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SAN MARIN HIGH SCHOOL is located 30 miles north of San Francisco in Novato, California, a community of nearly 50,000. power outage houston today San Marin is a public high school, which offers a comprehensive program of study to approximately 1026 students in grades nine through twelve. San Marin takes pride in its many award-winning programs in the areas of academics, athletics, and fine arts. Many of our students attend the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. gasbuddy nj Because of our outstanding athletic and music programs, San Marin students are often recruited by major colleges and universities and have been

the recipients of numerous scholarships. 5 gas laws Participants in our drama and music programs are among the finest in Northern California. San Marin music groups have performed at music festivals throughout California as well as New York, New Orleans, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Our exceptionally talented drama students were invited to represent the U.S. chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet Team and perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, the largest drama competition in the world. All of these exceptional programs are a result of strong support from the San Marin students, staff, administration, parents and the community.

As a way of introduction, I was born and raised in Southern California attending Catholic schools for much of my education. gas monkey cast I have worked in the public school system since 1987 serving as a classified employee, certificated teacher, and boys and girls basketball coach. I begin my 15th year as a school administrator and my 9th as a site principal. electricity origin My wife Elizabeth, a former teacher and administrator, and I are the proud parents of two foster children and two biological children.

The end of the 2016-17 school year witnessed a windfall of accolades for San Marin HS as the school was awarded the coveted California Gold Ribbon Award for outstanding educational programs. The California Department of Education recognized STEM Marin for exceptional gains in implementing academic content and performance standards as identified by the State Board of Education. In addition, smARTt was recognized for their exemplary arts education within the California Gold Ribbon program and we remain proud of the creative work done by staff and students in both recognized areas.

In Athletics, the outstanding work of our Athletic Department, Boosters, and Mustang Community helped San Marin High School move forward on lights for the stadium. electricity worksheets grade 6 We thank all of those involved for their hard work and dedication. Also, our Girls Softball Team, under the direction of Coach Liz Hartman, won the NCS Division III Championship defeating Sonoma Valley 20-1 in the final.

Staff are eagerly awaiting our results from the most recent administration of the AP and CAASPP exams excited for the possibilities of a successful testing campaign. A strong focus on instructional practices has been discussed and reviewed by the Leadership Team and we are eager to align practices amongst all content areas as we strengthen our CCSS and NGSS work. gas 87 Our work instructionally focuses on district initiatives of the Graduate Profile, PBL, and Equity with a strong school-wide alignment to our Visiting Committee Recommendations from our most recent WASC Team. Our WASC full visit is scheduled for 2020. We also look forward to the welcoming technology our 9th grade students will have as they are set to receive Chromebooks early on in the school year.

I look forward to this year and the future as we continue to work to create a rigorous learning environment academically supported by outstanding student activities and student supports. I assure you that the strong bond forged by students and staff will continue as will the positive working relationships evident in the day to day work of the adults on campus.