth compounds are also used in the treatment of acute diarrhea.

• Chronic Diarrhea: In order to treat chronic diarrhea after eating, it is important to determine the cause. If infection is the cause, then antibiotics may be of help. Generally, antibiotics are used when people have severe and persistent diarrhea, additional debilitating diseases, and stool testing reveals serious bacterial infections. However, it is difficult to treat diarrhea not caused by an infection. gas refrigerator not cooling Sometimes people may have to go for long-term medication or even a surgery may be recommended in certain cases. People with lactose intolerance, celiac disease, or irritable bowel syndrome may have to modify their diets. Oral rehydration is important to people suffering from chronic diarrhea as in the case of acute diarrhea. People suffering chronic diarrhea may be advised to avoid beverages containing caffeine, alcohol and maintain a well-balanced nutrition to enable quick recovery.

No matter what the cause is, intake of excessive clean fluids that contain electrolytes should be observed. Several small meals should be taken frequently however, the avoidance from foods that contain alcohol, caffeine and fats should be observed because they can aggravate the condition. kd 7 electricity socks Sodas, gelatin and fruit juices should also be avoided because they contain substances that can trigger its onset.

• Alternative Therapies: Research studies indicate that zinc supplementation is beneficial to children, six months or older, suffering from diarrhea in developing countries. Foods and supplements containing beneficial bacteria may be helpful in treating diarrhea, particularly viral diarrhea in children. Beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract help digest the food and provide protection against harmful bacteria. Probiotics contain strains of living bacteria that are similar to the ones normally found in digestive system. Yogurt, cheese, miso and tempeh, are some of the safe probiotic foods. However, side effects may include gas and bloating. Homeopathic remedies include the following treatments depending on the specific symptoms:

Steatorrhea is sometimes called yellow diarrhea. It refers to defective digestion in the digestive tract of our body. In other words, malabsorption of certain foods contents causes the color of the stools to be yellowish. Steatorrhea or yellow diarrhea can be classified as primary or secondary. Topical sprue and celiac diseases leads to primary steatorrhe, while the examples of primary steatorrhea include regional enteritis, Whipple’s disease, lymphomata, entero-enteric fistula, and intestinal strictures. gasset y ortega biografia Yellow diarrhea may be caused by many other conditions (e.g. amyloid disease, diffuse systemic sclerosis, and diabetes mellitus.) and certain drugs like neomycin, phenindione, and phenolphthalein. Steatorrhea develops when digestive system does not receive bile acids, pancreatic enzymes or does not have normal lining of mucosal cells. Thus, ingested fats cannot be absorbed and are expelled with feces.

Diarrhea can cause serious illness if not treated on time. Dehydration is one of the important outcomes of the loose stools. Therefore, rehydration is one the important and first treatments of diarrhea. When we talk about home remedies, there are several ways to manage diarrhea at home. Bismuth subsalicylate, intake of bananas and Loperamide hydrochloride are the recommended treatments for diarrhea. Folic acid helps maintain the gastrointestinal mucosa and thus helps with diarrhea. Fiber-rich foods avoid diarrhea. Studies reveal that lactobacilli-fermented milk is safe and effective to prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea [1]. gas 2 chainz Similarly, acidophilus is effective for traveler’s diarrhea. Hlebowicz et al reported that apple cider vinegar delays gastric emptying in insulin-dependent diabetic patients with diabetic gastroparesis [2], but, there is no study available recommending apple cider for diarrhea. Even studies have reported that unpreserved apple cider can transmit E coli, causing severe infections [3]. Do not forget consulting your health care provider before you start on these home remedies.

In July, I had a sore throat a few days, developed a cough. Dr. had me on Z-Pak, then Clyndamycin and then Levaquin. Because of a raspy sound in my voice, he started me on 14 days of Nexium in case it might be caused by acid reflux, yet, had no indicataors. He had me go to an ENT doctor. He said could be irritated from acid reflux. gas national average 2009 Ok, then I dispelled a large amount of bm, very loose twice in one day. A friend of mine almost died when she took Clyndamycin, was in hospital for a long time, the doctor said she might pass. She got better eventually. I began taking probiotics and that got better. I still have no energy and I have been to my doctor. Blood work all looked fine. I prefaced with all the info above to ask this question: Tonight, had an immediate need to have bm. it was loose but was bright yellow. (Gall bladder was removed years ago). We have been eating healthier and have had cooked carrots, cauliflower and broccoli with chicken tenders and brown rice. I am hoping the diet would cause the bright yellow color and not some underlying problem from the antibiotics and Nexium. As you can tell, I am an “A to Z” person but not usually this concerned with health issues. Thank you for any help. I appreciate those who have written above and for the helpful replies. Good health to us all! : ) Post a Reply

Had many of all the above symptons for over 2 years and then found out with no help from the doctor that it was a tablet he had prescribed. gas oil mix ratio chart I have a back problem and occasionaly STRESS occasionaly used to take a very strong one a day pain killer maybe for 3 days that was causing excess acid in my stomach so I was prescribed LANSOPRAZOLE to counter the excess acid just while I took the pain killer. I went to the doctor with periodic bouts of Diarrhoea and he told me to take the Lansoprazole every day which led to over 2 years of hell. Drugs like Lansoprazole turn your stomach upside down and I was having to go to the toilet about 6 times after getting up in the morning which over a 2 to 3 hour period, sometimes runny and sometimes just one small stool. I have had to cancel business appointments and became reluctant to go anywhere as later in the day would need to go urgently another couple of times. Drugs like Lanrapazole may work for some people but not for everyone. Not happy with my doctors at all who here in the UK seem very reluctant to refer you on now because it costs them money? Post a Reply